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Forum round-up: Chad’s mystery hammy

One of the more under-reported stories this week has been that Chad Cornes came off early in the last quarter against Geelong last week, and Andrew Jarman said a couple of times on SEN radio’s call of the game that he thought The Chad had injured a hamstring, most notably just after the siren. Over at The Power From Port, there is no mention of any such injury and most of the discussion rages about how everyone hates Nathan Lonie. The Power named three of its selections in the 2006 draft for this game, but surprisingly the “mail” is that it will be Robert Gray and Justin Westhoff who are most likely to survive the cut, rather than #5 draft pick Travis Boak – which is bad news for those long-suffering fantasy coaches who had stowed Boak away on their bench for just such an occasion. Elsewhere on the fan boards:

– The much-hated Mark Bolton was picked by the Bombers just to tag Adam Goodes, according to Bombertalk. Goodes is just starting to warm up after a very slow start to the season, so if you picked him up this week thinking his round 9 score of 110 and his breakeven this week of 46 means he’s bottomed out, then you might have a bit of fun watching him carve up Bolts.
– An excellent thread at Cat’s Claw discusses who will make the cut for Geelong this week, with a lot of soul-searching about captain Tom Harley. A story in the Geelong Advertiser this morning suggests he will play, so focus now shifts to fantasy favourites Joel Selwood and Tom Hawkins. Harley in for Hunt and Chapman in for either Hawkins or Selwood sounds believable to me, although Hawkins may still play if Cameron Mooney doesn’t come up.
– The strange case of the fall of David Hale occupies the minds of the posters at The Searching Kangaroo. If the team goes in as named there will not be a recognised backup for Hamish McIntosh in the ruck, which could mean good things fantasy-wise for both McIntosh and the Eagles rucks.
– The poor bastards at Demonology make all sorts of snide remarks about Brad Miller‘s wrist injury, and also bemoan the dropping of Lynden Dunn. The Demons’ half-forward line will be a work in progress this week, with Matthew Bate likely to be targeted more often. Also mentioned is the whisper that Jared Rivers is out for the year with the dreaded osteitis pubis.
– Speaking of poor bastards, the long-suffering chaps at Saintsational have had some good news this week with six senior players named to return for St Kilda, but injury clouds still hang over both Clarkes and Andrew Thompson. Depending on who you believe, Xavier Clarke is either a shoo-in or no chance. Even if fit, one or two of those might play in the VFL anyway, just so the Saints don’t have half their side carrying niggles.

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