Chat Log: R13, St Kilda 16.8.104 d Melbourne 10.9.69

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RooBoyStu: if Demons play better without Neeld, every player should be fined 20k for tanking for 18 months
OnTheRocks: hope Saints bring Webster on early :(
bobby98: already one upset this round anubody feeling one?
mrpotato: Would love to see melbourne win today
liverpool: dees have a chance,when another team supports a rape ist it messes with ya mind :/
N_Riewoldt: dw put the big c on me
Demons15: Come on dees. pull out an upset.
liverpool: dees have never tanked it was called a hybrid of tanking by afl ;)
liverpool: hybrid costs you 500k which they will never pay.unless we can see the bank accounts with a transaction stating this
OnTheRocks: spud for Kosi please Monty
Rockafella: two so far Bobby, Hawks last night as well
liverpool: 250 games for the naked guys Roo & Del :D
WrightMan: I got Montagna as C i am relying on him
rooboypete: no upset today please... Oh, and NRoo have a blinder too
nostrdamus: l wonder if the "new coach syndrome" will happen today
liverpool: Montagna was part of the Milne saga change the C
WrightMan: N_Riewoldt Are you running late to the game better get there quick Jks
NoneyaB: st fail to beat melbgone leap frog brisbane where brisbane will stay for the rest of the year
mattbalmer: Dawes for first goal, after i've picked Roughie and Tippett today, though im not confident.
RooBoyStu: Gilbert has brought his camera for Dal Santo's and Riewoldt's 250th
Grazz: Congrats to Port Fans huge win. Need you to kick Ten Roo.
N_Riewoldt: carn roo
WrightMan: Farren Ray who woud of Picked it
Sydney14: Kosi
liverpool: game over im calling it when kozi takes marks
masterhc2: worrying signs early for dees 3 goals in 5 mins
RooBoyStu: proves it wasn't Neeld it's Melbourne, they don't have the cattle
scaledup: this is going to be bad
Bort: wake up mont
nostrdamus: Port fans will have to get out their good Moccasins for a night on the town
mijg: Carn Mcdonald keep Nick to 3 goals
HawkTalker: well, this game's sure to be excitement plus. Why am I here? lol FMSC, FMDT, FML!
masterhc2: lovely stuff by the sick kent
Grazz: @nostra Dudge just left here to buy a new pair of Mochasons haha Black ones.
N_Riewoldt: carn roo
Sydney14: clisby already melbournes best player :p
liverpool: dees scored they are trying now they have a new coach :P
jpk2goodes: muppet for dempster
nostrdamus: Grazz tell him to get the matching black beanie too
PieBoy: onya jonesy
9294eagles: jumped on clisby so could afford barlow, go boy only need 1 good week out of you
Grazz: P.S don't knock the Mochason i have a pair haha and i drink West End "Dont hate on me" haha
Ferog: How many times do Champion Data change the B/E formula per year.
Grazz: @nostra no need he has a few already.
nostrdamus: l love my moccies too
salver11: Kent kicked the goal but has no points!!
Hodgeey: Whats the BE formula Atm?
Ferog: RE: Supercoach.
a1trader: N Riewoldt capt + Dawes - 100 each please
Torpedo10: Hello Everyone, Fantasy been going good for everyone or not? Birch :/
Grazz: Whike their fluffy haha then you have to get new ones.
RooBoyStu: so glad i picked up don small goods Dal Santo a few weeks ago when he was cheap
Sydney14: you better score big today mcevoy, no reason why you cant
PieBoy: put webster on the ground ffs
sainter11: Koz - big one from you, show them while you're still worth it
Grazz: @Torp Dont have him in SC but DT not happy.
nostrdamus: l dont even want to check Torp
Bort: terlich always starts well. finishes worse than martin
masterhc2: joey lovely, my vc this week
Torpedo10: Lucky Grazz. Don't Nostra.
Grazz: Man up you blokes go check you know you have to at some stage lol, your coaches be proud bahahaha
WrightMan: Yes montagna your my c come on
N_Riewoldt: cmon roo
danmaio: cmon Nroo, brought you in this week for a reason,
Torpedo10: Grazz, you know you're taking 2 zero's this week?
luvfooty: Hey Grazz how are you?
