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Blog log from R10 of 2015: St Kilda vs Hawthorn

Blog log for St Kilda vs Hawthorn, R10 of 2015

Bruce marks 35m out in the corridor with Lake guarding space instead of the man. He goals. (Q1 1:01)
Hale contest 20m out on the corridor on a fast break from halfback, Gunston roves and tries a low-percentage snap over his left should from 25m on the flank… he makes it work! (Q1 2:30)
Shiel misses a pressured snap from near the hotspot. (Q1 4:07)
Armitage runs free to 20m on a slight angle after the Saints turn the ball over on the wing and handball through traffic… but he sprays it horribly. (Q1 5:55)
Bruce marks on the boundary 20m out but misses the banana set shot. (Q1 7:12)
Hodge spoils a short Bruce kick from the BP, butters up and has Schoenmakers at the top of the square for the easy mark and goal. (Q1 12:39)
Correction, that kick was by Breust, not Bruce. (Q1 13:09)
Rioli roves on the HFF and shoots on the run from 45m, but narrow. (Q1 14:54)
Hartung marks a Newnes pani kick from the BP, ump calls him to play on so he shoots from 45m out on the HFF and sails through a nice goal! (Q1 16:09)
Rioli baulks on the HFF and shoots wide from 40m, but the ump picks out a free off the fall against Geary for a block on Gunston at 20m on the flank. Gunston misses. (Q1 19:18)
Sinclair marks a Schneider ball on the boundary 40m out, turns and goes to Ross at 25m near the boundary. Ross misses. (Q1 20:06)
Stratton passes to Smith at 40m on the flank, who misses. (Q1 22:39)
Lewis gets a free at a stoppage at 20m on the flank. He goals, to make his fantasy owners happier than they have been so far. (Q1 23:54)
Riewoldt can’t mark a long ball to the square with three Hawks flying against him, but he butters up and tries a snap over his head from 5m out… it’s good! (Q1 26:10)
Gunston marks in front of Shenton at 35m on the flank, but just misses. (Q2 2:20)
Bruce leaps in front of Lake and marks 25m out on a slight angle. He boots his second goal. (Q2 4:20)
Hill runs free down members wing and passes to the lead of Roughead, who drops it 45m out on a slight angle but gets a free for hands in the back by Delaney. Roughie misses. (Q2 9:36)
Rioli passes to Roughead at 45m on a slight angle, who tries a pass that doesn’t work, scramble at the hotspot, Rioli roves and snaps from 35m on the flank… through! (Q2 11:21)
Steven catches Hartung HTB at a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle. But he misses, disappointingly. (Q2 16:06)
Schoenmakers roves a Roughead contest 30m out on a slight angle and bounces a kick to an open square… just clips the bottom of a goalpost. (Q2 17:19)
Breust spoils a kick across the backline to the hotspot, then provides a shepherd for Shiels to gather and shoot… wide. (Q2 18:03)
Armitage kicks off the ground from a stoppage on the HBF to the corridor but it’s straight to Hale 40m out. Hale misses. (Q2 20:44)
Webster kicks from the BP but straight to Breust at 35m on a slight angle. Breust makes no mistake. (Q2 21:33)
Rioli pilfers the footy from Geary on the HFF, Shiels passes to Hill at 30m on a slight angle. Hill goals, the Hawks kick away in Q2 red time. (Q2 22:52)
Smith gives outside to Duryea who baulks the onrushing Acres, walks to 50m on a slight angle and roosts a big goal like his mentor Brent Guerra used to! (Q2 24:23)
Shiels gives to Hodge at a stoppage 35m out on the flank for the first goal of Q3. A bit too early for junk time, but the Saints aren’t looking likely. (Q3 1:39)
Riewoldt marks at true CHF but misses. (Q3 3:55)
Breust sits behind a Roughead contest to a Ceglar ball to 35m on the flank and marks on his chest. He goals. Yep, now it’s garbage time. (Q3 5:10)
Billings marks a Lonie ball at 40m on the flank, turns and sees Sinclair running forward to the hotspot for the pass. Sinclair goals. (Q3 8:05)
Bruce hits the post with a set shot from the HFF. (Q3 11:50)
Breust misses a set shot from 35m on the flank. (Q3 13:31)
Dempster is pinged for a block on Schoenmakers as they chase a high Shiels ball to 20m on the flank. Bootsy goals. (Q3 14:46)
Hodge roves a bouncing Mitchell ball to the HFF, baulks through a tackle and snaps across his body from 35m… fine goal! (Q3 16:26)
Gunston outmarks Shenton at 25m on a slight angle sitting under a centre clearance kick by Stratton. He goals as well. (Q3 17:36)
Savage receives from Armitage after a 50m penalty against Suckling from the wing, and sails through a snap from the HFF for a goal. (Q3 20:41)
Mitchell tries a very low percentage handball on the wing past two Saints, the turnover results in Montagna buttering up a dropped mark on the HFF and snapping truly from 35m. (Q3 23:06)
Roughead roves a Rioli contest 15m out and rolls through another one. Yes, you read that right. (Q3 27:22)
Lone sets up Acres to centre to Savage at the hotspot for second goal for him for the quarter. (Q3 29:08)
Stratton falls in the back of Lonie at 45m on the flank to conceded an obvious free. He shoots after the 3QT siren, but doesn’t score. (Q3 31:07)
Bruce catches Litherland HTB trying to run out of defence near the boundary 40m out. He misses. (Q4 3:15)
Roughead gives Gunston a Joe the Goose special after marking near the hotspot. (Q4 4:16)
Hill passes to Roughead near the hotspot for his second goal. (Q4 7:42)
Gunston passes to Shiel for another junk time goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 10:00)
Roughead pokes a ball outside a pack at the hotspot to Smith who grubbers through another one. Champagne football. (Q4 10:44)
Breust roves a Hill contest and gives to Rioli who misses from 25m. (Q4 15:45)
The Hawk forward swarm a ground ball in the pocket, eventually Roughead taps down a Delaney handball and volleys home from 10m. (Q4 19:16)
Hodge marks on the wing and gives to Hill cruising past for a goal on the lope from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 21:21)
Armitage marks despite a Hawk sandwich on the wing, gets up and has Sinclair on his own 10m out for the mark and goal. (Q4 23:42)
Longer sits in front of three Hawks and draws a free for contact 25m out on the flank, and goals. (Q4 26:27)
Shenton marks an Acres ball at the hotspot just before the final siren, and goals. (Q4 29:27)

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