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Blog log from R13 of 2015: Fremantle vs Collingwood

Blog log for Fremantle vs Collingwood, R13 of 2015

Hill clears from the first centre bounce to a pack at CHF, the ball pings around a bit then it comes to Walters who snaps truly across the body. (Q1 0:47)
Broomhead snaps truly from a stoppage in the pocket after good pack work by Swan. (Q1 8:01)
Broomhead chases a long ball by Cloke to an acre of space in the pocket, turns and hits Adams at 40m on the flank before the cavalry arrives. Adams goals. (Q1 9:33)
Cloke marks a Witts ball at 50m on the flank, or just outside. He takes the responsibility of the set shot, but it falls short and is rushed. (Q1 12:13)
After a dithering Danyle Pearce is mown down by Varcoe in the centre, Fasolo passes to Pendlebury at 35m on a slight angle for a fourth Pie goal. (Q1 16:09)
Clancee Pearce catches a 10m pass at CHF, snaps quickly and misses. (Q1 18:47)
Sandilands is pinged for slinging his arm around Witts’ neck in ruck at 40m on the flank for a free, but Witts tries a pass that doesn’t work. (Q1 19:45)
Swan gives to Varcoe behind a stoppage for a snap off a step from 45m on the flank just before getting crunched… well wide. (Q1 20:40)
After a long period of tight footy, Hill roves a Mundy contest in a pack at the hotspot, and goals. (Q1 24:36)
Hill roves a Mundy fumble at 25m on the flank, takes on two tacklers and gives to Fyfe who does the rest off the right boot. (Q1 26:46)
Neale bounces a behind from a stoppage on the flank. (Q1 28:47)
Ballantyne gives to Pavlich for a difficult snap from 40m on the flank, Langdon gets in the way, it ricochets off him near Mayne but he can’t get his toepoke on target. (Q2 1:04)
Witts roves a White contest on the wing and sends an intelligent long ball over the Freo defence to Fasolo at 30m on the flank. Fasolo goals. (Q2 2:02)
Elliott marks a long Crisp ball to 15m on the flank, behind Spurr who made him earn it. He goals with authority. (Q2 9:05)
Crozier passes short from behind a pack at CHF to Clancee Pearce to kneel and mark 40m out in the corridor. He goals. (Q2 13:21)
Danyle Pearce gives to de Boer for a miss off a step from 40m on the flank. (Q2 16:06)
Mayne roves a long ball to the hotspot and gives outside to Hill who breaks a tackle and snaps truly. (Q2 17:51)
Fyfe takes a big screamer over a pack at the hotspot, and goals! Dockers hit the lead with three goals in a row. (Q2 21:25)
Blair marks a high ball to the flank 35m out but it’s touched off the boot, so he gives to De Goey who snaps across the body, it’s wobbly… but straight! (Q2 24:07)
That goal was set up by Fasolo winning a ground battle with Ibbotson on the HFF, with Ibbo thinking too much about positioning and not enough about hard ball gets. (Q2 24:37)
Varcoe kicks blind from the HFF to the top of the square, Swan drops it but the crumb falls for Fasolo who grubbers another one! (Q2 29:17)
Walters roves a stoppage in the pocket and squeezes through a snap in heavy traffic with a high difficulty. (Q2 31:47)
Pavlich marks on the lead 40m out in the corridor, but just misses. (Q3 1:57)
Clancee Pearce gives to Pavlich just outside CHF, he snaps blind over his shoulder from 55m to an empty square… it dribbles wide. (Q3 11:13)
Fasolo contests at the hotspot, the crumb falls right into the hands of Blair running past, he has Crisp over the top for the perfect Joe the Goose for the goal. (Q3 17:58)
Ballantyne marks a Sheridan ball in between a few Pies at the hotspot, after some inside work by Hill to release the footy from congestion in the centre. Balla goals. (Q3 20:21)
De Goey has two Dockers chasing him after he picks up a loose ball on the HFF, he screws a left foot ball back to the hotspot for Blair to dive, mark and goal! (Q3 23:14)
After a long period of repeat inside 50s with the Dockers locking the ball in with a wall across midfield, Walters tries a grubber from 30m on the flank… through! (Q3 28:05)
Clancee Pearce starts a loose man rebound down the outer wing, the Dockers bumble it a bit but eventually de Boer has Neale in the square on his own for the simple pass and goal. (Q4 4:12)
Elliott’s man goes to ground as the both chase back to an empty HFF, the kick goes there for Elliott to mark, play on and snap from 40m on a slight angle… it’s good! (Q4 11:07)
Alex Pearce it was who went to ground and let Elliott in. (Q4 11:22)
CLancee Pearce kicks high across the backline on an attempted switch, but Seedsman sniffs it out, spoils, gathers and runs into an open goal! (Q4 12:40)
Buckley marks on his chest 40m out on a slight angle, White gets there late and bowls him over but the ump doesn’t pay 50m. Barlow goals anyway. (Q4 14:38)
Ibbotson chips in to mark an errant rebound kick by Elliott at 50m on a slight angle, but his set shot falls short, a stoppage results. (Q4 17:06)
The Pies rush the point from that ball up. (Q4 17:06)
A high ball to the pocket, Frost wrestles with Walters and the ump pays a free kick for a hold. Son Son shoots from 20m on the flank… it’s good. (Q4 19:53)
Sidebottom clears from a stoppage on the wing, three Dockers on White but Alex Pearce chops the arm to give away an obvious free. White shoots from 35m… and sprays it badly! (Q4 26:39)
2:32 at the kick in. (Q4 27:07)
The clock ticks below 2:00 at a stoppage on the wing. (Q4 28:23)
The Pies rebound from the HBF at 1:30, but there’s a stoppage on the Woods HFF after a kick dribbles OOB. (Q4 29:14)
A Neale clearance kick rolls OOB on members wing with 1:04 left. (Q4 29:39)
Toovey starts a rebound on the HBF but Barlow tackles Seedsman in the centre to win a HTB free and seal the game for Fremantle! (Q4 29:55)
Dockers play tempo, it’s over now. (Q4 30:20)

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