Grazz: @torp yeh i do mate rnd 13 was always going to be an issue but i'll come out of the bye's swinging.
Grazz: Hello LF hope your having a good B/Day weekend. To scared to look at SC haha
WrightMan: Where is that spud that told me to switch my captain from montagna
meziare: anyone watching...where is Clisby playing?
luvfooty: Yeah I'm having a good one on the bourbs already your SC is going ok
N_Riewoldt: carn rooo
luvfooty: I have to decide whether to take Hacks VC score or not since you have Griffen as C
masterhc2: ahh dam it looks like i should have given joey the c instead of barlow, oh well still hope he guns it
circle52: Hy Grazz, Topr and Luv - Ringo here Sad I do not have a dee or Saint in my SC team
Sydney14: ffs mcevoy, you've been shower recently, get a move on. spencer is beating you
luvfooty: *Jacks
Sydney14: knew clisby would slay it when i chose wilson
luvfooty: Hey Ringo I have Terlich but only in DT
RooBoyStu: Neeld all smiles on a Thailand beach
circle52: Yes Luv - Jack with 122 is that awkward score - would be tempted to take it - Bird in the hand.
N_Riewoldt: tink i need to go to flower
poeticking: why would you even have mcevoy???
wolfheart: the tiprats partner in crime is my DTs latest addition. Keep it up, Joey.
a1trader: is Dawes playing?
luvfooty: Yeah that's what makes it hard because I have heaps of other good options
tracygrims: i would definitely take 122 as captain this round..
Grazz: @LF you'll get hate mal soon if you keep flogging me. I'l give you this oe for your Birthday haha. Im so sincere lol
tracygrims: tell me which player averages more than 122 this round?
a1trader: just got 4 points so must be.....
wolfheart: Clisby is gonna be a popular pick if he can keep his spot - cheap backs are rare.
Grazz: Mail
Affliction: nice bit of junk their from montagna to end the qtr
masterhc2: jesus montagna killing it keep it up joey
HawkTalker: come on, terlich. tonne up today, big dude
wolfheart: me too. I am still tossing up whether to take Nicnat's 114
tracygrims: i wish thurlow got a few more games and clisby would be a great downgrade
Grazz: )ne sorry LF about the spelling to many Jack's, Father in laws B/Day and my youngest (20) this weekend and yours of lol
WrightMan: Montagna as c should I take a bow
RooBoyStu: wheres the cape for Montagna?
Springyboy: cape montagna
sainter11: Cape joey
buddyboyz: cape for montagna
masterhc2: flower lol joey is my vice. oh well will still get a nice score
mjdub: Put N. Roo as captain, seriously regretting that one
mjdub: Put N. Roo as captain, seriously regretting that one already
RooBoyStu: quick for roughead but delayed for joey
tracygrims: I think nicnats 114 is in the awkward zone this week..
N_Riewoldt: dw roo will kick5
Affliction: 58 is the highest 1st qtr score i've seen this season
deekay: monty! nice captain choice :)
tracygrims: @masterhc2 you dont know how to captainloophole?
Grazz: How bad is my grammar!!!
N_Riewoldt: roo 14 sc u kidding
froggy47: where is the rowboat?
muntedmyke: Joey captain. Beautiful. Clisby is a broken hill boy!
masterhc2: @tracygrims in dt mate where theres no loophole
Demons15: different coach, same shower.
luvfooty: Terlich making it very hard atm to trade him out in DT
Heizenberg: Clisby sc please
N_Riewoldt: clisby 24
RooBoyStu: just shows, dont sack the senior coach, sack the skills coach and recruiters first
Heizenberg: Thanks n roo
Bort: terlich loves it early but will disappear eventually
N_Riewoldt: dw guys roo once got a 99 from 15 at ht
dms774: Grazz: Is she unwell? lol jk
Dangeroo: hey monty, is there a way to access past qtr by qtr scores?
berniebern: Do it for Steve, Leigh
Pavalinco: Is Milne of flowering someone
Dangeroo: found it nvm
deco: @Dangeroo You can get pasy qxq scores if you just get the match id and paste it in the url of a quarter scores page
HawkTalker: you love it early, bort
HawkTalker: pretty low thing to say pavalinco. get some class
Drak: deflowering pavalinco... deflowering
Dangeroo: just in the archive, much easier deco. cheers though
slipknot_4: Bort definitely loves it early
N_Riewoldt: i still think roo will get 130+
danmaio: cmon roo, ffs, first game for me
buddyboyz: is it just me or are the scores not working?
