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Lethal League

FanFooty Lethal League Competition

Free Aussie Rules fantasy salary cap game with AFL dream team scoring and ALL NEW features!

Prize pool of almost $5,000: Including weekly prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus $1,000 first prize in cash at the end of the year!
LIVE SCORING: View your fantasy team's score live during AFL games as your players score points for you!
Unlimited trades: Mix up your team every week, no more injury disasters! Plus trading is allowed after a round has started...
Up to three leagues: Play against colleagues, family and friends with live head-to-head scoreboards starting in AFL round 1!
"Utility" positions: Three flexible team slots lets you pick the players you want of any type!
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What is the FanFooty Lethal League?

Have you ever wanted to be the coach of a squad of AFL players, or maybe the chairman of selectors who gets to name your favourite players to your team, or a talent scout who keeps his eye on up and coming potential AFL draft recruits... or perhaps the CEO of an AFL club? You can become all four by playing in the FanFooty Lethal League. You can buy and trade players to form your very own "fantasy team", which scores points as your players accumulate kicks, marks, handballs, goals and other statistics on the real AFL grounds every week of the home & away AFL season. You can compete for high scores not only against leagues of your family, friends, school or work colleagues, but also with thousands of other fantasy coaches for huge cash prizes!

How do I make a team?

After you have created your team using the form on this page, you are taken to your Team List page, with 22 slots open for players to buy. All of these 22 players score for your fantasy team. You are given a weekly salary cap of $375,000 to spend on wages. Each player you recruit has to be paid a wage every week, of course! These wages go up and down each week based on the player's recent performances (more on that later). You buy each player individually by clicking on the green icons at the right edge of the table for each open position and selecting from the player lists.

What does my team look like?

Just like in the AFL, you select 22 players each week. You pick six Backs, five Midfielders, six Forwards, two Rucks, and three Utilities. Each player in the AFL is assigned one or two positions they can fill: for example, Jonathan Brown of the Brisbane Lions is a Forward, and Chad Cornes of Port Adelaide Power is a Back and also a Midfielder. Players can only fit in the positions they are allowed to fit, except for the three Utility positions, which any player can fill. For instance, you could put both Jonathan Brown and Chad Cornes as your Utilities.

Do I get a captain who scores double?

Yes, you nominate a Captain each week who scores double for your team, and also a Vice-Captain who scores double if your Captain misses his game and has to be replaced by an emergency. Note that neither your Captain nor your Vice-Captain can be in a Utility position.

If I buy a player who has two positions, can I shift him in my team between the two?

Yes! You can shift players between the two positions they are eligible for, and also shift them in and out of the three Utility positions if the player in the Utility position is eligible to swap into the other position. You can use the Whiteboard page to shift your players to different positions when you have a full team.

These Utility players, do they score for my team?

Yes. Backs, Midfielders, Forwards, Rucks and Utilities all score for your team. Emergencies only score if they replace a player in in your 22 who was a late withdrawal.

What are the rules for emergencies?

In the FanFooty Lethal League you only have to buy the 22 players in your squad, but you can nominate three emergencies each week, who will replace players in your 22 who don't play due to being late withdrawals through injury. That means you can leave your team over the weekend with peace of mind that you'll have a full squad playing for you. You won't actually have to "buy" the emergencies to have them play for you, BUT, you have to make sure that they are eligible for the position of the player they are to replace, and that you could afford the emergency IF you had to buy him (i.e. if you add up the player's wage plus the salary cap money you have left over, it has to be at least as large as the emergency's price). This means that if a player is eligible for two positions, he could cover for up to 14 players out of your 22! If there is more than one eligible emergency for a player who needs to be replaced, then the most expensive one will be used. Of course, each emergency can replace only one player in your 22 each week. Players who are not covered by emergencies are marked with an asterisk (*) on your Team List page to let you know.

What is the scoring system?

The FanFooty Lethal League using the familiar dream team scoring system, used in many competitions.
Kick3 points
Handball2 points
Mark3 points
Tackle4 points
Hit Out1 point
Free For1 point
Free Against-3 points
Goal6 points
Behind1 point

Do I really get unlimited trades?


No, come on, really?

Yes! :D

Doesn't unlimited trading mean people can eventually trade their way to a team full of guns?

