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Blog log from GF of 2015: Carlton vs Geelong

Blog log for Carlton vs Geelong, GF of 2015

Rivers kicks from the last line to CHB but Menzel intercepts and sails it over his head for a supergoal! (Q1 5:15)
Stokes marks a long Kelly ball behind Everitt at 30m near the boundary. He misses. (Q1 5:41)
A Jamison shank rebound 50m straight to a nest of Cats leads to a pass to Mackie at 45m on a slight angle. Mackie misses. (Q1 8:59)
Selwood intercepts the kick in from Jaksch at 30m on the flank, and makes him pay with a goal. (Q1 9:38)
Everitt intercepts a Duncan kick from the last line to Caddy at 30m on the flank. He misses. (Q1 11:20)
Thomas reads a centring ball by Henderson at the hotspot before the rest of the assembled horde, marks then plays on and goals. (Q1 13:46)
Caddy misses with a snap from a stoppage 25m out. (Q1 15:16)
Motlop passes to a short lead by Hawkins to 40m on the flank. The Tomahawk steers through his first goal. (Q1 16:35)
Stokes gets a free for a hold by Curnow off a marking contest at 25m on a slight angle. He goals. (Q1 19:21)
Bews marks then baulks Menzel in the centre square, runs to 55m and misses. (Q1 21:21)
A Selwood turnover in the centre leads to a mark by Cripps in front of Kelly at 20m on a slight angle. He misses. (Q1 22:47)
A hospital handpass by Byrne on the wing leads to a turnover, Mackie passes low to Duncan at 40m in the corridor for the goal. (Q1 25:27)
Rivers gives to Motlop for a flying snap from 45m on the flank, but it’s OOTF. (Q1 28:02)
Duncan gets a handball from Blicavs and runs down the flank to 35m for a goal. (Q1 28:43)
All of the Cats’ goals have come from repeat inside 50s forcing turnovers with frontal pressure. (Q1 29:13)
Rowe converts a long set shot from the HFF. (Q2 9:18)
Enright pokes a pass to Clark near the boundary 35m out, and Clark threads the needle with a quality set shot. (Q2 11:53)
Taylor passes to Hawkins on the lead at 20m on a slight angle. Another goal for the Cats. (Q2 13:14)
Guthrie soccers a behind from 15m. (Q2 14:16)
Henderson marks on his chest behind Rowe at 35m on a slight angle. He goals. (Q2 16:15)
Thomas draws a free on Simpson for a high tackle near the boundary 30m out. He misses. (Q2 19:45)
Jones leaps in front of Mackie and marks a Bell pass to the pocket, and snaps the set shot through from 15m. (Q2 23:20)
Watson marks on the 50m paint on a slight angle. He roosts a beautiful set shot for a supergoal right over the goal umpire’s peaked cap. (Q2 26:36)
Menzel has two Cats on his hammer chasing a ground ball deep in the pocket, he volleys a behind. (Q2 27:40)
Everitt breaks a tackle on the HFF and kicks low and hard up the line to Menzel at 25m, with his man playing three steps behind. Menzel goals. (Q2 28:31)
Clark marks a Taylor centre clearance in front of Jaksch at 40m on a slight angle. He misses as the HT siren sounds. Maybe it put him off! (Q2 30:20)
Hawkins dives in front of Rowe to mark a quick Bartel kick from a stoppage near CHF. He lines up from 20m in front and goals. (Q3 1:08)
Henderson gives to Bell who tires a grubber from 30m near the boundary… after a video review it is ruled to have not touched the post, goal. (Q3 4:24)
Kelly goals with a snap from 40m on a slight angle after roving a Judd fumble. (Q3 6:54)
Jones rises in front of Lonergan and marks a low, long ball by Bell to the top of the square. He sprays it for a terrible behind. Oh dear. (Q3 8:39)
Mackie props on the HFF and passes to the lead of Hawkins at 40m near the boundary. Hawkins tries to centre it but the Blues spoil and clear. (Q3 11:29)
Judd marks a Bell inside 50 at 45m on the flank in front of Guthrie, extending the arms well above his head. His set shot is off the pack in the square for a point. (Q3 12:35)
Blicavs marks on the lead 45m out in the corridor, and just squeezes the set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q3 15:11)
Enright it was with the goal assist pass from the wing. (Q3 15:11)
Cockatoo wows the Cats fans with a scything run up the guts with two Blues in his wake, then hits Clark with a long ball over the back to 20m for the goal. (Q3 17:50)
Everitt and Thomas looked slow trying to chase Cockatoo there. (Q3 18:10)
Judd marks a White centre clearance kick to the flank on the lead 45m out. Again his set shot is rushed in the square. (Q3 19:10)
Henderson marks on his own 40m out in front and kicks another goal. That was a rare lapse in the Cat defensive zone. (Q3 22:55)
Menzel marks a Docherty ball in the pocket behind Taylor with good body positioning. He goals. (Q3 23:55)
Jaksch is pinged for manhandling Clark, after spoiling him at 35m on a slight angle as they went for a Hawkins ball. Clark goals. (Q3 28:26)
Hawkins puts his left knee in the back of Rowe and takes a speccy at 30m on the flank from a long Selwood ball. The Tomahawk kicks truly. (Q3 30:26)
Hawkins beats Rowe yet again one-on-one to push off and mark a Motlop ball at 35m on a slight angle. He starts it left but it straightens and goes through for goal number five. (Q4 1:16)
Actually, that one was on Jaksch, who did no better than Rowe. (Q4 1:51)
Rivers is pinged rather unluckily for getting in Jones’ back as they go for a low ball to 40m in the corridor. Jones goals. (Q4 3:24)
Johnson goes himself from 50m on a slight angle and hits the post, and will have to explain himself afterwards to Clark who was leading. Or not, because he’s Stevie J. (Q4 6:19)
Watson roves a contest on the HFF and has a ping from just outside 50m… bounces OOB. (Q4 8:01)
From the resultant stoppage, Everitt roves and has space 25m out on the flank, but rushes it and misses. (Q4 8:19)
Blicavs has a try for a ninepointer from 50m on a slight angle but he’s off balance and has a man in his face, and kicks OOTF. (Q4 10:33)
Duncan hits Hawkins with a quick, low ball to 40m on the flank, little that Jaksch could do there. Hawkins misses. (Q4 13:32)
Murphy pinches a handball by Rivers 35m out on a slight angle and snaps a grubber… just wide. (Q4 14:56)
Menzel is paid a juggling mark at 35m on the flank in front of Enright, even though Enright and maybe Kelly got hands on it too. Menzel misses. (Q4 16:47)
Cripps marks in front of a pack at the top of the square and goals to cap off a nice afternoon’s work filled with possessions in scoring chains. (Q4 20:11)
Johnson marks in front of Curnow at the hotspot and goals, deep in junk time. (Q4 23:16)

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