Match Report: Clinton - Fremantle 2.3.9 defeated St Kilda 2.15.7

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St Kilda Player Reports

Hot David Armitage
With no Ball and maybe no Hayes he should start the season strongly... 26 possessions and 5 marks with 3 tackles and a bonus 1.2

Sam Gilbert
Is he a lead-up forward? Coach Lyon and fantasy coaches are wondering... 24 disposals and 7 marks

Sore Brett Peake
Copped one in the schnozz in Q2 but it wasn't too bad... 11 touches and 3 marks with 5 tackles

Justin Koschitzke
Used sparingly with Silvagni on him... 1.0 from 3 grabs and 4 touches then subbed off in Q3

Jarryn Geary
Minded Walters... scored a supergoal plus 2.0 from 19 disposals and 8 marks with 4 tackles

Steven Baker
Locked into a back pocket with a better preseason than 09... 26 possessions and 8 marks
Baker also had 2 tackles.

Stephen Milne
Enjoyed himself in a Saints win as he often does... 4.1 from 12 possessions and 4 marks

Injured Lenny Hayes
Head to head with Hasleby... picked up a right calf problem in Q2... subbed off in Q3
Hayes added 8 disposals and 2 tackles.

Adam Schneider
First goal... Broughton on him.. 2.1 from 20 touches with 6 marks and 3 tackles

Dylan Roberton
Still an outside chance for rookie elevation... 12 possessions and 6 marks
Roberton also had 2 tackles.

Steven Gaertner
Impressive but hard to get into this team.. 15 disposals and 5 marks

Leigh Montagna
Tagged by Ibbotson... 20 touches and 5 tackles with 3 marks
Montagna also had 4 frees against.

Sam Fisher
Saints worked to get him loose... 7 marks and 14 touches
Fisher also had 2 ruck taps.

Jason Gram
A supergoal among his 3.1 from 22 possessions

Paul Cahill
Started as a substitute... subbed on in Q3
Cahill added 2 touches and 2 grabs.

Will Johnson
Started as a substitute... subbed on in Q3
Johnson also had 1 touches.

Steven King
11 hit outs and 12 disposals with 4 marks

Luke Miles
7 possessions in limited TOG

Fremantle Player Reports

Hot Paul Duffield
Demands to be picked in your side... 26 possessions and 6 marks with 6 tackles and 0.2 trying for supergoals

Clancee Pearce
Shocker of a game puts into question his elevation chances... 11 possessions and 3 marks with 3 tackles

Adam McPhee
Rather anonymous with no effect on the game... 11 possessions and 6 tackles with 5 marks
McPhee also had 2 ruck taps.

Matthew Pavlich
A supergoal in Q3... Dawson on him... 1.1 from 6 possessions with 3 marks and 3 tackles

Roger Hayden
Started as a substitute... subbed on in Q3... 9 touches plus 1.1 creeping forward
Hayden added 2 marks and 2 tackles.

Kepler Bradley
Started as #1 ruck in the absence of Sandilands... 6 hit outs and 16 possessions

Steven Dodd
His opponent was Lynch... subbed off at half time... 9 disposals and 5 marks

Stephen Hill
Played as loose man in defence... 14 disposals and 4 marks with 4 tackles

Paul Hasleby
Head to head with Hayes... 12 handballs among 19 disposals with 4 marks

Ryan Murphy
Stick a fork in him Murphy is done... 1.0 from 3 grabs and 5 disposals

Injured Clayton Hinkley
Knock to a shoulder in Q2 and subbed off at half time... 5 possessions

Nick Suban
Has looked terrible all preseason... 6 possessions and 3 marks

Anthony Morabito
A supergoal in Q3... 1.1 from 14 possessions and 7 marks

Michael Johnson
Started as a substitute... subbed on in Q3... 3 touches

Michael Walters
Multiple 50m penalties ruined his SC score... 2 touches

Byron Schammer
Has had a poor preseason... 10 possessions and 6 marks
Schammer also had managed 0.1.

Nat Fyfe
Needs more time... no score from 7 possessions
Fyfe added 2 marks and 3 tackles.

Zac Dawson
Minded Pavlich... 6 marks and 17 touches

Garrick Ibbotson
Tagged Montagna... 16 possessions
Ibbotson also had 2 marks.