Match Report: 28.7.175 2012 - West Coast 28.7.175 defeated Brisbane 12.5.77

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West Coast Player Reports

Sore Dean Cox
2.1 from 18 possessions and 8 marks... also 16 hit outs... left ankle knock in Q2 after Merrett fell on it... Maguire had him when forward until Goose was subbed
Cox also had 2 tackles.

Matt Priddis
Head to head with Redden the copped the tag from Raines in Q3... 29 touches including 18 by hand... also 4 tackles and 1.0
Priddis also had 3 frees against.

Darren Glass
Standing Merrett... 16 possessions and 2 tackles with 7 marks. A high bump on Brown in Q4 will be scrutinised.

Jack Darling
Kicked 5.1 from 18 disposals and 3 tackles with 8 marks on Patfull... most of his scoring in Q4 junk time

Injured Daniel Kerr
Tagged by Raines... 4 disposals... left knee issue in Q2. Subbed off in Q3 for McGinnity.
Kerr also had 2 tackles.

Luke Shuey
Very good in Q1 but went missing in Q2... 22 possessions and 6 tackles plus 1.0
Shuey also had 2 marks.

Ashton Hams
3.1 from 13 possessions and 5 marks on Wrigley... all his goals in Q4 junk time
Hams added 4 tackles and 3 free kicks given away.

Beau Waters
30 possessions and 4 tackles plus 8 marks and 1.0. Bewick is his man.

Hot Shannon Hurn
19 possessions and 8 marks plus 3 tackles and 2.0. Running off Crisp.

Nic Naitanui
36 hit outs and 15 disposals with 5 marks and 5 tackles... also 3.0

Brad Sheppard
One touch in Q1... 1.0 from 9 possessions and 1 tackles on Harwood

Hot Jack Redden
Head to head with Priddis... 28 disposals and 8 tackles plus 1.0
Redden added 3 grabs and 4 frees against.

Will Schofield
17 possessions and 9 marks. Has Hawksley.

Eric Mackenzie
Has Brown... 10 possessions and 5 marks

Patrick McGinnity
On in Q3 for Kerr. Started as a sub.
McGinnity contributed with 13 disposals, 2 grabs, 2 tackles and booted 1.0.

Hot Andrew Gaff
30 disposals and 2 tackles plus 1.2
Gaff also had 2 marks.

Josh Hill
4.1 from 8 possessions on Adcock
Hill also had 2 marks.

Hot Chris Masten
29 touches and 7 marks plus 1.0
Masten also had 4 tackles.

Sam Butler
13 disposals and 5 marks
Butler also had 2 tackles.

Elliot Yeo
14 disposals and 4 marks

Brisbane Player Reports

Injured Matt Maguire
Standing Cox... 4 marks and 8 possessions with 2 tackles... left ankle knock in Q2. Subbed off in Q3 for Banfield.

Dayne Zorko
One touch in Q1... 16 possessions and 8 tackles plus 2.0... most of his stats in second half garbage time
Zorko also had 2 grabs.

Niall McKeever
Late replacement for Josh Drummond... 10 possessions and 3 marks. Has Lynch.

Daniel Merrett
2.0 from 6 possessions up forward on Glass... also 8 hit outs and 6 tackles
Merrett added 3 marks and 4 frees against.

Ryan Lester
Playing forward... 14 possessions and 3 tackles... also 3 tackles

Simon Black
23 possessions and 4 tackles. Tagged by Scott Selwood.
Black also had managed 0.1.

Hot Jonathan Brown
Booted 3.1 from 19 disposals and 7 grabs on Mackenzie
Brown also had 3 tackles.

Ryan Harwood
11 disposals and 3 marks. Responsible for Sheppard.
Harwood also had 2 tackles.

Rohan Bewick
12 touches and 3 marks with 3 tackles on Waters
Bewick also had managed 0.1.

James Hawksley
Starting forward on Schofield... 11 disposals
Hawksley added 2 tackles and managed 2.0.

Steve Wrigley
First game... 8 possessions. Chasing Hams.
Wrigley also had 3 tackles.