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Kingsley for Richo? Big woops

In one of the more cringe-inducing late selection changes of the year, Kent Kingsley is likely to make his Tiger debut in place of Matthew Richardson against the Bomber on Saturday according to the Hun. Is Kingsley a candidate for fantasy coaches looking for an upgrade? Surprisingly, there are some numbers that say yes.

He may get a big boost this week because the Bombers are actually Kingsley’s best opponent by far, with an average almost 20 points better than his career numbers. That Bomber average is still only 78.6, though. In the following three weeks he would face Brisbane, Fremantle and Melbourne, two of which he also scores well against.

Then again, a dose of reality here please. This is Kent Kingsley we’re talking about. Playing for the Tigers, not the Cats. If you thought Richo was frustrating, wait until you see Kingsley in the yellow and black. There is a “Richo groove” on the forward pockets at the MCG where he leads to the boundary line week after week, but Kingsley’s going to take that one step further and try to take every single shot at goal from outside the white paint. He’ll pause for photo ops and Sherrin signage with kids at the fence after every glorious point.

It will be awesome.

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