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Trade advice: replacement for Nick Stevens

A fan writes:

Hey mate, great site

Im wondering if i could have your advice on a trade i need to make?

With Nick Stevens injury i am looking for constitant 90+ Dream teamer. I have narrowed my options down to Daniel Kerr or Paul Hasleby. Considering if i choose Hasleby i wil have 109 grand in the bank while with Kerr i only have 79 grand.

Which player would you consider the best or is there someone else im overlooking?


Paul Hasleby has spent the last two years sucking for fantasy purposes. Yes, I know he has been struggling with injury, and yes, I know that he has enjoyed his first uninterrupted preseason since his years averaging 90+. I still can’t trust him to carve it up, especially compared to a proven star like Daniel Kerr. Kerr has been the main beneficiary of the absence of Ben Cousins this year in fantasy pointscoring terms, and he’s far more reliable than Hasleby. I have heard it said that Hasleby scores more than usual when Fremantle is losing, though I don’t have firm figures on that. I don’t think Freo is going to lose a whole lot more this season, so take the Haze at your peril.

For around about Nick Stevens‘ price, I’d also look at Andrew Carrazzo, Steven Salopek, Adam Simpson and Jordan Lewis.

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