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You Krooze you lose: round 13 injury report, 2010

Round 13 injury report

Thousands of fantasy coaches lost games this week due to Matthew Kreuzer’s ACL rupture, and now they have to search for a replacement.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 19: Matthew Kreuzer of the Blues is helped off the field during the round 13 AFL match between the Carlton Blues and the Fremantle Dockers at Etihad Stadium on June 19, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images)

injured INJURIES

Matthew Kreuzer: 3 hit outs… tweaked a knee in Q1 and carried off in a lot of pain… sent to hospital for scans and confirmed on Sunday as a ruptured ACL
Luke McGuane: On Fevola… 5 disposals and 3 marks… right ankle tweaked nastily in Q2
Shannon Hurn: Giansiracusa keeping him busy… 4 disposals and 2 marks… spent much of the second half benched with some sort of leg injury
David Mackay: Head to head with Trengove… 4 touches and 0.1… carried off in Q2 with a right ankle injury


Luke Hodge: Tagged by Welsh… 12 touches and 5 tackles with 3 marks… corked knee in Q2
Brent Renouf: 14 hit outs and 10 possessions with 5 marks… knock to a quadricep in Q2
Tayte Pears: Standing Roughead… caught Burgoyne’s forearm in his face early in Q1… 7 marks and 15 possessions with 4 tackles
David Zaharakis: 1.0 from 17 disposals and 6 marks on Murphy… had a good Q3… shoulder problem in Q3
Chris Judd: Tagged by McPhee… 30 possessions with plenty of clangers early… rolled right ankle in Q3
Paul Duffield: Forward tag on him by Houlihan… 20 touches and 6 marks plus 2 tackles… copped a knock in the moosh in Q4 and was spitting blood
Matthew Pavlich: Head to head with Gibbs… 21 touches and 4 tackles… copped a knock under an eye in Q3 which bruised up immediately
Kepler Bradley: 10 hit outs and 14 possessions with 4 marks and 1.0 rotating between FF and ruck… left ankle rolled in Q3 but got a jab for Q4
Stephen Hill: 16 touches and 3 tackles… picked up a shoulder knock in Q1… tagged by Armfield
Anthony Morabito: Matched up with Scotland… 1.1 from 9 disposals with 5 tackles… had his nose rearranged in Q3
Lindsay Thomas: 1.3 from 9 possessions and 3 marks on Surjan… knocked right knee with Chad Cornes in Q1 and looked sore
Ben Cunnington: Cut on his nose in Q1 that sprayed blood and required multiple stitches… 10 possessions
Paul Stewart: Zoning off Warren… 15 possessions and 3 marks… had his nose rearranged in Q3
Daniel Stewart: 0.1 from 6 grabs and 10 possessions on Thompson… rolled an ankle in Q2
Steven Baker: Has Johnson… 8 touches and 3 marks… left eye cut open by Johnson’s elbow in Q2
Jimmy Bartel: Head to head with Goddard… 21 possessions and 5 tackles… also 6 hit outs as third man up… nasty knock to his left elbow in Q4
Steve Johnson: Right hand problem in Q1… possibly a broken bone… had a jab to play on… 1.0 from 14 touches and 3 marks on Baker… big trouble for an elbow that cut Baker’s eye open in Q2
Harry Taylor: On Stanley… 5 disposals and 3 tackles…. cut in the left leg in Q2 but jabbed to play on
Brad Dick: Left shoulder injury in Q1 after just one touch… eventually returned in Q2 but another knock to it in Q4… 1.0 from 7 disposals and 2 marks plus 4 tackles
Colin Garland: Sitting on Henderson… 21 possessions and 4 tackles… knock to a knee in Q4


Chance Bateman: Tagging Stanton… 6 disposals and 3 tackles with 2 marks… concussed in Q4
Amon Buchanan: Coppped a knock in Q1 but he was fine for Q2… 11 possessions… another knock to the head in Q3 by Astbury in a marking contest and stretchered off
Koby Stevens: First game… came off very groggy in Q1 after a knock to the head but returned in Q2… 11 disposals


Jarrad Waite and Dustin Fletcher accepted three weeks for charges from the first week.
Kepler Bradley accepted a reprimand.
Steve Johnson’s 93.75 carryover points means he’s looking at a three to four week suspension for his elbow on Baker.
Pears had pancreas surgery and will miss 8-10 weeks, which means the season.
Darren Glass also won’t return in 2010 after having groin surgery.
Jacob Surjan will miss 2-3 weeks after having knee surgery.
Nick Riewoldt has resumed training and is due back in the next week or two.
Brett Burton retired.
Greg Broughton tore his hamstring in the WAFL.
Kreuzer will have the normal ACL surgery, not the artifical LARS technique, and will miss the traditional 12 months.
Joel Corey and Brad Ottens are likely for next week though Paul Chapman may sit out again.
Josh Gibson is a chance for this week.
Brett Ebert, Nathan Krakouer, Hamish Hartlett and Steven Salopek will push for Port selection this week.
Shaun Higgins will return on Friday night.
Ryan O’Keefe pulled a groin muscle late in the Saturday night game and will be tested during the week.



  1. vaughn

    June 28, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    monty great site

    Burton has anounced his retirement but not until the end of the season, he is still recovering ffrom injury but will push for selection in a few weeks, though with finals out of the picture youth may be prioritised…

  2. Disco DB

    June 28, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Run to ‘Mummy’.

  3. Disco DB

    June 29, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Will Steve Johnson’s injury exceed his 3 week suspension?

  4. megawatt

    June 30, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Tipsys starting to sober with 3 big hungys in past 4

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