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Blog log from R17 of 2015: Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Adelaide vs Gold Coast, R17 of 2015

Dixon marks a Kolodjashnij ball in front of Hartigan at 50m on the flank and boots the first goal of the game inside the first minute. (Q1 0:26)
The Suns win the next centre clearance as well, eventually Lynch marks over Shaw deep in the pocket 20m out. He screws it through! (Q1 2:27)
After Ablett abandons the mark on the wing to be interchanged allowing Dangerfield to scoot away, Jenkins gives a Joe the Goose special to Walker for a goal from the square. (Q1 7:42)
Ablett passes to Dixon to mark ahead of Hartigan on the boundary 35m out. Dixon tries a centring ball that doesn’t work. (Q1 9:09)
Sloane misses a target kicking across the backline, Smith roves and centres to Malceski at 35m on the flank. Eski misses. (Q1 10:47)
The Crows go coast to coast up the guts, Cameron is over the back to mark a long bomb to 40, he plays on and goals on the run from 15m. (Q1 12:12)
Lynch of the Suns passes to Dixon who doesn’t even need to jump to beat Hartigan in the air and mark 45m out on a slight angle. He goals again. (Q1 16:48)
After Russell turns the ball over by foot in the centre, Dangerfield passes to Sloane at 40m on a slight angle. Rory makes no mistake. (Q1 21:38)
Cameron snaps his second goal of the quarter from the hotspot after Knight roves a Jenkins contest and delivers a sensational little give to Charlie running past. (Q1 24:54)
Lynch uses his height and strength to mark a Hall ball to the pocket over Shaw, turn and run into the open goal. (Q1 27:55)
Douglas passes to the lead of Walker at 50m wide on the flank. Tex doesn’t score, kicking into a strong breeze. (Q1 29:27)
Malceski turns the ball over on the wing, the Crows swoop in numbers, Jenkins shoots from the HFF, Betts marks on the behind line (after video review) and goals. (Q2 2:50)
Dixon marks with one hand while wrestling with the hapless Hartigan at 45m on a slight angle. He lines up and shoots into the swirly breeze… it gets pushed wide. (Q2 5:50)
Sexton gives to Lonergan who misses a difficult snap from the pocket 25m out. (Q2 7:20)
Matera misses a low percentage snap from even further out in the same pocket. (Q2 8:34)
Betts roves a fluky ground ball at half forward with trademark skill and passes to Jenkins at 20m on the flank. Jenkins sprays it. (Q2 11:21)
Walker steams onto a Mackay ball to much the same spot as Jenkins’ shot minutes ago. Tex shows him how it’s done with a straight kick. (Q2 12:36)
The Suns’ Lynch gets a free and marked anyway in a wrestle with Hartigan at the top of the square. He goals again. (Q2 15:45)
The Suns’ Lynch marks an errant Matera snap on the behind line, confirmed after video review, and goals again. Scores level! (Q2 19:34)
Cameron roves a Smith contest to a Thompson ball 40m out on a slight angle, has time for a couple steps and shoots… it’s good! (Q2 21:52)
Sloane bursts away from the next centre bounce and bombs long to the square, Betts beats McKenzie in a wrestle to mark and goal! (Q2 22:36)
Jenkins marks on the boundary 25m out and misses. (Q2 24:31)
Shaw gets caught trying to take on two tacklers in the middle, Bennell has Russell streaming back to the square for the turnover goal. (Q2 25:21)
The Crows’ Lynch gallops up the wing and goes long to Jenkins to mark in front of Thompson 40m out in the corridor. Jenkins clunks the set shot, second goal for him. (Q2 28:47)
Jenkins jumps early over Day but juggles the mark anyway at 30m on a slight angle. He goals. (Q3 0:58)
Schade’s handball on the last line goes to ground, Cameron pounces, Malceski tackles but catches him high. Cameron gets up and misses from 15m. (Q3 3:13)
Walker bombs long from the wing to Jenkins, Day is out of position and can do nothing to prevent the mark at 20m on a slight angle. Jenkins misses. (Q3 5:28)
The Suns’ Lynch marks on the dive at the hotspot and boots his fourth major. (Q3 8:48)
Matera it was with the goal assist pass. (Q3 9:28)
Lonergan runs away from a pack on the wing with a couple of bounces and lets fly from 50m on the flank… big goal! (Q3 11:37)
Brodie Smith intercepts a pressured McKenzie kick to 50m on the flank, but his bomb to the square is easily rushed. (Q3 13:59)
Rischitelli has a ping from the HFF but it’s just wide. (Q3 14:32)
On a fast break, the Suns’ Lynch goes long to Dixon who easily beats Hartigan to mark 30m out on the flank. Dixon skews it way left. (Q3 20:44)
Dixon misses another long range set shot. (Q3 23:24)
Dangerfield runs away from a stoppage and has a running shot from near CHF… was it touched off the boot by Lemmens? Video review inconclusive, ruled a goal. (Q3 27:00)
Dixon gets a free on the helpless Hartigan for a spoil that didn’t look too bad 15m out in front. Dixon goals as the Adelaide crowd boos lustily just before 3QT. (Q3 30:48)
That was technical, that free, as all hands in the back frees are. Technically it was there but it was softer than warmed up butter. (Q3 31:10)
Dangerfield feeds Douglas for the first goal of Q4 in the first 15 seconds. Ominous for the Suns. (Q4 0:29)
Betts plays on into an open goal after a long Knight ball to the square and a free for a push to Jenkins. Even more ominous for the travelling team. (Q4 3:45)
Bennell turns the ball over by foot on the wing, the Crows counter quickly with Douglas bombing long to Jenkins, over his head but he gets back ahead of Thompson to goal! (Q4 5:55)
Matera has the choice for a Joe the Goose with a man in the square but goes himself from 15m… did Lever touch it off the boot? Video review not called for, goal. (Q4 7:50)
Thompson feeds Douglas to run away from the next centre bounce and go long to the square from outside CHF… another goal with a shepherd from Betts! (Q4 8:45)
Thompson is pinged for getting in the back of Thomas Lynch in the pocket 25m out. Lynch tries a set shot screwing ball, but it’s just narrow. (Q4 11:33)
Matera gets one against the run of play from a mid range set shot, after marking on his own from an intelligent Miller pass. (Q4 11:33)
Knight gives to Cameron deep in the pocket 25m out, he tries a low percentage snap from a phonebox… but splits the middle! (Q4 19:14)
Tom T. Lynch misses for the Crows from near CHF. (Q4 19:14)
Betts roves a Jenkins contest in the pocket and feeds Knight to become the next to join the Crow goalfest in Q4 junk time. (Q4 19:14)
Things get a bit ragged with a melee after Jenkins goals from close range. (Q4 29:47)
Correction, it was Sloane’s goal. (Q4 30:02)
Martin snaps a garbage time special from the boundary line 50m out in the last minute. (Q4 30:02)

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