Fighting Irish: Setanta O’hAilpin king hits Cameron Cloke

In a likely career-ending move, a scuffle at the Carlton practice match headlines a day of bad news.

Irish import Setanta O’hAilpin has reportedly king hit Cameron Cloke while playing in the Carlton practice match today. According to media and fan reports (Herald-Sun, Fox Sports), the two players were in a scuffle, Cloke dropped to his knees and O’hAilpin connected with a left hook to Cloke’s jaw, followed by a kick to the lower back or buttocks after Cloke had slumped to the ground. The peacemaker in the incident was Brendan Fevola, which is an indication of how bad it was!

According to AFL rules, umpires can lay charges in incidents in practice matches in which they officiate, which was the case here, and while there was unofficial video footage of the incident taken, it is unclear whether that can be used in any charge. O’hAilpin’s career had been on tenterhooks as it was, and this is likely to be the final straw before he joins Tadhg Kennelly on the plane back to Ireland. Cloke claimed not to be injured after the incident. UPDATE: O’hAilpin has been suspended indefinitely by the club.

The same can’t be said for Carlton team mate Andrew Carrazzo, who went down in the same match with a suspected dislocated elbow. UPDATE: His X-ray results have yet to be confirmed show that it was actually a compound fracture of the forearm that will require a plate to be inserted, putting him out for eight to 10 weeks.

In another blow for fantasy coaches looking for variety in their premium backs, Andrew Welsh injured his ankle today at Essendon training, with one early prognosis that it was a broken bone that would take 12 weeks to heal. UPDATE: Further speculation is that 12 weeks is at the low end of expectations, with the worst case scenario is that it’s a Nathan G. Brown-type double fracture of the leg that would put him out for the year. FURTHER UPDATE: The Herald-Sun is now reporting a fracture dislocation of the ankle that will put Welsh out for four months, dating his return to the split round in mid-June.

Here it comes, folks! The usual rash of preseason injuries never fails to put dents in fantasy plans. Who are you most hoping gets away scot free from the predictable carnage? Tell me in the comments.


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