Match Report: 16.8.104 2013 - St Kilda 16.8.104 defeated Melbourne 10.9.69

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St Kilda Player Reports

Jimmy Webster
On as concussion sub for McEvoy in Q2... 9 possessions... eventually on for McEvoy for good in Q3. Started as a sub.
Webster also had 3 marks.

Jarryn Geary
27 disposals and 5 marks with 3 tackles plus 1.0... lots of stats in second half junk time. Minding Davey.

Nick Riewoldt
Booted 3.1 from 21 possessions and 10 grabs on McDonald... had a very productive Q3... also 2 tackles

Tom Simpkin
Responsible for Kent... 9 touches and 3 marks. A left hookjaw of Dawes in Q2 will get weeks.

Leigh Montagna
35 possessions and 9 marks with 5 tackles and 1.0... massive Q1 and had 20 touches to half time

Brodie Murdoch
11 possessions and 3 tackles with 3 marks. Late replacement for Sam Fisher.

Seb Ross
Head to head with Matt Jones in Q1... 18 possessions and 3 marks plus 1.0
Ross also had 2 tackles.

Sam Dunell
17 possessions and 4 tackles with 8 marks.... also 0.2. Following Byrnes.

Justin Koschitzke
2.1 from 7 disposals on Pedersen... also 5 hit outs and 2 FA
Koschitzke also had 2 marks.

Trent Dennis-Lane
1.0 from 13 disposals and 4 marks with 4 tackles on Garland

Dylan Roberton
13 disposals and 7 marks plus 0.1. Standing Watts.

Dean Kent
1.0 from 8 possessions and 1 tackles on Simpkin
Kent also had 2 grabs.

Sean Dempster
19 disposals and 7 marks plus 1.0. Has Blease.
Dempster also had 2 tackles.

Terry Milera
1.0 from 23 possessions and 7 marks on Terlich

David Armitage
24 touches and 5 tackles... also 1.0 and 3 FA

Melbourne Player Reports

Colin Garland
Had a pretty good game under the circumstances... 28 possessions and 9 marks with 3 tackles. Playing back on Dennis-Lane.

Chris Dawes
Gwilt sitting on him... no touches in Q1... 1.0 from 4 possessions. Subbed off at 3QT for Nicholson.

Jake Spencer
27 hit outs and 15 possessions with 6 marks. Reported for front on contact with McEvoy in Q2.
Spencer also had 2 tackles.

Hot Dean Terlich
28 possessions including 16 by foot... also 7 marks and 3 tackles. Running off Milera.

Nathan Jones
Head to head with Dal Santo... 23 possessions and 3 tackles with 6 marks... also 1.0

Matt Jones
Head to head with Ross then moved to Steven in Q2... 19 possessions and 5 marks
Jones also had 0.1 on the scoreboard.

David Rodan
Head to head with Steven... 17 touches and 5 tackles plus 0.1

Shannon Byrnes
1.1 from 17 disposals and 5 marks on Dunell... also 3 tackles

Aaron Davey
12 disposals and 3 tackles with 2 marks on Geary

Tom McDonald
Following Riewoldt... 17 possessions and 8 marks

Cameron Pedersen
17 disposals and 7 marks. Standing Koschitzke.

Daniel Nicholson
On after QT for Dawes. Started as a sub.
Nicholson contributed with 8 disposals, 3 grabs and 0.1 on the scoreboard.