Bort: good one guys
Dangeroo: glad thurlow was out otherwise i would've picked up roo. upgraded to ellis instead
buddyboyz: oh there we go
windigo24: Has Kosi knocked out roo or something. -_-
MudDawg: Nice going Stanly.
Sydney14: lift mcevoy you flowering spud
Springyboy: cmon dees kick straight
Bort: good job terlich
windigo24: Roo free & lining up.
coondambo: clisby's playing well, so knowing melbourne he will be used as a forward tagger soon
N_Riewoldt: here we goo boys
bigpens: Is Milne umpiring? Cos they are raping melb
N_Riewoldt: good one bigpens
danmaio: dont stop terlich
Bort: terlich disappeared...shocking
danmaio: happy for Terlich to get be and bit of cash, and becomes a premo next week
oldsalty: @Bort seriously mate, really? the blokes on 35 with 9.5 mins left
RooBoyStu: Arthur from the Footy Show wants to challenge Dal Santo to see who's bigger lol
HawkTalker: the terlich express has again turned into stopping all stations, right on schedule
Heizenberg: C'mon dees have you at the line
slipknot_4: Terlich doing well you spud
oldsalty: all u pups bagging terlich have no flowerin idea, u expect 100's when he averages 73. D7
N_Riewoldt: first time nickdal wont avg 100 in sc history
gambler: 2 of the worst skilled sides on display right here
luvfooty: Spencer going on a holiday
Sydney14: please dont get subbed mcevoy
N_Riewoldt: thats it gambler im on hawktalker side now
windigo24: garland is playing out of his skin
luvfooty: Exactly oldsalty Terlich a great bench option
mijg: Not expecting it but if Terlich could out score Nick I would be a happy man
bigpens: Lift clisby ffs
PieBoy: onya jonesy
hardballge: Why would u have Terl on bench? dead cash, swap 4 premo and have spud on bench
gambler: be reasonable N_Roo. very few players on the park right now can hit the side of a barn door from 30
danmaio: dees no rucks next week, maybe more run, it wont matter
Dangeroo: Joey did get the highest 1st qtr score this year, next best is 56 twice and then 55 twice
Torpedo10: @bigpens are you seriously pushing a first gamer when he is probably going to score 80?
luvfooty: Why have a spud on the bench when you an have a great bench option that lays every week
hardballge: get your money on the ground
luvfooty: *plays
PieBoy: cmon webster
oldsalty: my terls as E v ur spud rookie on bench ...... lol
danmaio: if you have 2 350 k players, one on the bench, better to have a 500k player on park, and 150k on pines
IWantPie: guyd watching im not watchni gthe game - did McEvoy duck into the bump deliberately?
wolfheart: is bartel playing tomorrow?
gambler: who would you trade Terlich to if you cant swap him into mids?
slipknot_4: you watching this Bort
slipknot_4: you watching this Bort??
oldfart: jake spencer reported not jake fitzpatrick
danmaio: is roo coming on in 2nd half
PieBoy: onya spencey - got webster on
1pistol7: how many will clisby play?
WrightMan: Where is that guy that said terlich was a spud cause he is on target for 100 jokes on u
frenzy: birchal to clisby
Sydney14: Please get back out there McEvoy
lozdaleg: wow riewoldt
old_shepp: Any chance Montagna will be held accountable ???
bobby98: Lift Riewoldt
gambler: look away for 2 min and Terlich gets like +20. Him or Goodes for D6 until finals?
IWantPie: Terlich is an amazing player. Remember - he plays for the worst team in the league. Imagine him in a top 4 team
windigo24: pretty sure Roo had a +6 near the end?
luvfooty: @Frenzy it's tempting atm lol
mattbalmer: Simpkin should get months, not weeks!!
RooBoyStu: I really feel for Fitzroy supporters as Melbourne get more chances than a cat to rebuild. Disgraceful AFL.
