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Blog log from R2 of 2015: Collingwood vs Adelaide

Blog log for Collingwood vs Adelaide, R2 of 2015

Henderson finds Smith with a simple pass and Brodie takes the uncontested mark on the paint of 50. He launches for goal but misses to the near side. (Q1 2:37)
Broom head takes it straight out of the ruck contest 60 out from goal. He launches gaolbird but misses to the left hand side. (Q1 6:12)
EDDIE BETTS! That was something else! Pressed up on the boundary, Betts receives in congestion from Wright and he bananas it through from 25! (Q1 13:10)
Lynch bullets in an absolute mongrel but fortuitously it falls in Dangerfield’s arms. From 50 on the slight angle, he misses to the far side. (Q1 15:52)
Dangerfield takes it straight out of congestion and whacks it on his right boot from 35. The snap bounces once, but bounces directly into the post. (Q1 17:20)
Sloane takes it straight out of the ruck contest and whacks it on the boot, but he again misses from 30 under pressure. (Q1 19:27)
Jesse White bullocks his way through the pack, bringing it forward 10 metres before he controls it enough for a quick snap shot that misses from 20 out. (Q1 21:09)
Extreme pressure by both sides deep in the Crows attacking 50. It’s whacked out by Broomhead straight to Luke Brown who feeds Smith. Brodie lines up and finishes truly from 40! (Q1 24:23)
Cameron bullets a pass into Lynch who marks ahead of Langdon. He then sidesteps Tom, and finishes the major from 45! (Q1 25:22)
Van Berlo with an absolute dart of a pass that finds Jenkins on the lead ahead of Brown. From 45 on the flank, Josh misses to the near side. (Q1 28:20)
Varcoe receives a free kick right on the quarter time siren that goes against Smith for illegal contact in the marking contest. From 40, boundary side, he misses to the far side. (Q1 29:39)
Smith to Lynch to Walker all by foot and Taylor marks 35 metres out on the slight angle. He misses to the left hand side. (Q2 0:50)
Dangerfield to Douglas to Laird who sets sail for home, but his 50 metre bomb misses to the near side. (Q2 2:06)
Blair is caught high in the attempted tackle by Wright. From 40 on the slight angle, Jarryd kicks the Pies first major of the contest! (Q2 9:46)
Cameron goes out the back to the Lynch/Brown contest and Tom rounds him with ease, turning at speed and finishing from 20! (Q2 12:06)
Sloane to Smith who runs at pace to 50 and darts a shot in at goal but it misses to the left hand side. (Q2 13:51)
Sloane finds Douglas on the lead, 35 metres out from goal on the slight angle ahead of Toovey. Richard strikes it home! (Q2 14:41)
Van Berlo finds Walker inside 50 with a simple pass to the leading captain ahead of Toovey. From 30 on the sharp angle, he wastes no time and snaps truly! (Q2 16:37)
Dangerfield finds a terrific lead made by the ex-captain Nathan van Berlo, and Patrick hits him up. From 40 on the slight, Nathan makes no mistake! (Q2 18:22)
Elliot goes long to the hot spot and Jesse White takes the strong mark ahead of Hartigan. It was certainly questionable whether he held it long enough… (Q2 20:22)
No matter, he finishes the goal from 25 directly in front! (Q2 20:40)
Pendlebury to Varcoe to Adams who centres it to Crisp. Jack takes the uncontested mark, but from 40 out directly in front, he sprays it for a minor. (Q2 28:44)
Pendlebury to Fasolo back to Pendlebury who goes directly for home from 45 on the flank, but he misses to the near side. (Q2 30:35)
Horrendous kicking by the Pies late in that second term hurt them. After a hot match in Brisbane last week, it’ll be a tough task to get back into this one. (Half Time)
Betts attempts some magic once more! The ball is thumped into the forward line and off hands Eddie reads it, gets to the front and snaps from right on the boundary, but he misses. (Q3 0:36)
Walker takes the strong mark out ahead of Frost from the Lynch pass, 45 metres out directly in front. Taylor goes back and slams the major home! (Q3 1:50)
From coast to coast the Crows go and this time Betts finds Walker who chips it in short to Cameron. From 30 out directly in front, Charlie extends the margin with a maximum! (Q3 3:48)
Walker takes another simple mark ahead of Frost from 45 metres out directly in front. He trots in to goal but this time misses to the left hand side. (Q3 6:05)
Smith whacks it into Dangerfield who takes the one handed juggling mark unopposed, 45 metres out on the flank. Patrick walks in and misses to the far side. (Q3 8:35)
Blair kicks a tremendous major! Jarryd roves the Cloke/Talia contest, getting front and centre before snapping truly pressed up against the boundary 30 out! (Q3 9:55)
Seedsman to Crisp to Blair to Fasolo all by foot from one end of the ground to the other. Alex ends up with the shot from 45 directly in front and hits the post. (Q3 20:29)
Cameron roves the Walker attempt, with Charlie then moving it off to betts who fed it out to Dangerfield. Patrick strolled into goal from point blank! (Q3 21:27)
Dangerfield took it straight out of the next stoppage and found Cheney on the chest inside 50. He went to Sloane who then threaded the pass to Walker. From 45 on the flank, post. (Q3 23:11)
Adelaide stroll it from one end of the ground to the other. it ends with Henderson finding Jenkins unopposed and Josh kicked truly from 20 on the slight. (Q3 26:52)
The lack of pressure by the Pies in that play was startling to say the least. (Q3 27:35)
Long bomb goes in and van Berlo gives the free away to Crisp for holding in the marking contest. From 45 on the slight angle, Jack hits the post! (Q3 28:52)
Broomhead intercepts the handball from Talia coming out of defence and whacks it on the boot within a split second, sending it through the big sticks from 25! (Q4 1:02)
Jacobs hits it out the front of the stoppage to Sloane deep in the attacking forward 50 and he handballs it centrally to Dangerfield who goals from 20! (Q4 3:32)
Swan has a consolation goal after White beat Hartigan in the one on one and bounced the kick to Dane. Dane kept his feet ahead of Laird and finished with ease! (Q4 6:12)
Swan went long to the Cloke/Talia contest at the hot spot. Cloke takes the big contested grab, goes back and kicks the direct goal from 35! (Q4 10:17)
Smith to Cameron to Lynch and from a standing start Tom launches from 45. He misses to the left hand side under limited pressure. (Q4 12:31)
Swan spins Jaensch inside out from the pocket and opens the angle but he hits the post. Not the Pies day. (Q4 13:58)
Oxley finds Langdon free inside 40, with a chipped pass to the half back flanker. Tom strolls in but hits the post from the slight angle. (Q4 20:49)
Langdon to Seedsman who rocks back onto his right foot and finds Blair out the back in a wealth of space with Hartigan trailing. He strolls in and goals! (Q4 20:49)
Swan marks and quickly finds Fasolo with a chipped pass. Alex goes back and hammers it home from 40 on the slight angle. (Q4 20:49)
Cloke to Langdon to White who out muscles his direct opponent in Hartigan and takes a strong chest mark. From 30, he lines up after the siren and finishes with ease! (Q4 34:45)

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