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Blog log from R6 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, R6 of 2015

McInnes and Trengove fight for a ground ball near the square, both men go to ground but McInnes throws a boot at it… video review dictates a behind. (Q1 1:51)
The Eagles lock in the kick in to the HBF, Yeo has a running snap from the boundary 30m out and threads it! (Q1 2:18)
Hurn hacks the ball forward to Kennedy but it bounces off his chest, conveniently falling for Yeo on the 50 arc who goes long to Mcinnes and he falls while kicking for a behind. (Q1 2:18)
Gaff gives to Masten outside a pack at 25m on a slight angle, he’s tackled as he kicks and it’s wide. (Q1 4:30)
Schulz marks on the 50 arc near the boundary and wastes no time going forward, turning and kicking to Ryder who missed a marking attempt, allowing Gray to run into goal. (Q1 8:53)
Trengrove monsters Sinclair on Port’s forward flank and is rewarded with the free. He quickly moved it forward to Gray 40 out with a sharp angle who marks alone and goals. (Q1 11:25)
Eagles work it forward and get it into Kennedy’s hands at CHF. He turns and goes to the leading Cripps who beats Pittard to the mark 35 out. His shot fades to the right. (Q1 13:23)
Josh Hill weaves himself a magical goal after a ball up in his forward pocket gets hit up in the air and spiked into his arms for a quick snap and goal. (Q1 14:54)
Hombsch reads a kick in after his own out on the foul to perfection, streaming through the pack to deliver to Westhoff, but Westhoff’s shot misses to the left. (Q1 17:27)
Hombsch goes long from the half forward flank but his kick goes to nobody, prompting a pack to jump on the ball which ends up with a Hartlett free kick, but he hits the post. (Q1 22:08)
Ball up inside the Eagles’ 50 falls for Wingard who runs away but gets caught holding the ball 30 out by Priddis. Kicking with a 30 degree angle he makes the shot. (Q1 24:04)
Windgard marks at the corner of the centre square and turns quickly to spear a kick to the leading Ryder who marks 30 out. With very little angle he misses the shot. (Q1 25:40)
Karkouer hacks it forward out of the square to Schulz who takes a rolling mark 55 out. Realising he can’t make the kick he goes to Wingard 35 out who marks and completes the goal. (Q1 27:40)
Eagles start the quarter immediately going forward albeit through a chain of scrappy disposals, but eventually Butler chips to Cripps 30 out who marks and goals. (Q2 1:59)
Port go forward through a raking kick from Schulz on the flank to Ryder who brings it to ground, allowing Boak to rove the fall of the ball and snap a goal from 40 out. (Q2 3:59)
Cornes gets the ball on the wing and goes backwards to Karkouer in the middle running through for a spearing kick to White who marks 40 out. With little angle he goals. (Q2 7:00)
Port dominate the play out of the middle, with Westhoff and Boak combining to go long which allows Gray to sneak behind a pack and goal from 5 out. (Q2 9:10)
Sheed grabs the ball just forward of centre and spins on the spot to wheel around onto the left foot and deliver to Yeo 35 out right in front with no one near him. He misses. (Q2 13:32)
Port punish the Yeo miss by going quick and long to Wingard who kicks to White and he runs and delivers to Schulz in the pocket. He marks 20 out and goals. (Q2 14:45)
Throw in deep in port’s 50 gets piled on by everybody but eventually the ball gets released to Pittard on the 50 metre arc for a long shot but he misses to the left. (Q2 24:58)
Sheed gets released on the wing and uses his run get himself to half forward before scrambling a pass to Kennedy on the arc. Kennedy’s shot looks ugly and it yields a behind. (Q2 28:00)
LeCras grabs the ball at half forward and pops the ball up over Kennedy who gets infringed by Lobbe for a free kick. From 25 out on a 45 degree angle he slots the goal. (Q3 4:09)
The defensive halves of both teams today are playing out of their skin, not giving away any easy goals until Ebert gives a high tackle to Sheed 35 out right in front for a goal. (Q3 9:46)
Ryder gets a free in the middle and goes long to his ruck partner in crime Lobbe who jumps over McGovern 35 out for a mark. With a 45 degree angle he slots the goal. (Q3 11:02)
Sinclair gets the ball at half forward after a turnover and grabs a one two handpass with Shuey to then kick to LeCras on the boundary. LeCras marks 30 out and makes the shot. (Q3 12:51)
Boak gets called for a throw and Masten takes the free quickly to kick to Kennedy 40 out. Kicking with a 60 degree angle he swings it left for a behind. (Q3 21:07)
Hill goes with a snap out of a pack 20 metres out but misses to the left. He gets himself a second shot after the Eagles steal the kick in and his set shot from 25 goals. (Q3 24:07)
Talk about just on time! Kennedy marks a contested grab just as the timekeepers whack the siren on to end the quarter. His mark counts, so he goes back from 30 and slots it through (3 Qtr Time)
Cripps almost goes with one of the goals of the year after roving a dropped mark by McInnes and bouncing off a Port defender and running past another but misses the shot. (Q4 1:32)
Kennedy marks around the 50 in front of goal but wheels quickly on to the boot instead of trying the long shot to give to Shuey alone who runs in and goals from 15. (Q4 6:46)
Mitchell crushes Schofield in the forward 50 as Will tries to run through him, Mitchell then pops up and grabs the loose ball to kick over to Wingard who marks and goals from 20. (Q4 10:46)
Monfries marks near the boundary just outside 50 and hands it to Hartlett on an even sharper angle for a long bomb that almost goes through but only gets a behind. (Q4 12:02)
Ah Chee marks the ball just on the 50 and swings quickly to the open Schulz in the pocket who marks over Priddis. From 15 out on the boundary he barely misses but it’s a behind. (Q4 16:31)
Duggan goes to Sheed on the flank who then goes to Cripps in the pocket and the youngsters of the Eagles combine for a great running goal to put them 10 points ahead. (Q4 19:47)
Westhoff chases down a bouncing ball heading dangerously close to the boundary and centres it to Ryder who hands it to Monfries who snaps the goal from the pocket. (Q4 22:47)
With 20 seconds left, Nic Nat taps the ball down from a throw in to Priddis who hands to Shuey running past and he goals from 40 to seal the game. (Q4 32:50)

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