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Raph Clarke in the mix

Another day, another couple of injured Saints who’re rumoured to be returning this week. This article from the Herald Sun details how Max Hudghton and Jason Gram could be inclusions this week, while Aaron Hamill has just hopped back onto the training track.

But the real story for every DT coach lies in this paragraph:

“Five other players — the Clarke brothers Xavier and Raphael, Jason Gram, Leigh Montagna and Andrew Thompson — are chances to be available for the Saints.”

Raphael Clarke is the one I’m talking about. He’s a former top-10 draft pick, four years ago, and has had possibly the worst run with injuries of anyone at St Kilda in his time at the club. There’s no doubt that on talent, he’d be in their best 22 – he’s pretty quick, got good skills (although a hopeless kick for goal), and good decision-making abilities. He’s definitely a chance to take on a running, rebounding role out of St Kilda’s backline, and if that’s the case, his price of $166k is a bargain.

However, extreme caution is needed in this case. Wait for solid games under the belt, and absolutely no hint of injury niggles.

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