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Blog log from R2 of 2015: Gold Coast vs St Kilda

Blog log for Gold Coast vs St Kilda, R2 of 2015

Ablett has the first score of the night after receiving from Bennell right in the clinches and his snap misses to the near side from the boundary.
Bennell takes a shot from deep in the forward pocket, but his snap shot misses to the far side.
Quick kick forward from the pack and Saad takes the mark ahead of Lemmens. From 30 out on the flank, Ahmed pushes it to the right hand side.
Saad nabs the first of the game after Riewoldt goes long to the Egyptian who out marks his namesake in Adam, strolls into goal and kicks it! ()
Longer hits it out the back but Prestia is first to the pill. He whacks it on the boot, 30 out on the flank but Dion misses to the near side.
Ahmed Saad reads it off hands and feeds it out to Bruce who has a step on his opponent but hooks the shot too much to the near side from the pocket. (Q1 11:30)
Prestia intercepts the Shenton clearance and he moves it off to Kolodjashnij. Kade has the shot from 40 on the slight but he misses. (Q1 15:18)
Ablett, under pressure from Geary, works it out to Bennell who in turn whips it across his body from 45 and slots an excellent shot through the big sticks! (Q1 16:35)
Harbrow to Rischitelli to Callahan back to Michael who trots to 40 on the slight and hammers it home. There was a very low amount of pressure throughout that play. (Q1 18:05)
Harbrow drops the ball under fierce pressure from Bruce and Dustan wastes no time in soccering for goal from 35. Incredibly it finds its way for the maximum! (Q1 20:45)
Bennell grabs the pill inside forward 50 and chooses to hit up a free Ablett 45 metres out from goal. Gary goes back and nails it! (Q1 21:16)
Riewoldt took the mark ahead of May in the middle of the ground and then Steven gives a fifty metre penalty for late contact. Newnes then gets knocked over by Lynch. (Q1 24:24)
Thus a second fifty metre penalty is paid and Nick kicks the goal from point blank! (Q1 24:24)
Newness finds Curren on the lead ahead of Broughton. From the fifty metre paint, Tom makes the journey to maximal effect! (Q1 26:06)
Lonie roves the Membrey/Thompson marking contest but his quick snap at pace misses to the left hand side from 20 out on the snap. (Q1 29:50)
Bennell has the shot from the boundary 45 metres out but misses to the near side after receiving a free kick for hands in the back. (Q1 33:04)
Steven kept it low and drilled a bullet into the Bruce/Thompson contest and Josh took the strong contested mark. From 25 out directly in front, he goals! (Q2 2:36)
Savage takes it out of the centre stoppage and again Bruce takes a strong mark opposed to Thompson. From 35 out directly in front, Josh has two in a minute! (Q2 4:41)
Miller to Harbrow to Lynch who had Day free in the goal square but took the snap on himself from deep in the pocket. He managed to snag it, avoiding the wrath of the coach! (Q2 7:05)
Long ball and Membrey takes the strong mark with all the opposition attracted to Riewoldt a touch higher up the ground. From 35 on the flank, he misses to the near side. (Q2 9:49)
Bennell turns it over after fanatical pressure from Lonie. Riewoldt hits it on after receiving the handball from Jack and Ahmed Saad runs in to the open goal! (Q2 13:08)
Billings goes long to the Bruce/Thompson matchup and Josh takes the strong contested grab deep in the pocket. Josh goes back and bananas it through the middle! (Q2 17:04)
Dylan Roberton takes the advantage after Smith gives away the free kick for taking out Newness’ legs. Dylan runs to the 50 metre arc and whacks it through the middle! (Q2 19:21)
Billings to Geary who goes longs to the hot spot and Bruce reads it off hands and finds Sinclair via handball. Jack rolls it home through a myriad of legs for another major! (Q2 22:26)
