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6 Interesting Facts About AFL You Probably Didn’t Know

When talking about sports in Australia, there is no doubt that football is one of the most interesting ones. And mind, the sport comes with a bunch of popular names, such as footy, soccer, or Aussie rules. The Land Down Under also has its own league of football matches called Australian Football League or AFL. 

What makes AFL a great league to watch is its ability to deliver pure entertainment – it rarely disappoints, so to speak. The game of football is so popular in Australia it is impossible not to find a conversation without people mentioning it. 

Apart from crazy facts and madcap happenings, AFL has plenty of interesting things to bring to the table. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the many interesting facts about AFL and the world of football in Australia.

#1. The Development of Football

In case you did not know, football began in Australia. Yes, that is right – the sport is the brainchild of the country. And since its inception, it has been played by billions of people across the world. While the game itself is heavily influenced by a variety of local sports, the AFL, in particular, is directly influenced by rugby, soccer, and the Aboriginals traditional game known as “Mangrook.”

#2. Keeping an Eye on Weather

If you have been betting on the AFL, then you surely understand why we included this one here. Unlike any other league, AFL is the type of sport where the weather can bring a significant impact on the overall outcome of a match. That is why veterans in the betting market would often tell you to keep an eye out of the weather forecast. Keep in mind that the AFL season takes place during the winter months; hence, they are most impacted by either rain or wind. These elements could simply make a huge difference to both the playing style and level of scoring. 

When it comes to betting, a market usually affected by weather is called “Over/Under Total Score.” And since AFL has this kind of quality, your best course of action is to steer clear from betting on the overs for matches with a bad weather forecast. It is really a matter of finding the best bets for your AFL matches. 

#3. The Letter U and X

Another interesting fact you should know is that no player, at least playing in a premiership side, in the AFL has had a surname beginning with either letter U or X. In the case of the letter X, it is really a no brainer since none of the thousands of players in the league (to date) has had a surname beginning with it. It holds true that there are players in the AFL with a surname beginning with the letter U. The only catch, however, is that none of them has had the opportunity to taste what a premiership success is.

#4. Throwing the Ball is Not Allowed

Oh, yes, that is right – the AFL does not actually allow players to throw the ball. And if you think otherwise, then you certainly have little to zero knowledge about the country’s football league. However, players do have the option to either kick the ball or pass it to their teammates (i.e. hand-ball). But as far as kicking the ball in a match, it is not allowed and players will surely receive a penalty. 

#5. Multi-Cultural Population

If you check sports like basketball around the world, you would find it difficult to see a multi-cultural population. In Australia, this is a thing – the multi-cultural population is very celebrated in the country. Even AFL itself highly supports players from different cultural backgrounds. According to the league, at least 90 percent of their total players are from the indigenous community of the country, while 14 percent are coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds. That is why watching matches will make you feel comfortable and easy, especially since you get the vibe of people across the world. 

#6. How the Game Was Initially Set

Initially, AFL – or the game of Australian football in general – did not come with set playing time. The team which successfully scored at least two goals first was immediately declared the winner of a match. Apparently, though, most of these matches from the early days were easily stopped mid-way throughout the game due to fights between players, among others. But now, things have changed for the better. Matches are now being determined through a pre-set match time of 80 minutes (divided into four quarters).

There is no doubt that the AFL is one of the best leagues out there. Not only does it promote a healthy culture, but it also brings the best of sportsmanship. And while it has its own ups and downs, one can say that it is an interesting league to watch.


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