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Blog log from GF of 2015: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, GF of 2015

Devon Smith catches Hannebery HTB on the HFF but misses from just outside 50m. (Q1 1:37)
Heeney marks a Shaw ball at 45m on a slight angle and boots the first goal. Goodes got involved multiple times in the build up. (Q1 3:54)
Cameron slides and marks a Ward ball at 45m on the flank after Ward ran from halfback. Cameron goals. (Q1 4:54)
A lull, as Franklin could be stretchered off after a headclash with Roahn. (Q1 7:24)
Franklin is indeed taken off on a stretcher, the crowd applauds. (Q1 9:14)
Towers roves a loose ball in front of Haynes at 25m on a slight angle and goals with ease. (Q1 10:58)
Heath Shaw goes for a supergoal with a torpedo, McCarthy has two to beat in the square but is too good for Reid, he marks and goals. (Q1 15:15)
Cunningham passes short to Goodes who dives just in front of Davis and marks on a lead to 35m on the flank. He goals. (Q1 17:05)
Shaw passes very short to Cunningham at 45m on a slight angle. Cunningham sails the set shot through for a quality finish. (Q1 21:06)
Kennedy marks a Jack ball to 30m on a slight angle in front of Patfull. He goals as well. (Q1 25:26)
Ward marks behind the wing but Kennedy pushes him slightly late to concede 50m and put him at 40m on a slight angle. Ward misses left. (Q1 27:54)
Tomlinson marks in a big pack at the hotspot, Cameron starts a bit of a melee afterwards but nothing results. Tomlinson goals. (Q1 29:50)
Bugg gives to Whitfield as the Giants handball their way inside 50m, he snaps hurriedly across the body from 40m in front… wide. (Q1 31:27)
Hannebery gets a free on Davis for a hold at 50m on the flank. But he tries a pass for Goodes and misses the target, turnover results. (Q2 2:57)
Green receives from Whitfield and tries a supergoal from outside CHF to an empty goalface, but it’s wide. (Q2 4:13)
Greene gets a lucky free as he slips while Cunningham tackles him on the boundary 40m out, but a 50m against Laidler in the square ensures the goal. (Q2 5:55)
Kieren Jack has a set shot from 45m near the boundary touched on the line for a behind. (Q2 11:38)
Griffen snaps a mid-range goal from the flank to show his Giant teammates how it’s done. (Q2 14:14)
Hoskin-Elliott passes short to Cameron at 35m on the flank. He goals. (Q2 15:52)
Jetta misses a ninepointer attempt from outside CHF. (Q2 18:43)
Haynes turns the ball over by foot from the HBF trying to centre, Goodes gives to Robinson who ducks out of a tackle 15m out and goals, just. (Q2 21:51)
Rohan marks a Parker ball 45m out in front, and goals. (Q2 23:41)
A 30-man melee forms and dissipates. (Q2 27:32)
Rohan marks a Kennedy ball on a hard lead to 45m on a slight angle. He misses. (Q3 2:11)
Greene hits Cameron on a lead at 25m near the boundary as the Giants work the fat side on the rebound. Cameron misses. (Q3 3:57)
Hannebery marks a Jetta ball 20m out in front on a coast to coast rebound up the guts by the Swans, he plays on and goals. (Q3 5:41)
Cameron marks and boots his third goal from mid range. (Q3 10:06)
Cameron misses a snap from the boundary 30m out. (Q3 11:52)
Cameron marks again at 35m on the flank and boots his fourth goal. (Q3 14:12)
Heeney leaps in front of Buntine to mark a Jetta ball at 35m on a slight angle for a goal. (Q3 14:27)
McCarthy marks just inside CHF, his set shot starts straight but slices slightly into the right post. (Q3 24:21)
Palmer misses a snap from inside a pack in the pocket. (Q3 24:56)
Parker marks at 30m on a slight angle and kicks the goal. (Q4 10:42)
As you might be able to tell, both sides are kind of going through the motions at the moment. (Q4 11:08)
Goodes gives to Jetta who is chased to 40m near the boundary and misses. (Q4 12:50)
Coniglio gives to Treloar who misses off a step from the hotspot. (Q4 14:19)
Heath Shaw passes short to Tomlinson at 35m near the boundary. He misses. (Q4 16:49)
Cameron beats Richards one-on-one in a wrestle next to the goalpost to mark a high Bugg ball. He goals. (Q4 18:08)
Treloar is spoiled at 35m on a slight angle but butters up and gives to Shiel who misses off the left with a snap around the corner. (Q4 20:24)
Green kicks inside 50 but straight to Grundy to ruin an attack for GWS. (Q4 24:00)
Coniglio pumps the ball inside 50, Rampe taps it over for a throw in in the pocket. From the stoppage, Scully snaps to the square, it hangs… off hands, behind. (Q4 25:24)
Cameron could have been paid the mark though. (Q4 25:24)
Lloyd marks on the HBF, plays on and hits Naismith on the wing, 45 second left. The inside 50 to the Swans HFF is fumbled OOB by Griffen. (Q4 26:10)
Heeney marks a Heath Shaw rebound 50 kick ion the wing, Bird receives the crumb and snaps just before the siren sounds… goal, Swans win! (Q4 27:05)
Towers it was with the crumb and goal assist handball. (Q4 27:05)

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