The Bomber: Gawn is playing PNG
RooBoyStu: Dawes dived after that hit
sasquatch9: RooBoyStu, Dees had 3members and a huge debt...learn something about every side my son
sasquatch9: Fitzroy sorry, 3000 members...never gonna ake it back
RooBoyStu: mate im 34 know a lot, i'm no teenager, i was alive during the Fitzroy debacle
sasquatch9: If Simpkin had the power of Barry Hall, he'd be out 10 weeks.
essendon-4: missed a kick for roo and a mark!
RooBoyStu: there wont be another Melbourne rebuild if this one fails
sasquatch9: Well, if you know football and business, Dees were $5m in debt three years ago, wiped it off b4 Stynes died...
buddyboyz: any saints supporters know when hayes is coming back?
sasquatch9: RooBoy, Dees will be around alot longer than the Roos...Money my friend
Jukes82: Terlich is a good fantasy player becuase he doen't man up at all, shower player in general. Gets flogged by 1/2 decent opp
sasquatch9: Do you guys watch football or watch the fanfooty page? Terlich is a gun...great future...
IWantPie: Sorry Jukes your either hateful of blind - Terlich is a great telent. As a Magpie supporter I'd have him in our team
sasquatch9: IWantPie-hope the Pies don't take him...i know he'd rather be there...these supporters like Jukes don't watch football
krakka: Terlich is yet another product from the AFL factory that is the Norwood Football Club!
nugget1: Terlich is a beast, go away Juke
nugget1: Is anyone else's game stuck in pre-game???
RooBoyStu: match status says pre-match wtf? lol
RooBoyStu: sasquatch9 no way mate
Sydney14: lift fanfooty
Mash: that's possibly the worst free i've ever seen
buddyboyz: monty the site keeps crashing
danmaio: Nroo 2 very lucky goals, i will take the points
Munza: flowering game turning into netball, how soft was that
OnTheRocks: now that you're on Webster get that pill!
Sydney14: watts spud
nugget1: Joey Montagna would have been a good pick up earlier this year
nugget1: Remember the days manner used to b a gun?
masterhc2: @nugget got him round 6, has been a gun for me. jump on
pcmaniman: webster grab a 40 and you have done your job
nugget1: Magner*
gambler: italian soccer player dive from watts
essendon-4: roo 26 points alreadt this qtr yeah! keep going
cashcow: before melbourne were crap, now they're crap and angry
auxDT: still tipping for webster to outscore birch
nugget1: @master: nicely done buddy
Morts54: Dees dont work hard enough off the ball
spudaroos: Whats Clisby's playing time gonna be like?
frenzy: Lol @ cashcow
danmaio: would love a double ton up from Terlich and Nroo, comon guys ,
luvfooty: McEvoy is now officially subbed out
hardballge: finally playing Watts in position, he will learn to take the heat and be way better off in future
danmaio: Surely Josh Saunders is better than half these spuds Watters, you muppet
RooBoyStu: can we put the tombstone next to the Melbourne Demons name? lol
Bort: lol webster
cashcow: melbourne are so soft in contests. it's not lack of strength, they don't even want to attack the contests
HawkTalker: In Q1, Dawes led up the ground, marked the ball, turned and kicked to a leading player. I've never seen him do that.
Kenny27: Nroo killing it this qtr
N_Riewoldt: Told ya boys 40points in 15 mins
essendon-4: yes roo! flower amazing qtr and 10 mins to go ! took the C off him last 10 mins
N_Riewoldt: Cape please Monty
Dangeroo: roo was on 35 right?
gambler: eddi: "People from Adelaide all have mullets"
danmaio: 35 at half time
cdrobert: start dishing the spuds monty
OnTheRocks: c'mon supersub Webster
Bort: where ya gone terlich? hahaha
Fonz99: 51 points in 16 minutes, thats crazy
N_Riewoldt: C'mon m0nty cape please
danmaio: right there bort
luvfooty: There's Terlich
Dangeroo: biggest qtr i've seen this year was about 62, by birchall in his 151 game. scored 123 in a half but don't know exact
gambler: Terlich handball and tackle not paid 3 min ago in the middle
nugget1: Sit doown Bort
cashcow: jones muppet for that kick surely.
N_Riewoldt: CaRN too
N_Riewoldt: CaRN roo
RooBoyStu: flower you Mcevoy as useful as a nun at a brothel.