You might be familiar with competitions like Dream Team and Super Coach where you only get 20 trades. In those competitions, they have to limit the number of trades in part because when you sell a player, you get back their current market value, which may have risen sharply if they're a rookie who has exploded onto the AFL scene, like Joel Selwood of Geelong did in 2007. This leads to the phenomenon of "cash cows", a phrase used by fantasy coaches to refer to players who start off with a very cheap price but who accumulate in value as their on-field performances improve, which in traditional competitions allows a coach to make a "profit" by selling the player, as if they're a stock on the stock exchange. In the FanFooty Lethal League, cash cows do not exist because when you sell or drop a player, you only get cash added back on your salary cap equal to what you originally paid for that player. For example, Matthew Kreuzer of Carlton start off 2008 with a price in our system of $12,500 per week. If he plays well in a number of games and his market value goes up to $20,000, you won't get back the $7,500 difference in "profit" if you sell or drop him.

But I'm used to cash cows!?

If you had Kreuzer from the start in the above scenario, you would have got enough benefit from his fantasy scoring while he was underpriced. Additionally, if you bought him when his price was $12,500 then you will still pay him only $12,500 per week for the rest of the season if you don't drop or trade him. That's why it's called the Lethal League! :D

What happens if one of my players goes down in price, do I still have to pay him the higher wage?

No. If that happens during the season a link will appear on your Team List page allowing you to adjust down the wages you pay to all players whose prices have gone down. You can continue to pay those players the lower wage, even if their market value goes back up again, leaving more room in your salary cap to trade for other players.

Can I trade players after the round has started?

Yes! Each player in your 22 and in the pool of players not in your team or emergencies "locks out" when his real AFL game starts, so you can only drop, trade or buy players whose games have not yet started. Additionally, your emergencies all lock out when the round starts, so you can't change them mid-round.

How do the leagues work?

They work much like the real Australian Football League with head-to-head games between teams every week, with a few differences: each league has only 10 teams, you play each other twice each for a total of 18 home & away rounds corresponding to round 1 to 18 of the real AFL season, then there is a three week fantasy finals period which runs from rounds 19 to 21 of the real AFL season. Six teams qualify for major finals out of the 10 in each league. In the first week of finals, the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th teams play off in Elimination Finals and the 1st and 2nd get a bye; in the second week 1st and 2nd play off against the week 1 winners in the Semi Finals, and then the winners of those go through to the Grand Final. There is also a three week minor finals series for those who didn't qualify for the major finals.

What are the cash prizes?

1st in overall standings after round 22$1,000
1st in weekly standings each week$100 and a limited edition FanFooty Lethal League cap
2nd in weekly standings each week$50
3rd in weekly standings each week$20

How do you work out players' initial prices? (stat nerd question!)

For players who have played more than five home & away games in their career, the player's last 22 games (or however many from 5 to 21 if that's all that the player has managed) are used, with the highest and lowest values discarded, to calculate a scoring average. This average is multiplied by the "magic number" of 250 and the result is rounded to the nearest 5 to produce the player's weekly wage. For players who have played no games at all, their draft position determines their price: if they were taken in an AFL National Draft then their draft position is used; if they were most recently taken in a Pre-Season Draft then their draft position is assumed to be 90; if they were elevated from the rookie list or are still on a rookie list, their draft position is assumed to be 100. To calculate the player's price, the draft position is subtracted from 101 and the result is multiplied by half the magic number and rounded to the nearest 5. For players who have played between 1 and 4 games, both formulae are calculated and the price is placed in between the results according to how close to 5 games the player is. In all cases, the minimum weekly wage for a player is 25 multiplied by the magic number.

What's the formula for price changes during the year? (another stat nerd question!)

Very simple: we just reapply the exact same rules as above. This means no wacky price movements, for the most part, except in some cases for rookies... but figuring out which ones will shoot up in value, that's the trick! :D

Where it says I have to buy a full back, does that mean I have to pick a player who plays full back in the AFL?

No, you can pick any player who is eligible for the position, which in that case would be any Back, Back/Midfielder, Back/Forward or Back/Ruck (in either order). You don't have to buy Simon Prestigiacomo, don't worry!!

How do I delete a team?

You get one team only, of course. If you want to delete all the players then you'll just have to drop them one by one until it's all empty again.

If you have any questions, please email FanFooty and ask!

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