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Port Adelaide team to face Geelong

B: Michael Pettigrew, Alipate Carlile, Jacob Surjan
HB: Peter Burgoyne, Toby Thurstans, Domenic Cassisi
C: Travis Boak, Chad Cornes, Kane Cornes
HF: David Rodan, Justin Westhoff, Danyle Pearce
F: Daniel Motlop, Warren Tredrea, Brett Ebert
Foll: Brendon Lade, Steven Salopek, Shaun Burgoyne
Inter: Dean Brogan, Tom Logan, Matt Thomas, Paul Stewart

Emerg: Greg Bentley, Nick Lower, Fabian Deluca

There isn’t much to excite fantasy coaches there, except for Paul Stewart who is listed as a DT/SC forward even though his normal role is as a running half-back. Given that he’s competing on fantasy forward benches with the likes of Kurt Tippett, Cyril Rioli and Jarryd Morton, he’s probably not going to be that popular. NAB averages of 47 in SC and 41 in DT are solid, nevertheless, and at least he’s going to play!

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