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Player news from R24 of 2023: Brisbane vs St Kilda

News snippets for Brisbane vs St Kilda, R24 of 2023

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Dayne Zorko (121/101): Mostly starting on a HFF
Zorko contributed with 22 possessions, 12 marks, 4 tackles and 1.1 on the scoreboard.
Jarrod Berry (118/115): Mostly on a wing
Berry contributed with 25 possessions, 7 marks and 7 tackles.
Lachie Neale (100/138): Head to head with Steele… 30 touches and 4 marks plus 3 tackles… 0.1 as well. Playing inside midfield.

Keidean Coleman (93/80): Rotating at half back
Coleman contributed with 17 possessions, 6 marks, 6 tackles and booted 0.1.
Hugh McCluggage (84/71): Playing in midfield
McCluggage contributed with 21 possessions, 7 marks, 2 tackles and 1.0.
Oscar McInerney (84/122): A mighty effort against an All-Australian ruck… 30 hit outs… also 15 possessions and 2 marks plus 2 tackles… 1.0 as well. First ruck.

Darcy Wilmot (84/85): Starting at half back
Wilmot contributed with 20 disposals, 9 marks and 2 tackles.
Joe Daniher (84/115): Starting forward on Wilkie
Daniher contributed with 17 possessions, 7 grabs, 3 ruck taps and kicked 2.3.
Josh Dunkley (78/107): Playing inside midfield
Dunkley added 19 disposals and 7 tackles.
Cam Rayner (76/81): Starting at half forward
Rayner contributed with 14 touches, 5 grabs, 4 tackles and kicked 1.1.
Charlie Cameron (68/78): Starting forward on Webster
Cameron contributed with 11 possessions, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 2.2.
Harris Andrews (61/91): In defence on Sharman
Andrews added 13 disposals and 8 marks.
Jaspa Fletcher (56/53): Rotating on a wing
Fletcher contributed with 11 touches, 6 marks and kicked 1.0.
Conor McKenna (56/55): Running from half back
McKenna added 18 possessions and managed 0.1.
Jarryd Lyons (53/51): Subbed off in Q4 for Lohmann… 11 disposals with 8 by hand… also 5 tackles and 2 marks. Playing a half forward role.

Callum Ah Chee (53/37): Starting at half forward
Ah Chee contributed with 12 possessions, 6 grabs and 2 tackles.
Ryan Lester (50/69): Third tall defender on Membrey
Lester added 15 possessions and 5 marks.
Deven Robertson (49/44): Playing a half forward role
Robertson contributed with 7 possessions, 3 marks and 5 tackles.
Zac Bailey (46/46): Playing a forward role with mid rotations
Bailey contributed with 13 disposals, 3 marks and managed 0.1.
Brandon Starcevich (41/44): Playing back pocket
Starcevich added 8 disposals and 6 marks.
Jack Payne (38/54): In defence on Hayes
Payne added 10 touches and 4 marks.
Eric Hipwood (30/21): Up forward on Battle
Hipwood contributed with 7 touches, 3 marks and kicked 0.1.
Kai Lohmann (15/9): On in Q4 for Lyons… 0.2 from 3 possessions. Started as the sub.

Rowan Marshall (132/160): First ruck
Marshall contributed with 24 possessions, 7 marks, 5 tackles and 27 hit outs.
Jack Sinclair (103/112): Starting at half back
Sinclair added 30 disposals and 7 marks.
Callum Wilkie (91/124): In defence on Daniher
Wilkie contributed with 21 possessions, 9 marks and 2 tackles.
Brad Crouch (89/90): Playing inside midfield
Crouch contributed with 25 possessions, 3 marks, 5 tackles and booted 1.0.
Mason Wood (87/96): Playing a half forward role
Wood contributed with 16 disposals, 8 marks, 3 tackles and booted 1.1.
Jade Gresham (81/59): First goal… 1.1 from 21 disposals and 5 marks with 3 tackles. Starting deep forward.

Marcus Windhager (80/81): Starting on a wing today… switched back in Q3
Windhager contributed with 22 possessions, 6 marks and 2 tackles.
Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (73/72): Loping from half back
Wanganeen-Milera added 20 possessions and 5 marks.
Mitch Owens (73/53): Mostly on ball including ruck support
Owens contributed with 17 touches, 5 grabs, 6 tackles and 3 frees against.
Daniel Butler (69/68): Starting forward
Butler contributed with 11 possessions, 5 marks, 4 tackles and managed 1.1.
Jimmy Webster (67/54): The big job on Cameron
Webster contributed with 14 possessions, 8 marks and 2 tackles.
Jack Steele (67/80): Head to head with Neale… 19 possessions and 3 marks plus 4 tackles. Playing inside midfield.

Liam Stocker (63/73): In defence
Stocker contributed with 12 possessions, 6 grabs and 3 tackles.
Bradley Hill (61/47): Playing a HFF role
Hill contributed with 17 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles.
Tim Membrey (60/67): Starting forward on Lester
Membrey contributed with 8 touches, 5 marks and 3.1.
Zaine Cordy (56/65): In defence… moved to a man in Q3 after Battle was subbed off
Cordy contributed with 12 possessions, 6 marks and 2 tackles.
Ryan Byrnes (55/65): On in Q3 for Battle… 16 possessions and 4 marks. Started as the sub.

Hunter Clark (48/49): Starting in midfield
Clark added 13 disposals and 5 tackles.
Mattaes Phillipou (48/55): Playing half forward
Phillipou contributed with 11 touches, 2 marks, 2 tackles and booted 1.0.
Jack Higgins (45/55): Starting forward
Higgins contributed with 11 disposals, 2 grabs and 3 tackles.
Jack Hayes (43/46): Playing a forward/ruck role on Payne
Hayes contributed with 8 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles, 3 taps and managed 1.0.
Josh Battle (40/30): Headclash with Hipwood in Q1 eventually saw him subbed off at HT for Byrnes… 9 possessions with 7 by foot… also 5 marks. At CHB on Hipwood.

Cooper Sharman (25/34): Playing forward on Andrews
Sharman contributed with 5 possessions, 3 tackles and 2 taps.

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