Match Report: 17.11.113 2017 - Hawthorn 17.11.113 defeated Brisbane 11.9.75

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Hawthorn Player Reports

Ryan Burton
Very effective and damaging with his disposals all day... 25 possessions and 5 marks plus 2 tackles. Playing off halfback... Marking Barrett....

Tom Mitchell
Consistent and hard at the contest all day... 36 disposals and 6 marks with 9 tackles... gave away 3 FA. Playing in the guts.

Isaac Smith
Robertson following him... 16 possessions including 11 kicks... also 3 marks... and scored 2.0. Starting on a wing....

Sore James Frawley
Spent time in the rooms in Q2... 4 marks and 12 possessions. Started with the job on Hipwood but moved onto Schache.

Sore Ben Stratton
Showing discomfort in his right knee but playing on... 3 marks and 3 disposals. Watching Keays....

Hot Daniel Howe
Huge Q1... 21 disposals and 10 marks with 3 tackles... 1.0 as well. Playing outside midfield....

Jack Gunston
Mostly sitting at half forward yet often roaming around the ground at his own will...
Gunston contributed with 15 disposals, 7 grabs, 2 tackles and managed 1.0.

Paul Puopolo
Starting deep forward... Appearing at a few centre bounces too...
Puopolo contributed with 20 possessions, 2 grabs, 8 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Injured Cyril Rioli
Knee iced up at 3QT... 1.2 from 15 disposals and 4 marks

Will Langford
Playing inside mid... responsible for Berry...
Langford added 16 touches and 5 tackles.

Shaun Burgoyne
Rotating through halfback and midfield...
Burgoyne contributed with 19 possessions, 4 marks, 4 tackles and booted 1.0.

Tim O'Brien
Starting at half forward on Gardiner
O'Brien contributed with 9 touches, 5 marks, 5 tackles, 2 hit outs and managed 2.1.

Liam Shiels
Playing through the mid in his 150th
Shiels contributed with 25 disposals, 5 marks, 8 tackles and 1.1.

Jack Fitzpatrick
Rotating between ruck and forward
Fitzpatrick contributed with 11 touches, 4 marks and 13 hit outs.

Blake Hardwick
Starting in the back pocket
Hardwick added 5 touches and 2 marks.

Ben McEvoy
Taking main ruck duties
McEvoy contributed with 18 touches, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 34 taps and managed 1.0.

Ricky Henderson
Floating on a wing...
Henderson contributed with 21 touches, 9 marks, 4 tackles and 3.1.

Luke Breust
Lining up on a HFF
Breust contributed with 19 disposals, 7 marks, 5 tackles and 1.2.

Jarryd Roughead
Starting forward
Roughead contributed with 19 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles and 2.0 on the scoreboard.

Josh Gibson
Marking Hipwood
Gibson contributed with 12 possessions, 6 marks, 2 tackles and 3 free kicks given away.

Brisbane Player Reports

Eric Hipwood
First goal... 2.2 from 10 touches and 4 marks... helped out by 3FF. Lining up at half forward with Gibson following him.

Ben Keays
Pressuring and tackling very well today... Spending time up forward with Stratton for company...
Keays contributed with 13 touches, 2 marks and 12 tackles.

Tom Bell
Lining up in the forward pocket with stints up the ground... Hodge has him...
Bell contributed with 19 disposals, 3 grabs, 3 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Jarrod Berry
Rotating midfield and forward... loosely responsible for Langford...
Berry contributed with 13 possessions, 5 grabs, 4 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Marco Paparone
9 disposals including 8 kicks... also 2 tackles... and scored 0.1

Sam Mayes
Starting on a half back flank... Extra defensive man in Q3...
Mayes added 12 possessions and 2 marks.

Luke Hodge
Taking charge across halfback... Marking Bell...
Hodge contributed with 20 disposals, 9 grabs and 7 tackles.

Harris Andrews
Starting at full back usually with Roughead...
Andrews added 11 touches and 5 grabs.

Lewis Taylor
Splitting time between wing and forward
Taylor contributed with 9 touches, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Darcy Gardiner
Starting in defence on O'Brien
Gardiner added 11 touches and 3 grabs.

Josh Walker
Holding the resting ruckman...
Walker contributed with 10 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 2.0.

Rohan Bewick
Playing on the wing today...
Bewick contributed with 13 possessions, 4 marks, 3 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Nick Robertson
Keeping Isaac Smith company
Robertson added 8 touches and 2 tackles.

Ryan Harwood
Playing across half back
Harwood contributed with 16 disposals, 5 marks and 5 tackles.

Stefan Martin
Number one ruck role...
Martin contributed with 13 disposals, 10 tackles and 63 hit outs.

Claye Beams
Started on the wing...
Beams added 9 disposals and 2 tackles.

Michael Close
Starting up forward...
Close contributed with 6 possessions, 4 tackles and 3 frees against.

Ryan Lester
Playing forward...
Lester contributed with 20 touches, 6 grabs, 8 tackles and 1.1.

Dayne Zorko
Playing inside mid
Zorko contributed with 31 touches, 11 tackles, managed 0.1 and 3 free kicks given away.

Daniel Rich
Starting midfield
Rich contributed with 22 possessions, 3 grabs and 3 tackles.