Bort: omg 1 touch, you guys got me...
gambler: @ Dangeroo, pretty sure bull Martin has had 2 60 point qtrs this year
Kromedome: never doubted you n roo champ
preki1: dont stop montagna. squeeze every point you can.
N_Riewoldt: I told youse that roo will still get to 130
nugget1: Bort on track for a 90 odd score......I think he's doin OK
Kenny27: where's the cape sir monty
gambler: RooBoyStu, what if you have a nun fetish? McEvoy still more useless
Dangeroo: I'll check it, only had a quick look so unsure but I'll dig a little more
N_Riewoldt: C'mon m0nty cape
RooBoyStu: kenny27 cape still on roughead
Rrgj: surely cape for roo
gambler: @N_Riewold, i'm worried because you guys play Hawks and Swans in DT finals R1&2. Get him in anyway?
nugget1: Isn't it a cape m0nty?
blairz dt!: C on roo! I'm breathing again now!
Kenny27: it was a cape ten mins ago lol
m0nty: the numbers at half time were a bit wonky, no capes this quarter
RooBoyStu: m0nty never uses the cape unless hawthorn
Dangeroo: biggest qtr for martin was a 53, few rounds back
Jurahscouz: i have monty as captain and roo in my team both are uniques... YES!!! back in the game.
Morts54: Roo only 71sc
Grazz: Roo cape
danmaio: roo may of actually been 41 at half time
gambler: @Dangeroo, incorrect: was on 60 at qtr time last week against crows
RooBoyStu: if roo cracks the ton this quarter surely cape
nugget1: Okey dokey monty, thanks mate
N_Riewoldt: CaRN roo at least 115 sc
luvfooty: Wow Terlich is doing so crap really wish I didn't have him
RooBoyStu: who thinks riewoldt deserves a cape say I
vachina: this game is riewoldting
preki1: i liked how the game's all about roo and no one gives a shower about dal santo
Drak: im baffled as to how montagna has 120. Im watching the game and havent seen him.....
preki1: is that because his dick's too small
nugget1: Yeah I know, Bort, u were right, he really is crap
RobHarves: mare for melbourne and I am not talking robert doyle
Bort: when did i say he was crap? said he had gone missing
rosty63: who gives a rats about the cape ffs
lenzskiii: mcevoy makes me sick! just put the useless lump down!
geordst3r: nothing is going to save melbourne sorry
Dangeroo: 55 in the archive. meant 56 not 53 btw
gambler: Terlich makes his BE. putting his case forward for a D6/D7 position in a good team
nugget1: Wait no sorry Bort, I meant that other guy..
frenzy: well sacking the coach worked demons...that's a winner
runt: Riewoldt deserves a mask and the cape simply because he was superman and zorro rolled into one that 1/4
gingjok: Come on mOnty ya can't!! Roo deserves a cape in his 250th
nugget1: Soz Bort, I meant the guy who said he was a crap defender in general
luvfooty: @gambler it's between Terlich,Goodes and Vlastuin for me
daniel87: are we all fools not to have joey only one percent of us smart enough to have him
rosty63: friggin kindergarten
lenzskiii: like paul roos would coach this mob... id rather coach a local team
gambler: when will Melb realize that any human being they put in as coach wont be able to turn around the toxic culture in 1 year
Kromedome: same @luvfooty
zadow757: melbourne replace a shower coach with another shower coach lol
Kenny27: The cape lives, Hooray for Monty hooray at last Hooray for Monty he's a ...
rosty63: @daniel87 been a good day woohoo
runt: Time has come for Milne to do a streak, protesting his innocence
nugget1: Canapé
nugget1: Caaaape
hardballge: big 4q from Roo, got the V on him
essendon-4: cmon roo 120!
lubby: @daniel87 got him a 6 weeks ago :) C today
lenzskiii: rowboats club
runt: I'd be more than happy with 100 from Terlich
daniel87: congrats at Lubby
liverpool: rowboats are evil ;)
cusch1: terlich always seems to get robbed in supercoach
daniel87: and rosty tenjoyed today immensly
lenzskiii: ynwa
N_Riewoldt: Feeling king have terlich and roo and my bestfriend/ most hated rival pop dont
daniel87: back in the 8 rosty now we push for the 4
luvfooty: shower learn how to mark the ball Watts
liverpool: :D YNWA unless your Milne
rosty63: bring it on
daniel87: clisby looks allright but what do you guys think his js is
Dangeroo: byrnes had a 62, evans with a 60 point qtr
HawkTalker: come on terlich. Ton up, you good thing
HawkTalker: and stay down, del santo.
