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Blog log from R17 of 2015: Carlton vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Carlton vs Hawthorn, R17 of 2015

Yarran receives on the HFF and shoots from 50m just before Roughead arrives, but narrow. (Q1 0:48)
Lewis marks on the HFF and gives to Hartung speeding past, but Yarran catches him HTB with a score-saving tackle. (Q1 6:51)
Plenty of possessions early but not much in the way of goalmouth action, Hawks not quite lairising but not showing much urgency either. (Q1 7:19)
Hale marks on the HFF and goes short to Lewis near the boundary 45m out. He misses. (Q1 8:17)
Holman passes to Henderson on the HFF, he goes to Cripps near the boundary 30m out. Cripps misses. (Q1 10:07)
Boekhorst marks on the HBF but kicks backwards to Cripps, Rioli pressures the kick and it squirts to Hodge 35m out in front. Hodge goals. (Q1 11:37)
Hartung bursts down the wing and has Breust in the pocket on the lead, he sees Lewis on his own in the square for the easy goal, albeit not before a bounce. (Q1 15:16)
Hodge receives but misses a long snap from near CHF. (Q1 16:19)
On the end of a rebound from the Hawk backline, Breust marks on the HFF and goes inboard to Gunston at 25m on a slight angle. Gunston goals. (Q1 19:18)
Schoenmakers bangs through another one from 20m in front after the Hawks apply frontal pressure to force a turnover deep in defence. (Q1 22:03)
Breust marks 40m out on a slight angle, Holman comes in late and swings an arm to earn a report and a 50m penalty. Breust gets up and takes the goal. (Q1 25:03)
Gunston marks a high Hartung stoppage clearance from the HFF to 20m on the flank, with Yarran out of position. Gunston goals. (Q2 2:34)
It’s a procession folks, the major excitement comes from fantasy coaches. So hey, it’s a pretty freakin’ awesome game!! (Q2 3:04)
Boekhorst drops a handball in the BP and kicks it OOB under pressure, the ump pays deliberate, Breust centres back to Lewis at 20m on a slight angle. Lewis goals. (Q2 4:42)
Roughead cheats out the back of a contest to a Hill ball on the HFF, it falls over the back to him and he gives to Gunston for another one from 20m. Way too easy. (Q2 8:25)
Johnson is pressured by Lake as he snaps 35m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q2 8:59)
Hale releases Spangher for a gallop up the wing and a boot inside 50, the Hawks share it around with Hartung eventually feeding Roughead for a goal from 35m. (Q2 12:20)
Lewis gives to Smith who hits the post from 35m on a slight angle, under pressure. (Q2 13:36)
Birchall is pinged for a block in a marking contest with Everitt 15m out on a slight angle, running back with the flight and taking his eyes off the ball. Andrejs goals, just. (Q2 16:50)
McEvoy juggles and marks a long Smith ball from the HFF to the hotspot in front of Kreuzer and the rest of a big pack. Big Boy goals. (Q2 18:50)
Schoenmakers outjudges Yarran and marks a Breust ball to 45m on the flank, Yaz lost touch there. Bootsy goals. (Q2 21:06)
Jones intercepts a Mitchell kick across the last line of defence to Spangher and runs into an open goal. (Q2 22:45)
Simpson hears the footsteps of Cyril at defensive hotspot and drops a mark, Rioli receives back from Gunston and goals in typical style. (Q2 26:16)
Smith roves a Rioli contest and shoots off balance from the hotspot, but wide. (Q2 28:04)
Hale rises over Rowe to mark a long Suckling ball to the top of the square for another Hawk major. (Q2 28:51)
Rioli gathers on the HFF and gives to Breust running past, who misses from 40m. (Q3 0:16)
Gunston marks just inside CHF and misses. (Q3 2:49)
Smith gives to Hill for a snap from 30m on a slight angle, but he hits the post. (Q3 4:03)
Buckley tackles and slings Puopolo on the HFF, the ump pays a free for high contact even though Puopolo probably ducked, Buckley argues, 50m penalty and certain goal. (Q3 5:57)
Puopolo gets another shot from the boundary 35m out, and repeats the dose from a much more difficult angle. (Q3 7:46)
Schoenmakers is pinged for a hold on Boekhorst as Suckling marks 35m out on a slight angle from the Blue goal. Boekhorst misses, disappointingly. (Q3 11:05)
Hartung kicks long to the hotspot for Puopolo to run onto and mark on his chest. He misses. (Q3 13:13)
Hodge intercepts Simpson at half forward and finds O’Rourke at 40m in front. Jono goals. (Q3 14:32)
Gunston catches Holman HTB at 40m on a slight angle for another one, his fourth. (Q3 16:32)
Casboult marks at 50m on the flank and roosts a high set shot that just drops on the line for McEvoy to rush. (Q3 19:07)
Casboult rises and marks again in a big pack at 40m on the flank, four big bodies crashing together. But Levi misses everything. (Q3 20:49)
The Hawks rebound around the outer wing, Schoenmakers gives to Hartung for a goal from 40m on the flank. (Q3 22:17)
Hodge to Lewis to Gunston for his fifth goal from a snap from 40m on the flank, it’s just a cakewalk. (Q3 23:35)
Rioli adds his second goal from close range just before 3QT. (Q3 28:18)
After a hard ball get by Rioli on the wing, Gunston passes from the HFF to Hartung at the hotspot for the first goal of Q4 junk time. (Q4 2:17)
Bell receives a handball and has a ping off a step from 55m on the flank to an empty square… over the head of Gibson and through. (Q4 3:48)
Hartung is pinged for a throw on the wing, Hodge argues and gives away 50m to put Yarran just inside 50m on a slight angle. Yaz’s set shot is off hands for a point. (Q4 6:39)
Boekhorst marks a Bell kick across the face near the goal post over Gibson, and kicks a belated goal. (Q4 7:43)
Rowe dithers after receiving a handball on the HBF and gets claimed HTB by Gunston. That’s six goals for Gunstall. (Q4 10:08)
Lake’s terrible kick from the BP lands in the arms of Murphy 30m out on a slight angle, who inexplicably rushes the snap and misses badly under no pressure. (Q4 11:56)
Hartung is spoiled from a Hodge ball 20m out in front, but it bounces back up to him for a give to Breust for a simple goal. (Q4 13:47)
Roughead sails through his third goal from a snap from near CHF. (Q4 14:41)
McEvoy is the next Hawk to join the garbage time party with a goal from a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 16:53)
Breust with his third, the Hawks are barely even celebrating now. (Q4 18:56)
Henderson gives to Boekhorst who snaps wide from 30m on a slight angle, with two Hawks pressuring. (Q4 22:27)
Hill passes to the lead of Roughead at 40m on a slight angle, for a poster. (Q4 23:27)
Ruopolo roves a Gunston contest 15m out and runs into an open goal. (Q4 24:26)
Curnow holds Breust to concede an obvious free at 30m on the flank, just before the final siren. Breust misses. (Q4 29:12)

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