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Blog log from R17 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Geelong

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Geelong, R17 of 2015

Blicavs takes an intercepting mark, a step in from the arc of 50 after a scrambled kick out of defence by Haynes. His shot hits the post. (Q1 2:40)
The long bomb goes deep to the one on one between Greene and Kolodjashnij, and Toby gets himself to the drop zone. He spins out of the Bartel tackle and snaps truly! (Q1 3:23)
Motlop goes long and strong to the one on one between Corr and Hawkins, and predictably Tom takes the contested grab. 35 out on the slight, he goals! (Q1 5:23)
Motlop again bounds out of the defensive 50, through to the middle of the ground, before going long to Corr/Hawkins. Tom again takes the mark and goals from 40! (Q1 9:09)
Selwood towels up Tomlinson in the tackle and Adam could do nothing more than drop the ball. Joel’s set shot catches the wind and misses to the far side from 45. (Q1 17:25)
Williams held Motlop off the ball and the decision was paid for a clear infringement. From dead in front, Steven trots in and finishes from 30! (Q1 23:05)
Hawkins bullets in a pass to the leading Johnson who marks out on the lead ahead of Ward. From 45 out on the set shot, he misses to the near side. (Q1 25:10)
Kelly to Guthrie to Motlop. Steven steps this way and that, creating some space on Whitfield before snapping from home, 40 out. He hooks it to the near side. (Q2 1:02)
Johnson receives a free after Hampton slapped his arms in the marking contest. He goes for goal but Walker takes the grab from the short ball. Deep in the pocket, Josh misses. (Q2 4:59)
Hawkins finds Motlop out the back, after getting a step on his opponent in Williams. Steven continues on and goals from point blank range! (Q2 11:43)
Williams finds Tomlinson who worked hard to get forward, and Adam takes the simple leading grab. From outside 50 on the slight, he misses. (Q2 17:22)
Hawkins takes another contested grab opposed to Corr at the top of the square. Tom turns and goals from point blank range! (Q2 18:03)
Johnson gets to the drop zone from the long bomb in, but his quick snap misses to the near side from deep in the pocket. (Q2 20:28)
Tomlinson marks out on the lead and then finds Scully with a darting pass. Tom lines up from the boundary, 45 out, but he just misses to the near side. (Q2 21:15)
Griffen goes long to the Tomlinson/Bartel matchup and the defender come forward takes a strong mark. Adam trots in and from 25 out, he goals! (Q2 23:40)
Treloar goes in short to the unopposed Smith, allowing Devon to mark a step inside 50. From the resulting shot on the flank, he hits the post. (Q3 3:58)
Downie works it to the front of the contest and then flicked it off to the live-wire in Smith. Devon turned and snapped, but misses from deep in the pocket to the near side. (Q3 12:57)
Steele chips it in board to the leading Tomlinson who speeds onto the pill for a regulation chest mark. The 45 metre shot gets caught in the breeze and misses to the near side. (Q3 14:40)
The Giants work it forward through a chain of handballs and ends with Scully finding Greene out the back. Toby completely miskicks the set shot and incredibly it falls to Kelly… (Q3 17:35)
Josh takes the simple mark, and sends it through from 20 out with only a slight angle to deal with! (Q3 17:49)
Walker goes to the leading Hawkins who marks out ahead of Corr once more. Tom trots in from 40 on the flank, and he has his fourth of the contest! (Q3 19:39)
From the forward stoppage, young ruckmen Tom Downie takes it straight out of the ruck and slams it on the boot. The wonderful piece of play ends with the ball sailing through! (Q3 28:27)
Duncan runs onto a third man hit out from Guthrie to the right of the stoppage. Mitch gathers just before the boundary, but his shot for goal misses to the far side. (Q4 3:27)
Caddy has a flying shot at the big sticks from 40 out, but misses to the right hand side. (Q4 3:59)
Another long bomb into the Corr/Hawkins matchup and once more, Tom takes the strong contested grab. He lines up the set shot from 30, and sends it through once more! (Q4 7:41)
Motlop darts in a pass to the Hawkins/Corr match up and Corr gives away the free kick for holding the man in the marking contest. From 25 on the sharp angle, he misses. (Q4 12:46)
Selwood receives a 50 metre penalty after Williams ran into the protected zone. Joel lines up from 20 on the slight and nabs the major! (Q4 15:23)
The Cats move it forward once more and Kelly finds Selwood by hand and then Joel chips it in short to the hard working Caddy. From 35 on the slight, Josh misses. (Q4 17:08)
Geelong sped it from one end of the ground to the other and it ended with Duncan receiving the free kick for in the back against Patfull. From 35 on the flank, Mitch goals! (Q4 23:08)
Lonergan, Johnson to the hard running Kelly, who speeds into goal but hits the post from 25 with just three minutes left to play. (Q4 25:39)
Lamb gets out the back and has little trouble in taking a bounce, lining up and sending it home from 25 with little angle to speak of! (Q4 28:14)
Greene gets to the drop zone of Cameron’s attempt at a mark and then feeds it off to his captain in Ward. Callan immediately pulls the snap back and hits it true for a major! (Q4 29:54)

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