Sloan4Pres: wish i didn't miss the terlich boat :(
OnTheRocks: you're rubbish Webster
WrightMan: Who said Terlich would never get 100
Sloan4Pres: should i upgrade Birchall to Terlich this week?
runt: Come on Steven hit the Ton
daniel87: 7 and 5 rosty if only we had beatean the bulldogs we be right in the mix now for top 4
lozdaleg: lift jones
flagdog49: Terlich 120 in Rnd 8
RooBoyStu: you better score 100 in SC don small good dal santo
johnkay: Geez the guys at champion data are infuriating. Terlich is only on 65 SC
Morts54: 76 Johnkay
Tomk314: terlich sc is shower
bombrblitz: Terlich has butchered it
DirtyDawn: any gossip from this game lads?
johnkay: Sorry at 3/4 time
PieBoy: do it sloaney
rosty63: im hearing ya daniel87
HawkTalker: thanks a lot turdlich
JobeyOne: how the hell is riewoldt on such low supercoach. doesnt make sense. taken some great marks and kicked 3 goals
Morts54: Roo only 83sc
bombrblitz: My opponent ha Montagna captain
Rrgj: stiff sc for big roo
nugget1: BTG hiilarious
Drak: coz he is a sook jobey. -50sc points
HawkTalker: ouch bomberblitz
runt: Come on Steven
Dangeroo: bartel with a 64 point qtr
Kenny27: power weak qtr by saints
DirtyDawn: 8 more terl's come on mate, do it for dawn
Dangeroo: i ceebs looking through the rest
runt: Melbourne's problem is too many computers in the coaches box
johnkay: Craigie's Demons? Best loss this year?
Daddsy321: dont choke now terlich
RooBoyStu: Dal Santo :D
WrightMan: @bomberblitz I have him as captain
danmaio: cmon roo and terlich, another 25 pls
Morts54: Potato time
frenzy: stay down webster, can't have you beating birchalls score
lubby: @wrightman so do i
cdrobert: spuds
Morts54: $ for Webster
runt: Something very wrong today, nobody has abused me?
Dangeroo: monty loves puttimg the spud on dunn, so good
Spite: i love you runt
masterhc2: nice to see toumpas show something. future is not too bleak for the dees
Dangeroo: forgot about rodan monty!
wadaramus: Shut up runt.
Morts54: Both Dunn and Pedersen have broken their BE, but yes they are spuds
N_Riewoldt: Go roo another goal
WrightMan: @lubb Yeah why wouldn't u the big mids always perform vs melbourne
Rrgj: ban runt
runt: That's better
Rrgj: Runt needs to be banned monty
runt: Only been banned 5 times. This is a record. 2 days and no ban
m0nty: back on the game please
danmaio: will afl relax rules for saints players who cross wrists after scoring a goal?
masterhc2: great stuff terlich and joey, love it
runt: @Rrgj thanks
danmaio: well done runt
N_Riewoldt: Go roo
runt: Go Steven crack the ton
danmaio: cmon terlich, well done, bit of junk time left
N_Riewoldt: Roo get to 117
Dangeroo: i propose that monty spud all of hawthorn if they lose to geelong again
matthius: geez riewoldt gets flowerked over in sc scores
Ferog: Roo junktime after first 1/4
Pavalinco: Nice Terpsichore
DirtyDawn: 1 more terls you hot sausage you!!
Ferog: Turdlicker you beauty.
runt: terlich bad luck
Ferog: @Dangeroooooo I agree.
danmaio: tonned up, well done terlich
Pavalinco: What the flower is Terpsichore
runt: terlick trips the ton
N_Riewoldt: Damn 1 spot off the png 2 games in a row
ConnorZ1: garland 148
N_Riewoldt: C'mon cd upscale roo and terlich
frenzy: birchal to clisby
hardballge: come on sc scores
coondambo: no spud for dawes?