Blog log from R10 of 2015: St Kilda vs Hawthorn

Bruce marks 35m out in the corridor with Lake guarding space instead of the man. He goals. (Q1 1:01)
Hale contest 20m out on the corridor on a fast break from halfback, Gunston roves and tries a low-percentage snap over his left should from 25m on the flank… he makes it work! (Q1 2:30)
Shiel misses a pressured snap from near the hotspot. (Q1 4:07)
Armitage runs free to 20m on a slight angle after the Saints turn the ball over on the wing and handball through traffic… but he sprays it horribly. (Q1 5:55)
Bruce marks on the boundary 20m out but misses the banana set shot. (Q1 7:12)
Hodge spoils a short Bruce kick from the BP, butters up and has Schoenmakers at the top of the square for the easy mark and goal. (Q1 12:39)
Correction, that kick was by Breust, not Bruce. (Q1 13:09)
Rioli roves on the HFF and shoots on the run from 45m, but narrow. (Q1 14:54)
Hartung marks a Newnes pani kick from the BP, ump calls him to play on so he shoots from 45m out on the HFF and sails through a nice goal! (Q1 16:09)
Rioli baulks on the HFF and shoots wide from 40m, but the ump picks out a free off the fall against Geary for a block on Gunston at 20m on the flank. Gunston misses. (Q1 19:18)
Sinclair marks a Schneider ball on the boundary 40m out, turns and goes to Ross at 25m near the boundary. Ross misses. (Q1 20:06)
Stratton passes to Smith at 40m on the flank, who misses. (Q1 22:39)
Lewis gets a free at a stoppage at 20m on the flank. He goals, to make his fantasy owners happier than they have been so far. (Q1 23:54)
Riewoldt can’t mark a long ball to the square with three Hawks flying against him, but he butters up and tries a snap over his head from 5m out… it’s good! (Q1 26:10)
Gunston marks in front of Shenton at 35m on the flank, but just misses. (Q2 2:20)
Bruce leaps in front of Lake and marks 25m out on a slight angle. He boots his second goal. (Q2 4:20)
Hill runs free down members wing and passes to the lead of Roughead, who drops it 45m out on a slight angle but gets a free for hands in the back by Delaney. Roughie misses. (Q2 9:36)
Rioli passes to Roughead at 45m on a slight angle, who tries a pass that doesn’t work, scramble at the hotspot, Rioli roves and snaps from 35m on the flank… through! (Q2 11:21)
Steven catches Hartung HTB at a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle. But he misses, disappointingly. (Q2 16:06)
Schoenmakers roves a Roughead contest 30m out on a slight angle and bounces a kick to an open square… just clips the bottom of a goalpost. (Q2 17:19)
Breust spoils a kick across the backline to the hotspot, then provides a shepherd for Shiels to gather and shoot… wide. (Q2 18:03)
Armitage kicks off the ground from a stoppage on the HBF to the corridor but it’s straight to Hale 40m out. Hale misses. (Q2 20:44)
Webster kicks from the BP but straight to Breust at 35m on a slight angle. Breust makes no mistake. (Q2 21:33)
Rioli pilfers the footy from Geary on the HFF, Shiels passes to Hill at 30m on a slight angle. Hill goals, the Hawks kick away in Q2 red time. (Q2 22:52)
Smith gives outside to Duryea who baulks the onrushing Acres, walks to 50m on a slight angle and roosts a big goal like his mentor Brent Guerra used to! (Q2 24:23)
Shiels gives to Hodge at a stoppage 35m out on the flank for the first goal of Q3. A bit too early for junk time, but the Saints aren’t looking likely. (Q3 1:39)
Riewoldt marks at true CHF but misses. (Q3 3:55)
Breust sits behind a Roughead contest to a Ceglar ball to 35m on the flank and marks on his chest. He goals. Yep, now it’s garbage time. (Q3 5:10)
Billings marks a Lonie ball at 40m on the flank, turns and sees Sinclair running forward to the hotspot for the pass. Sinclair goals. (Q3 8:05)
Bruce hits the post with a set shot from the HFF. (Q3 11:50)
Breust misses a set shot from 35m on the flank. (Q3 13:31)
Dempster is pinged for a block on Schoenmakers as they chase a high Shiels ball to 20m on the flank. Bootsy goals. (Q3 14:46)
Hodge roves a bouncing Mitchell ball to the HFF, baulks through a tackle and snaps across his body from 35m… fine goal! (Q3 16:26)
Gunston outmarks Shenton at 25m on a slight angle sitting under a centre clearance kick by Stratton. He goals as well. (Q3 17:36)
Savage receives from Armitage after a 50m penalty against Suckling from the wing, and sails through a snap from the HFF for a goal. (Q3 20:41)
Mitchell tries a very low percentage handball on the wing past two Saints, the turnover results in Montagna buttering up a dropped mark on the HFF and snapping truly from 35m. (Q3 23:06)
Roughead roves a Rioli contest 15m out and rolls through another one. Yes, you read that right. (Q3 27:22)
Lone sets up Acres to centre to Savage at the hotspot for second goal for him for the quarter. (Q3 29:08)
Stratton falls in the back of Lonie at 45m on the flank to conceded an obvious free. He shoots after the 3QT siren, but doesn’t score. (Q3 31:07)
Bruce catches Litherland HTB trying to run out of defence near the boundary 40m out. He misses. (Q4 3:15)
Roughead gives Gunston a Joe the Goose special after marking near the hotspot. (Q4 4:16)
Hill passes to Roughead near the hotspot for his second goal. (Q4 7:42)
Gunston passes to Shiel for another junk time goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 10:00)
Roughead pokes a ball outside a pack at the hotspot to Smith who grubbers through another one. Champagne football. (Q4 10:44)
Breust roves a Hill contest and gives to Rioli who misses from 25m. (Q4 15:45)
The Hawk forward swarm a ground ball in the pocket, eventually Roughead taps down a Delaney handball and volleys home from 10m. (Q4 19:16)
Hodge marks on the wing and gives to Hill cruising past for a goal on the lope from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 21:21)
Armitage marks despite a Hawk sandwich on the wing, gets up and has Sinclair on his own 10m out for the mark and goal. (Q4 23:42)
Longer sits in front of three Hawks and draws a free for contact 25m out on the flank, and goals. (Q4 26:27)
Shenton marks an Acres ball at the hotspot just before the final siren, and goals. (Q4 29:27)

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