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Blog log from R10 of 2015: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Blog log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R10 of 2015

McGovern is hemmed into the back pocket and gives it to Shuey who turns it over by foot. Higgins collects the loose ball 30 out directly in front and his snap misses. (Q1 2:10)
West Coast receive a free for holding the ball on the wing. This results in LeCras finding it at half forward. He gives to Cripps who runs to 40 out on the flank and slots it. (Q1 3:53)
Petrie receives the free for chopping the arms against Schofield after a high ball inside 50. From 45 out on a slight angle he misses. (Q1 6:56)
A score review is called after LeCras tries to snag a goal right on the goal line with pressure from behind. The ball is adjudged over the line before it reached his boot. (Q1 11:42)
A great smother by Nahas at half forward stops a clearance and it ricochets to Petrie. He gives to Thomas in space and from 40 out on the flank he goals. (Q1 15:12)
The wind is playing havoc here as Yeo marks a kick that started bending backwards and his kick from 50 stops dead before the line. (Q1 17:00)
The Kangaroos forwards link up in numbers at half forward. Waite runs to 35 out and decides to take a shot but puts it across the face. (Q1 18:42)
West Coast turn it over after a stray kick to the wing. Petrie marks and gives to Waite who gives to Gibson. Gibson runs to 35 on the flank and goals. (Q1 19:57)
A courageous mark by Ziebell on the wing results in Waite taking a contested mark in the pocket. His set shot is terrible but marked in the opposite pocket by Brown. He goals. (Q1 23:13)
Bastinac finds the footy in the middle and delivers a spearing pass onto the chest of Brown with Schofield trailing well behind him. From 40 out directly in front he goals. (Q1 24:55)
The Eagles can’t quite clear from defence as the Roos finally hit a target inside 50 with Thompson finding Macmillan 45 out on the flank. His set shot misses. (Qtr Time)
Hill takes a long shot at an open goal from outside 50 and the wind helps it along. It rolls through for a behind. (Q2 5:51)
McInnes marks 40 out on a tightish angle. He goes back and kicks truly for a goal! (Q2 7:09)
McInnes gets a free kick for a push in the back against Tarrant. He goes long from 65 and the wind takes it through for a bouncing goal! (Q2 8:27)
Naitanui has a go now after finding the footy in the middle after the centre bounce. He shoots from outside 50 but it is off line. (Q2 9:23)
Yeo is taken high by Bastinac for a free kick 50 out on the flank. His set shot is punched over the line by the Roos’ defence. (Q2 11:06)
Masten finds Kennedy in front of Thompson 30 out on a tight angle. His kick just sneaks through for a goal after the wind took hold of the ball. (Q2 14:52)
Higgins receives a fortunate free kick 25 out directly in front after being caught high by Schofield. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q2 19:33)
LeCras gets a quick snap toward goal that is stopped on the line. The spoil falls forward to Gaff who swoops and snaps the goal from 10 metres out. (Q2 23:08)
A Naitanui snap at goal from 30 is called touched after a Tarrant smother attempt. A score review ensues and it remains a behind. (Q2 26:37)
LeCras takes a sliding mark 60 out from goal near to the boundary and decides to take a shot. He puts it up high to catch the wind and just misses. (Q2 30:39)
Higgins marks 50 out on the flank and likes his chances kicking with the wind. He goes back and slots the goal! (Q3 8:31)
From the throw in inside the Eagles’ 50 Sinclair taps down the throat of Priddis who gives to Duggan. From 30 out on a 45 degree angle he goals. (Q3 12:32)
Petrie marks 55 out on the flank after a long kick out of defence following a free kick to Firrito. He decides to chance his boot but puts it across the face. (Q3 16:34)
Duggan catches Cunnington HTB at centre half forward and puts the ball into the hot spot where Kennedy marks between many Roos players. He goes back and slots it from 30. (Q3 21:03)
The Eagles work it well from the back half and Gaff spots up Naitanui in front of Goldstein to end the play. From 40 out on the flank Naitanui misses. (Q3 24:44)
The ball is sent long to the Kangaroos’ pocket where McGovern can’t bring down the mark. It falls to Brown who dribbles one from the boundary for a goal! (Q3 26:33)
The Roos get the centre clearance and go inside 50. The ball falls out the back of the pack to Harvey, he gives to Swallow who falls but finds Higgins and he goals from point blank (Q3 29:05)
Macmillan receives a 50 metre penalty and this takes him just outside the arc where he gives to Harvey. He runs to 50 out on the flank and shoots for a goal! (Q3 30:34)
Harvey puts a short pass to Goldstein at half forward and he puts it to the top of the square. Petrie has a good look at it and uses Gaff as a step ladder to mark and goal! (Q4 2:41)
Hurn kicks long from the wing and the wind takes it. It bounces past a contest in the pocket and goes through for a 70+ metre goal! (Q4 6:13)
Kennedy marks in front of Thompson after getting away with giving McMahon a shove in the back. He goes back from 50 out on the flank and goals. (Q4 8:14)
The Kangaroos work it from the wing after a turnover from Schofield. Higgins rolls it into the 50 into the path of Ziebell. He evades Gaff to deliver from 40 out for a goal! (Q4 10:55)
Brown finds Goldstein on his own at half forward near to the boundary. He shoots from 40 out and slots the crucial goal! (Q4 12:29)
Wellingham marks 70 metres out on the flank and goes long. The wind takes it and it’s on line for a goal! (Q4 17:00)
Hurn spills it on the wing and Waite gives to Petrie who goes over the top to Higgins. From 35 out he snaps a bouncing ball which just rolls in for a goal! (Q4 25:56)
Macmillan centres the ball to a 2 on 2 but it has too much on it. Firrito collects the loose ball and has a rare snap for goal from 30 but misses. (Q4 28:43)
Shuey has a quick snap out of traffic from a stoppage but misses with seconds left on the clock. (Q4 31:11)

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