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AFL Dream Team

Rate my team #1: FanFooty EDT

First, let me set out the patent-pending M0nty Fantasy Team Rating System. Like gymnastics, we start with a perfect score of 10. Then, I award negative points for flaws I see in your team. Be warned: no one has yet got a perfect 10. The best anyone got at round 1 was 9.5, and that was one of my fellow EliteDre@mTe@mer league coaches… but more on them later. First, my team. A hint: if you can provide me with exactly the same layout for your team, you greatly improve your chances of me reviewing it.

Team: FanFooty EDT
FanFooty link: FanFooty
Competition: Dream Team
As at round: 1 – 3.
Money left: $87,300 (as at round 3)

Backs: Brendon Goddard,

Jed Adcock, Heath Shaw, Joel Bowden, Lindsay Gilbee, Andrew Raines (traded after R1 for Xavier Clarke), Daniel Bell (R2 => Tim Boyle), Xavier Ellis.

Centres: Jordan Lewis, Nathan Foley, Michael Rischitelli, Matt Priddis (R1 => Bryce Gibbs), Shaun Higgins, Nigel Lappin, Beau Muston (R2 => Clinton Young), Lindsay Thomas.

Rucks: Brendon Lade, Dean Cox, Ben Hudson, Jonathan Griffin.

Forwards: Brad Johnson, Chad Cornes, Lance Franklin, Ryan O’Keefe, Justin Koschitzke, Matthew Pavlich, Nathan Bock, Alwyn Davey, Matt Campbell.

I have to bite the bullet and give myself -1 for both Raines and Bell. Raines was the last bloke I picked and I made the cardinal mistake of just getting the most expensive player possible. He’s a defensive stopper, which is usually the opposite of a fantasy stud. Bell is quietly coming good with 82 last week, but his start was woeful and Melbourne isn’t going to win many this year, so if he can’t score consistently when the ball is in the Demons backline then he’s tradebait. The only other iffy picks there are Franklin – who is also coming good, and his worse days are just okay instead of bloody awful like last year – and Lappin, who was risky even before Luke Hodge kicked him into a fantasy nightmare injury scenario. The Priddis trade might prove to have been premature, not because Gibbs isn’t the real deal, but because I could have picked someone else to trade for him… like Lappin. Actually, I’ll go ahead and give myself -0.5 for that, since that was a stupid move.

So 7.5/10 for me. I’m currently ranked far better than I was this time last year, and I’m mid-table in the EDT league, so I’m happy. Now if Lade can just do something about kicking Brogan in the ankle a few times to get more TOG…

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