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Trade advice: BJ or Browndog?

crow87 from the BigFooty forums writes:

This week I’m looking at J. Brown, he has more than likely bottomed out in price and I need to get rid of N. Brown from Richmond (I’m over it lol). I’m also looking at Simon Black for Luke Power, which I’m a little surer on but do you think Black is worth getting rid of? He scores 80s-90s but never really hits great heights, even with his 39 disposal game rnd1.
I’m considering Brad Johnson instead of Brown but this would be next week as I think he will drop this week. I would really like BJ, perhaps more than Brown but both would obviously be nice. Price is not an issue.
Also, Gilbee for Raines or Mattner?
After these 4 trades I will settle for a long time bar any long-term injuries.
Thanks heaps

I would certainly trade out Nathan G. Brown. I admire your stamina at holding onto him for this long, crow87, but he’s not worth keeping. As for whether Jonathan Brown is worth picking up, I don’t think so. Too many teams have correctly identified that there’s nobody else worth matching up on in the Lions forward line now that Daniel Bradshaw is gone for the season, so the Browndog is having to contend with two, three or sometimes four defenders at every contest. His scores had also been flattened out at the start of the season due to Brown’s slow recovery from previous injury, but even if he’s 100%, he’s not going to dominate like he used to when the Lions were winning premierships. Brad Johnson is a far better prospect: he shares a forward line with viable options like Robert Murphy, Luke Darcy, Shaun Higgins and Matthew Robbins, all of whom draw defenders away to leave BJ one-on-one with the fullback.

Simon Black is quality, and I’ve heard in a couple of places that Luke Power‘s role has changed this year at the Lions to less of an on-ball role so I’d lay off him. Sideways trades like that are a waste of a trade anyway, in my opinion.

As for Lindsay Gilbee, I am amazed that I’m the only EliteDre@mTe@mer with him, he was one of the first picked in my team this year. Andrew Raines was also in my 22 at the start of the year but that was a mistake since he’s not a reliable fantasy player. If you can upgrade Raines or Martin Mattner to Gilbee, pull the trigger now.

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