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Carlton team to face Richmond

B: Michael Jamison, Ryan Houlihan, Bret Thornton
HB: Shaun Grigg, Jarrad Waite, Heath Scotland
C: Bryce Gibbs, Chris Judd, Kade Simpson
HF: Richard Hadley, Adam Hartlett, Andrew Carrazzo
F: Eddie Betts, Brendan Fevola, Setanta O’hAilpin
Foll: Cameron Cloke, Nick Stevens, Marc Murphy
Int: Jordan Bannister, Paul Bower, Jake Edwards, Ryan Jackson

Emerg: Darren Pfeiffer, Jordan Russell, Jason Saddington

Most of this news was leaked earlier in the day, with the exception of Hartlett being named at CHF. That is a very interesting selection, one that will get plenty of coaches thinking. Can we trust the Blues to leave him there until Brad Fisher comes back, and will that be long enough to make him a worthwhile cash cow? Seeing as Fisher is scheduled to return in round 4, probably not. By then Hartlett may have played well enough to keep his place… if you’re into believing things like unicorns and fairies.

At the other end, Grigg on a HBF is not quite good enough to justify his $165,900/$180,300 price tag for mine, though others may see it differently. Pfeiffer, meanwhile, lurks in the emergencies… biding his time… leafing through a copy of Murphy’s Law. The double whammy of Stevens being a late withdrawal and Pfeiffer being his replacement – and then Pfeiffer chopping just to shove it up those fantasy coaches who got off his bandwagon – is still very much on the cards.

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