Match Report: 2014 - Richmond 1.17.13 defeated Collingwood 1.10.7

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Collingwood Player Reports

Injured Tyson Goldsack
4 disposals... right calf iced up just above the knee in Q3... said on TV coverage that it is precautionary only. Subbed off in Q3 for Marsh.

Jackson Ramsay
10 possessions and 2 marks plus 4 tackles... the only small Pie forward who looks like he wants the Heath Shaw job. Minding Shane Edwards.

Marty Clarke
14 possessions and 2 tackles... it seems nobody wants to claim that vacant HBF spot at Collingwood this year
Clarke also had 2 marks.

Alex Fasolo
Looks to be a fair way off it for fitness at this stage... 14 touches with 10 by foot... also 2 marks

Brodie Grundy
17 hit outs and 6 possessions.... also 3 FA... had a terrible Q1 and went on with it for a pants Q2

Clinton Young
Just does not get enough of it to be relevant this year... 17 touches and 5 marks.... also 2 FA

Steele Sidebottom
Quiet start... 14 disposals and 7 tackles.... also 2 marks and 0.1. Playing a role on Houli.

Jonathon Marsh
On in Q3 for Goldsack... 4 possessions and 3 marks. Started as a sub.

Jamie Elliott
0.2 from 18 disposals and 7 marks on Vlaustin... 3 tackles as well

Dane Swan
25 disposals including 14 handballs... also 3 tackles and 2 marks

Luke Ball
23 disposals and 6 tackles with 2 marks... also 0.1 and 2 FA

Ben Reid
First goal... 5.0 from 9 possessions and 5 grabs on Chaplin

Hot Scott Pendlebury
Tagged by Thomas... 29 disposals and 5 marks plus 5 tackles

Jesse White
Rance on him.. 11 disposals and 6 marks... also 2 tackles
White also had 7 ruck taps.

Brent Macaffer
Tagging Cotchin... 18 touches and 6 tackles with 4 marks

Caolan Mooney
2.1 from 9 touches and 6 tackles... 3 FA to add to that

Quinten Lynch
9 disposals... also 7 hit outs in ruck support
Lynch also had 2 tackles.

Peter Yagmoor
On in Q4... 4 touches. Started as a sub.

Tony Armstrong
Responsible for Lloyd... 7 possessions

Tom Langdon
17 possessions with 10 by hand
Langdon also had 2 marks.

Richmond Player Reports

Sam Lloyd
His chances for a R1 spot are looking pretty good on current form... 2.0 from 14 touches on Armstrong... also 2 marks and 3 tackles

Jake King
Earned some donuts in the first half to deliver to his bikie mate during the week... 7 possessions and 2 marks

Troy Chaplin
Trying to zone off Reid but getting smashed when competing with him... 14 touches and 3 tackles with 3 marks

Reece Conca
9 kicks among 16 disposals with 2 tackles... also 3 marks and 2 FA. Subbed off at HT for Miles.

Anthony Miles
On after HT for Conca... 18 disposals including 10 handballs... also 2 marks. Started as a sub.

Matt McDonough
Getting some good link work behind the centre... 13 kicks among 21 disposals with 5 marks
McDonough also had managed 1.0.

Trent Cotchin
Tagged by Macaffer... 34 disposals and 11 marks plus 2 tackles and an impressive 4.0

Cold Jake Batchelor
His one-on-ones with Reid in Q3 all went the way of his opponent... 4 possessions

Bachar Houli
Sidebottom following him around... 14 handballs among 22 disposals with 2 marks
Houli added kicked 1.0 and 3 free kicks given away.

Matt Thomas
15 disposals and 2 tackles with 2 marks plus a supergoal. Tagging Pendlebury.

Ben Griffiths
Booted 1.2 from 12 possessions and 2 marks on Brown... also 16 hit outs
Griffiths also had 2 tackles.

Hot Shaun Grigg
29 possessions including 15 by foot... 3 tackles and 5 marks as well

Nathan Foley
On very late in Q2... 14 possessions and 3 marks. Started as a sub.
Foley also had 2 tackles.

Shane Edwards
1.0 from 18 disposals and 5 marks on Ramsay... also 2 tackles

Matthew Arnot
One kick in Q1... 10 possessions and 2 tackles plus 2 marks
Arnot also had booted 0.1.

Nick Vlastuin
Starting in defence on Elliott... 23 disposals and 9 marks

Hot Dustin Martin
32 disposals and 9 marks. Starting in defence on Kennedy.

Aaron Edwards
Kicked 1.1 from 18 possessions and 7 grabs on Keeffe

David Astbury
The huge job on Cloke... 4 marks and 15 disposals

Shaun Hampson
26 hit outs and 10 possessions with 2 marks

Ricky Petterd
0.1 from 10 disposals and 2 tackles

Alex Rance
On White... 12 touches and 5 marks

Brandon Ellis
20 touches and 9 marks plus 0.1

Steven Morris
20 disposals and 5 marks