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The Draftstars Classic is here! Enter for your chance to share in a $50k prize pool

Do you want the chance to win real cash prizes with daily fantasy?

Draftstars is offering players the chance to share in a $50k prize pool, with the Draftstars Classic.
We first introduced you to Draftstars last week, with our piece on how the daily fantasy platform works. Click here to have a look.

The Draftstars Classic begins this week and runs for four weeks. The format has been a huge success in the US for some time now, and we are finally jumping on board, with Australia’s first big elimination daily fantasy competition.

The competition will feature three lead up rounds, before the grand final, but players can enter at any stage of the tournament.

Players can enter for free, or can pay a buy-in of between $10 and $200, depending on what stage of the tournament they enter.

Week one is free to enter into the AFL Classic qualifying, and $10 to enter straight into Round 1 of the competition. There are 3,000 entries available in qualifying and 2,000 spots available in Round 1.

The top 20 from qualifying will then advance to Round 1 and the top 325 players who bought into Round 1 will qualify for the Prelim 2. The players who placed 326-500th in Round 1 will have a second chance and qualify for Round 1 in week 2.

Draftstars qualifiers

There is a $10 buy-in for Round 2, or it is free if you advanced from the previous round. There are five entries permitted per player and 2,000 places available for the two days of matches across the weekend.

The top 325 contestants from week two advance to the preliminary finals in week three.

Week three is $50 buy-in, with participants allowed to enter twice, with 1,200 places available, but entry into week three is free if you have advanced from week two.

Week four is the grand final, with buy-in costing $200 for players who did not qualify from the previous round.

There are only 325 spots available for the grand final and if you’re good enough, you can pay absolutely nothing for the entire competition from qualifying to the grand final and win your way through to the big dance, where just 325 players compete for a prize pool of $50k.

The winner of the competition will receive a minimum prize of $10,000, second place at least $6,000 and third place a minimum of $3,500.

The Draftstars Classic will kick off on June 11.

Draftstars will also host their World Championships in August! So get practicing to master the tricks of the trade now.

All participants must be 18+ years of age, must be a resident of Australia or New Zealand and must provide identification informational, including name, mobile number, address and date of birth.

Click here to enter the competition.

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