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How to Bet on the AFL

One of the most popular betting choices in Australia, without a doubt, is the Australian Football League (AFL). Many don’t realise that betting on AFL can be made easier by understanding different factors that could affect the outcome of certain fixtures. 

If you want to increase your chances of betting success, then read through our latest AFL betting tips and take them into consideration when you next want to bet on the Australian Football League.

AFL Betting Tips

Consider ‘Unusual’ Factors

Don’t leave any stone unturned when betting on an outcome, have your bases covered. By this, we mean don’t just analyse the team rankings. Although this is important, there is a bigger picture to look at which can affect results. 

Firstly, the weather has a bigger effect on the games than you may think. During the winter in Australia, conditions can be difficult for players, especially if they perform a certain way. If the weather is forecasted to be a certain way, research which teams perform better and which ones bottle it under those conditions.

Other factors to consider include injuries, rest, location, officials, etc.

Looking at Underdogs

Given the nature of this betting technique, it doesn’t seem very appealing to punters and why would it? Betting on the team that is less likely to win to some just doesn’t make sense. However, a way in which betting sites like to trick customers is by exaggerating their odds to make some teams look like extreme underdogs, when in actual fact, the stats suggest otherwise.

They do this to convince customers to bet on the heavy favourite, which is what most people do who can’t be bothered to do their research. But you know better than to do that and check the stats before a fixture. If the ‘underdog’ does go on to win, then you could make a nice profit.

Trying New Markets

A common trait with punters is they love routine. More commonly, they love the typical “Win, Draw, Win” outcome. It is the easiest outcome to bet on and so quick to make a decision on. However, if you actually delve into the fixtures you can bet on, there are more obscure markets that can win you a lot of money.

Markets such as total points, winning margin, and even handicap markets are very appealing to betting enthusiasts. If you aren’t familiar with these, then it’s important you get to know them.

The Australian Football Moneyline

The Australian Football moneyline is also known as head-to-head; you simply bet on the outcome of which team will win against another. As mentioned earlier, it is the most common betting strategy amongst punters. It is the easiest to understand, especially for beginner punters who can sometimes be overwhelmed with all the different markets.

Moneyline Factors to Analyse:

Betting Odds – It’s important to analyse the betting odds to see whether it is worth having a punt. Australian Sportsbooks will use decimal odds.

Scoring – You need to know how the scoring works in the AFL before betting on outcomes. For example a Goal is 6 points and a Behind is 1 point.

Get Involved

Now that you have a better understanding of the betting options you have for the AFL and some of our top tips, it’s time to get involved! Pick a bookmaker, analyse the fixtures and follow our tips listed above. Remember to go beyond the sceptical betting odds that some bookies provide you and find reasoning to your betting selections.

Of course, you don’t have to do it alone. Seek help from professional gamblers and tipsters for further advice.

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