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Trade advice: gun defender

Every so often when someone emails me for advice – email m0nty aaat fanfooty dooot com dooot au (that’s m0nty with a zero instead of an o) – I’ll post my opinion for all to see. Today, the_insid3r writes:

hi mate

I’m wondering if I could have your opinion please?

I have $342k in the bank and I need a “gun” defender.
I am looking at players like McLeod, Carrazzo or Jacobs. They all avg roughly around the 95-100 DT point per game.

Which player would you consider to be the best option?

thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated 🙂

A lot of backs at the top end of your price range are worth the money: Andrew McLeod, Adam McPhee, Lindsay Gilbee, Andrew Carrazzo and Tarkyn Lockyer are all backing up their price tag. Of those, I would go youth every time so that puts McLeod and Lockyer out. Either Carrots or McPhee would be excellent. I’d be wary of Danny Jacobs, his form has been highly erratic so I’d hold off on him.

If you want to take more of a chance, you could try Joel Bowden, if you think his worst weeks are behind him, or punt on whether Tadgh Kennelly can back up his early form. And of course, if you haven’t got Jed Adcock or Nathan Bock, you need to get on those trains before they’ve left the station entirely.

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