Ahmed Saad has an attempted shot at goal and Bruce marks again, this time ahead of May. From deep in the pocket, Josh has his fourth of the quarter! (Q2 22:56)
Curren finds Riewoldt by hand and Nick hits in a shambolic kick that incredibly hits Lonie right on the chest. From 35 out on the slight angle, Jack has his first! (Q2 27:52)
Ahmed Saad has an attempted shot at goal and Bruce marks again, this time ahead of May. From deep in the pocket, Josh has his fourth of the quarter! (Q2 28:54)
Out of the stoppage the ball is worked forward and Ablett soccers it from on the behind line, but he can only muster a post effort. (Half Time)
Swallows pulls the kick after winning the centre clearance. Lynch led to it perfectly and took the strong mark, but it’s only a minor score from 50. (Q3 1:01)
Bruce takes another contested grab, this time beating May in the one on one. From 35 out on the slight angle, he has his fifth! (Q3 6:30)
Riewoldt wins the free kick for high contact in the marking contest. From 25 out on the slight angle, he misses to the left hand side. (Q3 11:22)
Members gets out the back and incredibly he misses from 25 metres out under limited pressure. (Q3 14:38)
Prestia takes it out of the stoppage and has a quick kick for goal from 25 out directly in front. Dion nabs the major! (Q3 15:38)
Membery takes a strong mark opposed to Tape on the lead. From 50 on the flank, Tim doesn’t manage to see it home, missing to the near side. (Q3 15:38)
Rischitelli to Kolodjashnij who finds May on the lead ahead of Delaney. From 45 out on the slight angle, Steven misses to the right hand side. (Q3 15:38)
Swallow soccers off the ground and finds Garlett on the lead ahead of Geary, roughly 50 out from goal on the flank. He misses to the near side. (Q3 15:38)
May gets out the back after a long bomb in, but unopposed Steven poorly misses the dribbler from the pocket to the near side. (Q3 23:00)
Lynch takes the leading grab ahead of Shenton, 45 metres out from goal on the 45 degree angle. He lines up but misses to the near side. (Q3 23:00)
Curren goes long out the back to Bruce who takes a fantastic grab in the one on one opposed to Day. He plays on quickly and finishes from point blank! (Q3 23:00)
Malceski lines up for goal from 50 directly in front, but he hits the post. (Q3 23:00)
Geary drills the low bullet pass to Riewoldt who takes the strong chest mark ahead of Thompson. From 50 out directly in front, Nick makes no mistake! (Q4 3:56)
Tape finds Lynch on the lead ahead of Delaney, 40 metres out from goal directly in front. Tom trots in and kicks truly! (Q4 8:14)
Lynch turns Delaney inside out with a great pickup and turn at pace after receiving from the Garlett kick. Tom runs in and rams it home from 40 on the flank! (Q4 11:18)
Prestia makes it three in a row for the Suns after keeping his feet unlike his opponent in Weller, before steadying and finishing truly from 30 on the flank! (Q4 13:02)
Smith works it out of the contest to RIschitelli who works it forward. Garlett reads it off hands, but his snap whacks into the post from deep in the pocket. (Q4 15:43)
Dempster turns it over by hand to Bennell who goes in short to Hallahan. The ex-Hawk marks unopposed and kicks for goal from 45 on the flank, and he nails it! (Q4 18:35)
Kolodjashnij feeds it out of congestion to the hard running Garlett who runs through to 25 and makes no mistake! It’s less than four majors the difference now! (Q4 21:00)
Malceski goes out the back to Bennell who gets ahead of Dempster, only for Dempster to trip him. Harley kicks from 25 directly in front and misses to the left hand side. (Q4 22:55)
Massive let off for the Saints then! The crowd is up and about, but that miss will have put a spanner in the Suns come back plans! (Q4 23:43)
Weller goes long and out the back to Sinclair, who roved the attempted mark from Bruce, before snapping truly from the top of the square! (Q4 24:10)

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