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Don’t let her beat you: m0nty’s Mum’s Dream Team

m0nty’s Mum’s Dream Team

Warning: if you allow this team to beat you, you have no self respect left. I know I won’t if she does!

Your work colleagues have teams. Your schoolfriends have teams. Even your WAG (wife and/or girlfriend) may have a team. But does your mum have a Dream Team? Mine does, it’s called Mystic, and I’m already frightened of it because she’s up by 84 points on my ragtag band of no-hopers. Oh, the agony if she actually beats me! Here’s her squad.

Luke Hodge, Peter Burgoyne, Tarkyn Lockyer, Grant Birchall, Bachar Houli, Chris Johnson, Nick Suban
Stephen Hill, Greg Broughton

Gary Ablett jnr, Dane Swan, Daniel Cross, Paul Hasleby, Daniel Rich, Mitch Robinson
Dayne Beams, Liam Anthony

Hamish McIntosh, Cameron Cloke
Sam Jacobs, Jake Spencer

Matthew Pavlich, Nick Riewoldt, Daniel Giansiracusa, Steve Johnson, Hayden Skipworth, Shaun Higgins, Trent Hentschel
Taylor Walker, Mitchell Brown

2064 points and a ranking of 1577th is a pretty fair start. Certainly much better than my 1980 and 7584th! Now, to be fair to me, I did help her with some of the mid-prices (Hasleby, Skipworth, Higgins and I think Hentschel) and all of the rookies. So if she wins the two cars, I will claim one of them as my birthright. I’m just ticked off that I didn’t saddle her with Andrew Raines, leaving her with a trade up her sleeve on all the rest of us poor schmoes!

Does that list up there scare the bejeezus out of you like it does me? I live in mortal fear of the ribbing I’ll cop if she manages to beat me for the year. How about your own mum or WAG, does she have a team, did you help her with it, and is it any good… maybe even better than yours? Tell me in the comments.

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