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The first IX: NAB Round 1 wrap

NAB Round 1 wrap

The first nine of 18 games in 18 days threw up plenty of fantasy interest.

Every team has played once now across the last nine days. Here’s a distillation of the games and what they mean for individual players:

LOCK means get this champion into your team right now and leave him there.
BUY means strongly consider buying this bloke for your salary cap squad.
WATCH means I think this joker has some promise, but we need more data from subsequent games to draw conclusions.
HOLD means I expect this dude to hold his average and thus not accumulate fantasy cash.
SELL means rack this drongo off your team tout suite.

Premium backs:
Heath Shaw 52/48 SELL

Mid-price backs:
Matt Suckling 77/61 WATCH
David Swallow 88/78 HOLD
Elliot Yeo 72/69 HOLD
Taylor Duryea 50/46 SELL
Shaun Atley 37/35 SELL

Cheap backs:
Alexis Georgiou 70/60 BUY
Luke McDonald 66/52 BUY
Brodie Martin 58/75 WATCH
Tony Armstrong 70/63 SELL
Marty Clarke 53/55 SELL
Peter Yagmoor 46/39 SELL

Premium mids:
Gary Ablett jnr 92/139 LOCK
Brent Stanton 96/72 BUY
Tom Liberatore 101/156 BUY
Dayne Beams 109/103 BUY
Brett Deledio 88/107 HOLD
Nick Dal Santo 91/92 HOLD

Mid-price mids:
Taylor Adams 116/90 BUY
Toby Greene 101/99 BUY
David Zaharakis 145/125 BUY
Tom Bell 87/75 BUY
Josh Caddy 84/61 WATCH
Jack Trengove 130/102 WATCH
Jackson Macrae 92/106 WATCH
Bernie Vince 105/103 WATCH
Anthony Miles 67/76 WATCH
Oliver Wines 66/44 HOLD
Lachie Whitfield 106/126 HOLD
Brandon Ellis 60/41 SELL

Cheap mids:
Viv Michie 87/72 LOCK
Jack Martin 62/42 LOCK
Xavier Ellis 72/75 LOCK
Matt Crouch 85/82 LOCK
James Aish 66/46 BUY
Jared Polec 91/87 BUY
Lin Jong 73/70 WATCH
Alex Woodward 50/39 WATCH
Dom Sheed 61/36 WATCH
Jack Billings 15/14 SELL
Luke Dunstan 37/54 SELL
Clinton Young 35/27 SELL

Premium rucks
Ben McEvoy 93/87 WATCH
Patrick Ryder 89/122 HOLD
Dean Cox 74/79 HOLD

Mid-price rucks:
Tom Hickey 85/104 BUY
Cameron Wood 53/73 WATCH
Aaron Sandilands 71/80 WATCH

Cheap rucks:
Fraser Thurlow 54/47 BUY
Billy Longer 20/29 WATCH
Max King 40/48 WATCH
Tom Derickx 65/72 WATCH
Sam Naismith 51/58 WATCH

Premium forwards:
Tom Mitchell 138/152 BUY
Jimmy Bartel 79/65 WATCH
Dustin Martin 86/58 HOLD
Luke Parker 98/107 HOLD
Colin Sylvia 29/16 SELL

Mid-price forwards:
Cyril Rioli 88/90 WATCH
Rohan Bail 96/66 WATCH
David Ellard 83/103 WATCH
Troy Menzel 49/50 WATCH
Andrejs Everitt 84/107 HOLD
Eddie Betts 99/127 HOLD
Sam Day 56/45 HOLD
Jake Stringer 41/49 HOLD
Robbie Nahas 48/33 SELL
Joe Daniher 43/36 SELL
Scott Gumbleton 39/32 SELL
Jesse White 64/94 SELL
Joshua Green 72/52 SELL

Cheap forwards:
Jay Kennedy-Harris 69/96 WATCH
Sam Lloyd 57/43 WATCH
Eli Templeton 43/48 WATCH
Gary Rohan 58/66 WATCH
Charlie Cameron 42/29 SELL

Which of these ratings do you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.



  1. the dud

    February 21, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    dayne beams is a much bigger lock than GAJ. ill let you off the hook though coz at least you’ve given him a “buy”.

  2. Jay

    February 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    What about if Bock is fit and ready to play in R1 for a cheap fwd option?

  3. m0nty

    February 21, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    Bock won’t be seen until at least R3.

  4. mase

    February 28, 2014 at 11:22 am

    no mention of m weller in the mid priced backs, reckon he’ll get the upgrade ?

  5. m0nty

    February 28, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Until he does, there’s no hype around him.

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