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Blog log from R10 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R10 of 2015

Stewart marks in front of Bourke at the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 1:52)
Robinson is paid a mark over Scully 45m out in front from a centring ball, even though the whistle was a bit quick. He goals. (Q1 4:24)
Davis gets a free forward of the wing and passes to Smith, Roberts makes him earn the mark but the ump doesn’t pay 50. Smith hits the post from 35m on the flank. (Q1 8:25)
Shaw gives to Patfull for a flying snap from 40m on the flank, but it’s well wide. (Q1 10:36)
Long ball to the Lion square, Mumford spoils but it falls to the front where Zorko gathers and goals despite Bugg pressure. (Q1 16:22)
O’Brien passes to Robinson at 45m on the flank, he plays on with Buntine on the mark, lets fly… swings into the far goalpost. (Q1 17:59)
O’Brien roves a Davis spoil at 35m on the flank, Cameron tackles him high to give away the free just before the QT siren. ZOB shanks it for no score. (Q1 28:36)
Greene passes to the diving McCarthy to mark in front of Beasley near the boundary 40m out. He tries a pass inside, it doesn’t work, a pressured snap is eventually rushed. (Q2 4:52)
Ward starts a switch from the wing, it works because Cameron marks a Whitfield pass 25m out on a slight angle and goals. (Q2 6:22)
Treloar gives Paparone a slight nudge from behind and marks a long ball to the hotspot. He goals. (Q2 7:49)
Coniglio catches Beams HTB trying to run away from a stoppage 20m out in front. He goals, just. (Q2 10:02)
Davis kicks OOTF from the last line to 30m. Beams takes the kick, and screws through a pretty goal! (Q2 14:11)
Shiel gives to Ward 40m out on a slight angle, he baulks two Lions then grubbers back to a free Shiel at the hotspot, who does the rest. (Q2 19:20)
Treloar misses the lot with a snap from a stoppage at 40m on the flank. (Q2 21:36)
Bewick bends down for the crumb for a Green contest at 40m on the flank, Patfull catches him high to concede the obvious free. Bewick goals. (Q2 23:17)
Ward stands tall in space and marks a Ward ball to 40m on a slight angle, just before Bourke gets to the fall. Ward goals. (Q2 25:51)
McCarthy contests a long Kelly ball to the top of the square, Cameron taps to Coniglio who snaps another one! (Q2 27:27)
The Giants’ class is showing through late in Q2. You’d expect them to pull away from here. (Q2 27:56)
Kelly catches a dithering Hanley HTB at 50m on a slight angle, then gives to Smith who doesn’t score. (Q2 29:02)
Smith marks on the HFF, turns and snaps from 50m but again it’s wayward, this time OOTF. (Q2 30:06)
Andrews has a chance after a botched kick in for a snap from the hotspot, but the screw across the body is well wide. (Q2 31:48)
Paparone marks the next kick in at 50m on the flank, he also doesn’t score. (Q2 32:36)
Smith misses a set shot from 40m on the flank. (Q3 1:40)
Leuenberger dives and marks a Hanley ball in front of Davis at 30m on a slight angle, but misses, disappointingly. (Q3 3:35)
Robinson gets a free on Coniglio on the wing and passes to Beams near the boundary 40m out. Beams goes for goal… across the face. (Q3 9:20)
Scully is released by Shaw to run free up the guts, and passes to the lead of Cameron at 35m on the flank. Cameron steers through his second goal. (Q3 12:11)
Christensen passes to Beams at CHF, who has room to turn and shoot from 45m… but Davis marks in relief on the line. (Q3 13:43)
Griffen marks a McCarthy ball on the behind line, two Lions go to ground trying to spoil, Griffen handballs off the turf to Whitfield to goal from the line. (Q3 14:22)
Buntine marks a blind kick by Christensen from a stoppage at the Giants’ hotspot on the HFF 50m out, but misses. (Q3 17:35)
McCarthy beats the Lion zone to mark a long Kelly ball on his chest at 35m wide on the flank. He keeps the set shot low, and straight. (Q3 20:41)
Rich marks at 45m on the flank, doesn’t make the distance but Bewick is front and centre for the crumb and goal. (Q3 23:43)
Cameron’s handball on the HBF goes to ground and is turned over. Robinson pokes a pass to Bewick at 35m wide on the flank, who steers through his third goal. (Q3 27:23)
Cameron marks a Hoskin-Elliott ball to 25m on a slight angle, and kicks wide. (Q4 3:39)
Zorko roves on the HFF 40m out and pokes a pass to Green who leaps in front of Corr and marks 30m out on a slight angle. Green goals. (Q4 6:44)
Bourke kicks blind from the last line to CHF but three GIants raffle it, Griffen wins and passes to Hoskin-Elliott at 25m on the opposite flank. WHE hits the post. (Q4 10:07)
Cameron puts the result beyond doubt with a goal, albeit he gives away a free afterwards with a bit of aggro. (Q4 15:30)
Kelley passes to McCarthy to rise above Paparone and mark deep in the pocket 20m out. McCarthy steers it through with another low mongrel. (Q4 17:40)
McCarthy gives to Smith who misses from 25m in the pocket. (Q4 19:15)
Hoskin-Elliott gives Stewart a Joe the Goose special to put the result beyond all doubt. (Q4 20:12)
Buntine spoils a Paparone rebound kick to the Giants HFF, and passes short to Griffen at 35m on a slight angle. Griffen goals. (Q4 21:56)
Zorko marks a long Rich ball from the centre circle to 35m on a slight angle, and boots a consolation goal. (Q4 23:13)
Wilson mows down Hanley on the HFF to prevent a scoring opportunity. From the turnover, Treloar misses on the run from near CHF. (Q4 25:57)
Beams bounces through a midrange snap to muted reaction, with two minutes to go. (Q4 26:43)
Cameron marks next to the behind post, and hits the goalpost with his set shot. (Q4 27:58)
Shaw drops a mark in the pocket, Christensen roves and has Beams in the square for the 10m pass and goal. (Q4 29:15)

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