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AFL Dream Team

M0nty’s bone for round 7

After last week’s terrible trading performance, where I traded in Bret Thornton only to see him cop a four-week injury after one measly handball, I promised I’d post who my AFL Dream Team trade targets were this week. Previous victims of the now-legendary ability of my FanFooty EDT squad to cruel the careers of fantasy prospects via the seemingly innocent action of me buying them include Dean Cox (injured the week after I bought him), Scott Selwood (dropped the week after I bought him) and Harry Taylor (dropped and then delivered a terrible 33). Those of you who are starting to consider my DT side as a curse can now avoid my selections like the plague. The following players have had the bone pointed at them this week.

Joel Bowden out for Sam Fisher
Thornton out for Nathan Bock

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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