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Blog log from R14 of 2015: Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Sydney vs Port Adelaide, R14 of 2015

Goodes roves a Parker contest 20m out in front and trips over Parker’s legs, Jonas fals into his back to concede the free and first goal. (Q1 2:04)
Laidler does a one-two with Richards trying to run out of defence 25m out on a slight angle but Wingard anticipates and catches him HTB. Chad goals. (Q1 5:04)
Rohan passes to the lead of Reid to mark in front of Hombsch at 35m wide on the flank. Reid clunks a very nice set shot for a goal. (Q1 6:59)
Three Swans go up to spoil a Broadbent ball to Schulz 35m out on a slight angle, leaving Westhoff front and centre to rove and bounce through a goal across his body. (Q1 9:30)
Colquhoun kicks high to the flank 25m out, Richards goes a little early and Schulz bumps him off the fall to mark. But he sprays it. (Q1 15:00)
Kennedy goals from a stoppage 30m out on a slight angle. (Q1 16:14)
Correction, that goal was from a handball receive after a marking contest. (Q1 17:12)
Nankervis roves his own crumb from a contest at CHF, Carlile stays off him so he gets a kick away down the line for Kennedy to mark and goal. (Q1 19:25)
Stewart bounces a handball in heavy traffic to Krakouer at 40m on a slight angle, he’s tackled and literally throws the ball on the boot… it wobbles through! (Q1 21:51)
Westhoff bumps Richards off the fall of a long Hartlett ball 25m out on a slight angle to mark and goal. Soft contest by Richards there, dived for the ump. (Q1 24:38)
Rohan leaps and marks in front of Pittard at 40m wide on the flank, just before QT. He misses badly. (Q1 31:31)
Kennedy gives to Nankervis who has a flying shot from 30m on a slight angle off his left boot… and sprays it for a behind. (Q2 0:25)
Correction, it was OOTF. (Q2 0:25)
On a fast break down member’s wing, Rohan marks on the HFF, wheels around and kicks wide… but Reid marks on the behind line and goals from the set shot. (Q2 2:28)
Gray forces a spillage in a tackle 40m out on a slight angle, Wingard is there for the crumb and quick snap… wide. (Q2 3:52)
The Swans go coast to coast from the kick in with Reid outmarking Hombsch on the HFF and finding Nankervis behind the Port zone at the hotspot for another one to Sydney. (Q2 4:43)
Wingard marks on the HFF, wheels and shoots from 55m, it lands in the square… Rampe just gets back to rush it in time. (Q2 7:48)
Goodes sharks a Colquhoun give but misses a grubbing snap from mid range. (Q2 8:56)
Broadbent kicks OOTF under pressure from the BP. Reid marks the free 20m out on the flank and screws through another one for the Swans. They are in control now. (Q2 9:44)
Jack it was who took the OOTF free and got the goal assist. (Q2 10:13)
Hannebery misses a mid range snap from the flank. (Q2 17:04)
On the end of a chain of tight handballs down members wing, Hartlett gives to Gray who misses from 35m on the flank. (Q2 18:12)
Ah Chee comes off his man to rove a bouncing ball after a stoppage 25m out on a slight angle, throws the ball on the left boot… just squeezes it home! (Q2 19:29)
Another fast break down members wing by Sydney, Goodes sits a high ball to the square for Parker to mark over Colquhoun for another one to the Swans. (Q2 22:11)
Gray runs from a ball up on the HFF and kicks high down the flank for Wingard to push off Smith and mark 20m out. Chad goals. (Q2 24:15)
Jones throws the ball on the boot on the HFF, Kennedy marks the wobbly low punt in a four-man pack at the hotspot. But JPK misses. (Q2 26:10)
Laidler marks at CHF but decides to give outside to Jetta, two Power defenders pressure the snap from 50m on a slight angle to push it wide. (Q2 28:05)
Port goes coast to coast from the kick in, Gray drops the Hartlett ball near the behind post but Jetta is pinged for front on contact. Gray misses. (Q2 29:11)
Westhoff passes from the HFF to Impey at 30m on a slight angle. Impey just misses. (Q2 29:51)
Wies kicks long from the HFF to the top of the square, Krakouer uses his body to get rid of Smith and mark 15m out for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 3:46)
Kennedy has been the dominant midfielder so far, with Boak and Ebert quiet. Nevertheless, most stats are about even as the Swans’ forward line is undermanned. (Q3 4:57)
Long ball to the Port hotspot, Smith drops it, Krakouer roves and gives to Monfries, the quick snap falls next to the goalpost, Wingard marks and goals! Power hit the lead! (Q3 6:06)
Most goals have come like that, manufactured from general play. Very few traditional key forward leads have been successful on a dewy night. (Q3 6:58)
Reid gets a free for a hold by Hombsch at the hotspot after a ruck free on Lobbe at the next centre bounce. Reid misses. (Q3 7:44)
No Tippett and Franklin for Sydney, but Schulz is a shadow of his best form, Ryder hasn’t offered much forward, and the Hoff is roaming too far and wide. (Q3 8:27)
Gray draws a free for high contact by Pyke under a pack at a stoppage 30m out on the flank. Gray misses. (Q3 9:47)
A lull as Richards is stretchered from the field. (Q3 11:47)
A series of stoppages near the Swans goal ends with Jack roving a smothered Lobbe kick and snapping truly from 20m. (Q3 20:34)
Wines is dispossessed in a tackle on the wing, the ball falls to Goodes who burns off the much younger Wines with a bounce and bounces through a huge goal from 50m on an angle! (Q3 22:13)
Kennedy receives from Laidler, has a man on his hammer but tries a flying snap from 50m on a slight angle… over Reid’s head for a behind. (Q3 24:56)
Sydney are working a midfield flood to stop Port using the corridor. (Q3 26:57)
Hannebery marks unopposed from a Mitchell pass to the flank 35m out, a failure of the Port zone defence. Hanners kicks truly. (Q3 28:08)
Smith passes to Goodes at 45m on a slight angle. He roosts another massive goal over the goal umpire’s peaked cap! (Q3 31:24)
Reid sets up Nankervis for a snap from the HFF but he just misses. (Q4 0:09)
Westhoff pokes a ground ball into the breadbasket of Schulz only a few metres away, he gives to Boak who tries a checkside from 20m on the flank… no good. (Q4 5:41)
Jones is caught and dispossessed on the wing, Hartlett picks it up and runs up the wing to the point of the centre square and launches to an empty forward line… bounces through! (Q4 8:53)
Laidler is caught in possession after a high ball to the hotspot, Gray roves and snaps on the turn off a step… it wobbles inside the goalpost for a big major! (Q4 12:20)
Gray gives to Broadbent for a pressured snap from 40m on the flank… wobbles well wide. (Q4 14:10)
On a fast break, Parker kicks to the HFF for Jack, the hopeful ball goes to the hotspot, Pittard has it covered… but falls over to let Jetta in for the goal! (Q4 16:59)
Port get a few repeat inside 50s with some effective wall action across midfield, eventually Boak marks an Impey ball 20m out on the flank and goals. (Q4 20:58)
Wines handballs from a stoppage at the Swans hotspot but it’s straight to Cunningham who snaps truly! (Q4 23:00)
Boak runs from the next centre bounce but his snap from CHF bounces wide. (Q4 23:40)
Kennedy grubbers a behind from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q4 27:26)
Schulz marks in front of Grundy near the boundary 40m out. He’s having a bad run, Schulz, but he pops this one through with 31 seconds left. (Q4 27:26)
A Pittard snap from the HFF is off hands for a behind. (Q4 27:26)

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