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AFL Dream Team

Still no Bowden… :'(

Richmond’s team is out, and you guessed it, no Joel Bowden.

B: King, Thursfield, Moore
HB: Hyde, Schulz, McMahon
C: Richardson, Tuck, Deledio
HF: Newman, Pattison, White
F: Brown, Riewoldt, Polak
Foll: Simmonds, Johnson, Foley
I/C: Tambling, Morton, Edwards, McGuane
Emergencies: Jackson, Cotchin, Pettifer

I’m on record on last night’s Coaches Box episode as recommending Jake King for all your Bowden replacement needs. With J-Bo not even making the emergencies this week, and with Chad Cornes out for at least another two games, I think it’s time to cut your losses if you are still hanging onto him. Tell me if I’m right in the comments.

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