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Blog log from R13 of 2015: Carlton vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Carlton vs Gold Coast, R13 of 2015

Matera marks 35m out in front but sprays it badly. (Q1 1:11)
Menzel marks a clearance kick by Kreuzer from a stoppage on the wing at 45m on a slight angle, in front of Schade. He goals. (Q1 4:04)
Kolodjashnij misses a target rebounding to the centre, Buckley gives to Everitt for a flying snap from CHF… drops in the square for Casboult to mark and goal! (Q1 7:19)
Rowe is pinged for a block on Dixon as they go for a high ball 25m out on a slight angle. Dixon takes the goal. (Q1 9:21)
Casboult doesn’t hear the ump call touched ball on the wing and gets caught HTB by Lynch, then petulantly chucks the ball away to concede a dumb 50m. Lynch makes him pay from 45m. (Q1 12:02)
Boston beats Simpson with a step on the HFF and kicks long to the top of the square, Lynch has three Blues nearby but butters up his own crumb and snaps truly from 15m. (Q1 13:50)
Kreuzer marks in front of Nicholls at 45m on a slight angle. His set shot drifts wide, but Casboult marks on the behind line. Then he hits the post. (Q1 15:20)
Sexton intercepts a Rowe kick to CHB, gives to Boston but Boston fluffs the relatively easy snap from the hotspot, disappointingly. (Q1 18:36)
Everitt marks on the lead in front of McKenzie at 45m near the boundary. Andrejs roosts a fine set shot over the goal umpire’s peaked cap! (Q1 20:16)
Dixon gives to Bennell in the pocket, a man on him but he is good enough to snap off a step from a very difficult position and split the middle! (Q1 21:45)
Russell is released for a couple of bounces on the outer wing, the kick goes to 40m on a slight angle where Dixon marks, but misses. (Q1 23:19)
Dixon marks in the pocket 25m out and gives to Bennell whose snap is narrow. (Q1 25:33)
Boston gets a handball outside a pack on the HFF, feigns a handball and goes himself with Carrazzo closing at 40m… it’s good! (Q1 26:36)
Cripps snaps wide under heavy pressure in the pocket after the Blues get the first centre clearance of Q2. (Q2 0:27)
Casboult marks near the behind post but misses. (Q2 3:24)
A series of turnovers in the middle ends with Tuohy having a gallop up the guts through CHF, doing a one-two with Buckley and lifting the game with a quality finish from 40m. (Q2 7:20)
Kreuzer marks on the lead in front of Schade on the boundary 25m out. He doesn’t score. (Q2 8:25)
After a melee on the wing, the Blues start a move from behind the centre, this time it’s Yarran who carves through traffic, gets a one-two from Curnow and goals from near CHF. (Q2 10:05)
Saad fumbles the crumb from a Kreuzer contest on the HFF, Armfield pounces, runs his full measure and slams through another one from 35m! Blues hit the lead. (Q2 10:50)
Henderson marks a long ball by Armfield 15m out in front and kicks his first goal of the game. Carlton have turned this game around with the last four majors. (Q2 14:10)
Rowe is pinged for buffeting Dixon from behind as they go for a high ball to 40m on a slight angle. Dixon kicks truly. (Q2 15:25)
Ellard roves a long Henderson ball to a pack 15m out, swings out of a tackle but misses. (Q2 16:59)
Henderson gives to Murphy who has time and space to measure a snap from 40m on the flank… but he tries a checkside which skids way wide, disappointingly. (Q2 24:27)
Carlton play some tempo across halfback and almost stuff it up, but finally push forward… Bell passes to Everitt at 30m on a slight angle for a goal. (Q2 26:23)
Dixon gets involved on the wing, then runs on to receive the next pass at 40m near the boundary. But he just misses. (Q2 28:27)
Cripps dives forward and marks a Graham ball in front of two lunging Suns 40m out in the corridor. He misses left. (Q3 1:27)
Kreuzer marks the kick in on the HFF, plays on and shoots from 45m… wide. (Q3 2:18)
Armfield gathers a loose ball in heavy traffic at 30m on the flank, steps past two Suns with flashy baulks, then snaps truly! (Q3 3:30)
Bennell kicks long to the square for Dixon to mark over Rowe and kick a much-needed Sun goal. (Q3 7:52)
A scuffle at the Sun hotspot off the ball gifts Lynch a free on White. Lynch makes no mistake. (Q3 8:51)
Armfield kicks to space in the pocket for Menzel to chase, Lonergan pulls him off it slightly and concedes a rather soft free 25m out. Menzel shanks it… Casboult paid a mark! (Q3 12:08)
Plus a very soft 50m penalty to ensure the goal. Umps not covering themselves in glory in the last few minutes. (Q3 12:35)
White gives to Buckley speeding up the guts, a man on his hammer but he lets fly from fully 60m to an empty square… it flies straight through! (Q3 19:32)
Bell bombs long to the top of the square, Kreuzer brings the ball to the front where Ellard roves but snaps well wide. (Q3 20:37)
Bell sharks Nicholls at a ball up in the pocket, but misses a snap with a high degree of difficulty. (Q3 23:08)
Schade holds Everitt after disposal 40m out on the boundary for an obvious free. Andrejs misses. (Q3 25:36)
Everitt marks 35m out on the flank, but misses. (Q3 30:24)
Kreuzer marks the kick in and gives off, eventually Curnow handballs to Henderson for a snap off a step from the hotspot… just wide. (Q3 31:13)
Holman baulks a man on a fast break up the guts and passes to Bell at 30m on a slight angle. He misses badly. (Q4 1:56)
Henderson marks in front of McKenzie at 20m on the flank, and kicks the first goal of Q4. It’s pretty much junk time already, the Suns don’t have much left in the tank. (Q4 2:57)
Raines is reported for an incident with Cripps at the Blue hotspot which results in a big melee. Cripps eventually misses the free. (Q4 10:06)
Russell misses a long snap from the HFF. (Q4 11:13)
Armfield picks up a loose ball in a pack 30m out on a slight angle and snaps across the body, but May rushes it in the square. (Q4 12:45)
Lynch marks a diagonal ball 45m out on a slight angle on a fast break up the corridor. He goals. (Q4 14:12)
Everitt seals the deal with a goal from the hotspot after roving a Henderson contest. (Q4 19:09)
Ellard passes to Henderson at 35m on a slight angle. Hendo misses. (Q4 24:10)
Graham passes to Everitt leading up to 45m on the flank. Andrejs hits the near goalpost. (Q4 24:43)
Casboult is tunnelled by Kolodjashnij and lands on his back 40m out on the flank. He gets up and converts the free in the last minute. (Q4 27:29)
Bennell marks 30m out on the flank just before the final siren, and hits the post. (Q4 28:52)

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