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Trade advice: Marc Murphy

Jase84 writes:

Hey guys, I have a total of 13 trades left for the season. I want to know whether or nor I should keep Marc Murphy or get rid of him. Money isn’t really an issue with plenty of cash cows.

Marc Murphy should be the least of your problems. He is averaging 79, which is about what he averaged last year. His price did go down this week but it is $700 up for the year, which in DT terms means it’s pretty much flat.

You may be thinking that that is not good enough, but you have 30 positions on your roster and only 20 trades, so that means that you need a large number of players to be completely dependable every week. All fantasy sides need at least a handful of players who might not have the potential to be superstars, but they can be relied upon to put in 22 solid games. Murphy is one of these: a set-and-forget type of player. Keep him in your lineup and forget about him… worry about your other positions.

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