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Blog log from R12 of 2015: Geelong vs Melbourne

Blog log for Geelong vs Melbourne, R12 of 2015

Stretch misses a pressured snap from a pack at the hotspot. Not much scoring in the first half of Q1, lots of pressure though. (Q1 9:10)
Kolodjashnij passes to Johnson on a the lead at 45m on a slight angle, McDonald gets there late and gives away an obvious 50m penalty for the first goal. (Q1 10:42)
BLicavs gives outside to Motlop for a snap across the body from 25m on the flank, that’s two to the Cats in a minute after a long period of not much at all. (Q1 12:42)
Neal-Bullen wins a free on Taylor and converts from mid-range. (Q1 13:42)
Brayshaw bombs long to the hotspot from the next centre bounce, Howe contests, it falls over the back for Tyson to gather and goal from the square! (Q1 14:54)
Watts marks 15m out and takes a step, two Cats converge but he has Neal-Bullen running past for the give and easy goal. (Q1 20:09)
Garlett taps forward of Enright on the HFF for Matt Jones to bounce and run into another easy snap, he goals from 20m! (Q1 22:09)
The slingshot is really working for the Demons in Q1. (Q1 22:09)
Cross gives to Brayshaw for the next centre clearance kick to the hotspot, Gawn comes over the top of Rivers to mark and goal. The Dees have the jump! (Q1 22:09)
Motlop roves a Guthrie centre clearance and speeds down the flank to 25m, a man on his hammer puts his off the snap and he pushes it wide. (Q1 26:09)
Guthrie uses his pace to burn off Matt Jones after a give by Stokes to snap truly from 25m on the flank. (Q1 30:14)
Taylor marks a short Enright ball to the flank 50m out, and misses. (Q2 5:24)
Cats are being exposed for marking power on the wings, with Gawn and Dawes having a field day. (Q2 6:13)
Bews breaks a tackle at half forward and gives to Lang who picks his way through heavy traffic, has a bounce and goals from the hotspot. (Q2 8:39)
Vince roves Gawn 35m out on a slight angle and snaps truly! (Q2 15:20)
Matt Jones misses from a stoppage 20m out on a slight angle. (Q2 17:59)
Gawn gets a free on Lonergan going for a Dawes ball to 30m on a slight angle, but just misses. (Q2 18:55)
Johnson marks a long Guthrie ball to the square behind Cross for a Cat goal that comes against the flow. (Q2 21:56)
Demons playing out of their skins, Cats looking lukewarm, and still only a goal the difference. (Q2 22:11)
Viney receives from Garlett at a pack at the hotspot, his snap drops in the square, Howe spoils, Garlett roves near the behind post, baulks and goals! (Q2 24:09)
Johnson gives to Stokes who snaps from 40m on the flank just before Gawn smashes him, the snap is narrow. (Q2 25:48)
Motlop misses a pressured snap from 25m on the flank, trying a checkside off the right when a left foot punt might have been higher percentage. (Q2 26:42)
Stokes passes to Hawkins after a stoppage on the HFF, nothing Dunn could do there one on one. The Tomahawk lines up from just next the hotspot… and goals. (Q2 28:41)
Hawkins marks on the lead at 40m on the flank, ands goals to give the Cats the lead. (Q3 1:29)
Spencer clunks a big pack mark 20m out in front after Brayshaw breaks the lines with a dash through the centre. Spencer goals. (Q3 4:57)
Long ball to the square for Melbourne by Toumpas, Thurlow’s defensive handball is sharked by Matt Jones who snaps past Enright, but was it touched? Video review says no, goal! (Q3 8:50)
Selwood gives outside to Murdoch on the HFF< he fumbles but regathers, and is off balance for the snap from 45m that is well wide. (Q3 10:12)
Howe contests a high ball 40m out on a slight angle, the crumb falls perfectly for Garlett to gather and goal! (Q3 10:56)
Gregson passes to the lead of Walker 35m out in the corridor after the Cats win the next centre clearance. Walker goals. (Q3 12:10)
Lang fights with Vince for a ground ball after a stoppage 20m out in the pocket, Lang tries a volley and it sails through! (Q3 17:25)
Selwood runs from the next centre bounce and goes long to the square, Kersten has two Dees on him but marks over Jetta with McDonald not in the contest. He goals, Cats lead again. (Q3 18:56)
Watts waits in front of a pack on the HFF as they go up for a Dawes ball, the crumb falls perfectly and he has Garlett over the back to run into the open goal! (Q3 22:04)
Dawes pickpockets Lonergan after a long ball to the square and gives outside to Garlett for a very quick snap… wide. (Q3 25:29)
Neal-Bullen roves a loose ball from a Gawn contest at 30m on the flank and snaps across his body off a step… it goes through for his third goal! (Q3 27:37)
Johnson picks up a ground ball, has Lumumba right on his hammer but is good enough to pick out Motlop with a diagonal ball to 25m on a slight angle. Motlop goals. (Q3 28:57)
Howe rises in front of Kolodjashnij to mark a Dunn inside 50 at 35m on the boundary. Howe, who has done very little all day, threads the needle just before 3QT! (Q3 31:31)
Dawes gathers a loose ball after the first centre bounce of Q4, breaks a Johnson arm tackle and gives to Nathan Jones, who goals off a step! (Q4 0:28)
Caddy gives to Johnson after a stoppage in the pocket, he tries a very low percentage snap from the boundary 20m out at full tilt… nowhere near. (Q4 2:15)
Howe marks and has another difficult set shot on the HFF 40m out… and sails through another massive goal! (Q4 4:04)
Selwood runs from the next centre bounce and hits Hawkins on the left nipple on the lead at 40m on the flank. The Tomahawks slices it way right, just a behind. (Q4 5:21)
Tyson roves a stoppage in the pocket and tries a centring ball over a lot of heads to Stretch at 40m in the corridor, and it works! Stretch goals! (Q4 8:12)
Thurlow speeds through the centre and kicks long to the hotspot, it clears Hawkins but he gets a free for a hold by Dunn. Again, the Tomahawk slices it way right for a point. (Q4 11:30)
Vince is pinged for a throw at a stoppage 50m out on the flank from the Cat goal. Caddy takes the set shot, but misses. (Q4 16:07)
Riley roves a stoppage on the Dee HFF and gives behind to Vince who snaps off a couple of steps from 45m… it drops over the line before Kolodjashnij touches it! (Q4 17:28)
That, almost unbelievably, is the sealer. (Q4 18:30)
Kersten marks a Motlop centre clearance kick 40m out on a slight angle and goals. 7:45 left, still five goals down. (Q4 18:56)
Selwood sprints away from Watts at the next centre bounce and tries a long bomb to the square, it clears the pack and bounces through for another one! 7:23 left. (Q4 19:58)
Enright gives to Kersten at a stoppage in the centre, the long ball bounces over everyone from 60m and through for a point. (Q4 22:38)
Lumumba kicks high and long from a stoppage on the wing, Garlett uses his hip to bump Bews off the fall and mark on his chest. Jeffie goals. (Q4 24:18)
Clock ticks under 5:00 just after the next centre bounce. (Q4 25:03)
Mackie intercepts 45m out on the flank but his set shot is wide and rushed. (Q4 27:12)

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