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Elliott Himmelberg: Annual Fantasy Scores

Club: Adelaide     Year: 2021     Games: 8
Rnd Opponent News K HB Pos Mk HO Tk Free G.B FF DT SC Y! FR GS
8Pt Adelaide46102432/
18West Coast55102010/
20W. Bulldogs65115101/
21Pt Adelaide66120214/
2021 H&A Totals:4229712514810/
2021 H&A Avg/8:549321184446453848

DT      472449         398755407  
DT-      473640         4049504944  
-DT      444346         464734247  
SC      413859         395582523  
SC-      414046         4446525246  
-SC      464748         464846283  

Fantasy scores are coloured green for team wins and red for team losses.
DT = Dream Team score in this round. DT- = Dream Team average up to that round inclusive. -DT = Dream Team average from that round on.
SC = Supercoach score in this round. SC- = Supercoach average up to that round inclusive. -SC = Supercoach average from that round on.

Dream Team difference in 1 wins vs 7 losses: 87.0 - 37.3 = 49.7
Supercoach difference in 1 wins vs 7 losses: 55.0 - 44.9 = 10.1

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