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Super Coach NAB stats… some tasty treats!

The Herald-Sun has emailed Super Coach participants today with a PDF containing averages of Champion Data ranking points from NAB Cup and Challenge teams. Those of you who have enjoyed the Fantasy Freako emails from Champion will know what to expect. So, who are the standout names when you compare Super Coach and Dream Team scores from the pre-season?

Brent Harvey – 92 SC, 26 DT. With the gradual decline of Shannon Grant, Harvey is looking more like the designated forward-running midfielder at the Roos. He’s going to be hard to fit into your midfield as Harvey has no forward eligibility, nevertheless.

Cale Morton – 66 SC, 21 DT. Now this is very interesting. The numbers come from only two games, but this does tend to make him a more attractive prospect in SC compared to someone like Rhys Palmer who averaged 43 in SC and 36 in DT.

Daniel Bradshaw – 82 SC, 40 DT. Stuart Dew – 73 SC, 39 DT. Nathan Thompson – 36 SC, 32 DT. These three are the most likely-looking comeback forwards of 2008, but even though Thompson is priced at 30,000 less than the other two, on these figures it doesn’t look like he’s worth it. Dew and Bradshaw look like the ones to buy.

Barry Hall – 114 SC, 81 DT. I would discount these figures somewhat as his one good game was against the anklebiter defence of Richmond. Nevertheless, he’s more of a threat in SC than he is in DT.

Hamish McIntosh – 87 SC, 46 DT. McIntosh is becoming a forgotten ruckman this year as most assume he can’t improve nearly as much as he did last year. Don’t count him out completely, especially with injury clouds hanging over a number of other premium ruck options.

Then you have some of the players whose SC scores indicate less than high quality disposal…

Mark Coughlan – 14 in SC, 32 in DT. I don’t think you should be considering Cogs in either comp. Especially not in one which takes away points for clangers.

Lachie Hansen – 28 in SC, 67 in DT. Considering how highly Hansen is rated going into the 2008 fantasy season, this is a worrying number.

Xavier Ellis – 47 in SC, 58 in DT. This might tip you over to a Mark Nicoski type in favour of Ellis, at least in SC.

Ed Lower – 10 in SC, 79 in DT. What? How can that be? He must have had his shoelaces tied together.

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