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Blog log from R6 of 2015: Carlton vs Brisbane

Blog log for Carlton vs Brisbane, R6 of 2015

Green outmarks Tuohy 60 out and spots up McStay on the lead in front of Rowe. From 40 out directly in front he kicks a floater but Leuenberger shepherds it through for a goal! (Q1 2:39)
Bell collects the tap from the throw in and fends off an opponent deep in the pocket. He tries to roll on through from 20 on a tight angle but misses. (Q1 4:03)
Smith spots up Casboult 45 out on a slight angle after Clarke gave him too much space. He goes back and splits the middle! (Q1 5:39)
Docherty has a long bomb for goal from 60 and as the ball bounces through for a behind, Gardiner pushes Murphy into the fence. Murphy gets the free and snaps the goal. (Q1 9:22)
Brisbane stream off half back and work it around by hand. From the centre, Golby finds a leading McStay who marks in front of Rowe. He goes back from 40 out and goals. (Q1 15:20)
Taylor turns it over going inboard on the wing. The Blues share it around and Judd gives to Cripps 50 out who has no one coming at him. He strolls to 30 and kicks the goal. (Q1 17:33)
Brisbane work it from the wing and end the play with Adcock hitting a backtracking Taylor with an inch perfect pass. He kicks from 40 out on the flank and goals. (Q1 22:51)
Carlton receives a down field free kick with Gardiner being the offender. Casboult takes the kick and from 35 out directly in front he misses. (Q1 25:41)
Beams goes long to the pocket and finds McStay who marks one-on-one with Rowe. He takes the shot from the boundary but misses. (Q2 8:05)
Gibbs finds Murphy who had run 100 metres to receive, 30 out in the pocket in front of Leuenberger. He goes back and goals. (Q2 12:25)
Martin takes it out of the ruck after a throw in in the pocket. He throws it on the boot but only manages a behind. (Q2 13:06)
Robinson goes to the pocket where 3 Lions are against Buckley. Buckley spoils but McStay ends up with it and he bangs it through from point blank range. (Q2 17:05)
Curnow puts a high ball deep into the pocket where Casboult rises and marks against Clarke. He goes back tight to the boundary and goals. (Q2 26:33)
Carlton back tracks deep in their defensive 50 but an errant handball gives the footy up to Green. Green gathers and snaps under pressure from 15 out to goal. (Q2 27:32)
Boekhorst puts a long ball inside 50 and a charging Jones marks on the chest in front of Clarke. From 40 out on the flank he misses. (Q2 29:29)
The Lions turn it over at half back and Thomas splits 2 Lions to find a sliding Casboult. From 30 out on the flank he snaps the goal. (Q3 1:17)
Carlton get a clean centre clearance through Wood and Judd. Judd goes long to find Jones leading in an acre of space against Clarke. From 35 out on a slight angle he hits the post. (Q3 3:12)
Zorko gets away from Curnow at half forward and goes long to the tip of the square where Leuenberger has the sit against Jaksch. He marks and plays on to goal. (Q3 8:10)
Heavy traffic locks up the ball in the Carlton hotspot. Eventually Bell gets a quick snap to the pocket where Judd marks by himself. From 20 out on a 45 degree angle he goals. (Q3 9:55)
Armfield has a great pick up and turn at half forward to evade an opponent. He then goes from 60 to an empty goal square but it bounces through for a behind. (Q3 13:30)
Wood gets his kick smothered by Christensen in his defensive pocket and Christensen collects and snaps from 30. He misses. (Q3 15:40)
A long kick from the wing allows McStay to pluck a mark in a pack 40 out on the flank after he out-muscled Rowe. He goes back and just sneaks it through for a goal! (Q3 17:06)
Gibbs gets the centre clearance after a clever tap from Wood and he finds Casboult who marks in front of Clarke 40 out on a slight angle. He kicks the goal! (Q3 18:11)
Another quick goal as the Lions get the centre clearance this time through Martin. The ball goes over the back of the defence where Green lurks and he goals from 20 out. (Q3 20:11)
A break in play now as the stretcher is called for Robertson who stayed down after sliding into the fence. (Q3 24:39)
Green marks a low Rich ball against Docherty after some good play down the wing by the Lions. From 30 out in the pocket he goals. (Q3 26:45)
Adcock goes to the top of the square where the ball goes to ground. Green is lurking in front and collects and snaps but hits the post. (Q3 28:55)
Buckley is pinged for 50 for going over the mark after a mark by Cutler on the wing. This takes him to 40 out on the flank where he misses the set shot. (Q3 30:37)
Rich and Christensen combine deep in the pocket to keep the ball alive. Christensen then gives to Lester who snaps with pressure from a tight angle to goal! (Q3 32:22)
Tuohy catches Christensen high right in front of goal after a stoppage deep in the Lions’ 50. He slots the goal from point blank. (Q4 2:27)
Beams finds Rockliff who has snuck forward and he marks 30 out in the pocket. He goes back and slots the goal. (Q4 6:17)
Martin takes a big mark on the wing and finds Redden. Redden goes inside 50 and hits Beams on the chest after he did well to get rid of Whiley. From 35 out on the flank he misses. (Q4 8:55)
Cripps hurriedly puts a high, scrambling ball inside 50 and it finds Jones who marks in front of Andrews. His set shot from 40 out on the flank is a goal. (Q4 10:29)
Christensen tries to spot up Taylor in the hot spot but misses the target. Taylor goes back for it and snaps from 35 with pressure coming from Armfield but he misses. (Q4 12:14)
Boekhorst finds Armfield going back with the flight after a dropped mark by Claye Beams on the wing. He then centres back to Boekhorst who misses the set shot from 40 out. (Q4 14:38)
From a throw in in the Blues’ pocket Cripps gives to Thomas whose snap finds Bell. From 20 out on a tight angle he goals. (Q4 22:30)
Lester takes a big juggling mark in front of Walker after Martin finds him following a run down the wing. From 30 out on a slight angle he misses. (Q4 24:40)
Carlton break with promise from half back and Casboult gets it outside 50 on the flank. With no one home he decides to go for goal but he misses the big chance! (Q4 26:30)
Judd gives to Graham who finds Jones going back with the flight against Andrews. From 50 out directly in front he kicks it out on the full! (Q4 28:30)

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