Match Report: 14.11.95 2012 - Port Adelaide 14.11.95 defeated North Melbourne 14.9.93

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Port Adelaide Player Reports

John Butcher
Started with Thompson on him then got Luke Delaney... 2 possessions and 3 tackles. Subbed off in Q3 for Paul Stewart.

Lindsay Thomas
Returned to a deep forward role this week with 2.1 from 11 disposals and 2 marks on Chaplin... also 5 tackles

Jay Schulz
Booted 7.0 from 12 possessions and 9 grabs on Luke Delaney then Thompson... three majors in Q1

Brad Ebert
Head to head with Swallow... 12 handballs among 22 possessions with 7 tackles and 3 marks

Jacob Surjan
9 handballs among 18 touches plus 6 marks. Started on Warren but shifted to Harvey in Q3.

Kane Cornes
13 possessions and 3 marks plus 3 tackles and 1.1... tagging Harvey until Q3

Domenic Cassisi
Head to head with Adams... 18 disposals and 5 marks with 3 tackles

Justin Westhoff
1.1 from 8 possessions on Firrito... also 6 hit outs and 4 tackles
Westhoff also had 4 marks.

Darren Pfeiffer
20 disposals and 5 tackles with 8 marks. Moved to Warren in Q3.
Pfeiffer also had managed 0.1.

Travis Boak
Tagged by Greenwood... 16 touches and 5 tackles... also 2 FA
Boak added 3 grabs and kicked 0.1.

John McCarthy
21 possessions and 5 tackles with 4 marks and 1.2

Brent Renouf
42 hit outs and 8 possessions. Hand knock in Q1.
Renouf also had 3 grabs.

Matthew Broadbent
Head to head with Wells... 21 possessions
Broadbent contributed with 2 marks, 2 tackles and booted 1.0.

Hamish Hartlett
19 disposals and 3 tackles with 3 marks

Paul Stewart
On in Q3 for Butcher. Started as a sub.
Stewart contributed with 5 touches, 3 marks, 4 tackles and managed 1.0.

Alipate Carlile
Standing Petrie.. 17 disposals

North Melbourne Player Reports

Brent Harvey
Tagged by Cornes then got Surjan in Q3... 12 disposals and 6 tackles. A little right jab to Wingard's chin in Q3 will be looked at.
Harvey also had managed 1.0.

Kieran Harper
16 possessions and 4 tackles plus 4 marks... copped Trengove's knee to his head in Q4. Subbed off in Q4 for McKenzie.

Sore Jack Ziebell
22 touches and 5 tackles with 4 marks... had a Port player fall across his left knee in Q3... also 1.0 and 2 FA

Sore Scott D. Thompson
16 touches... blurred vision in right eye in Q2. Moved from Butcher to cover Schulz in Q1.
Thompson added 2 tackles and managed 0.1.

Leigh Adams
Head to head with Cassisi in midfield... 12 handballs among 19 possessions with 3 tackles

Hot Andrew Swallow
Head to head with Brad Ebert... 28 touches and 12 tackles plus 1.1
Swallow also had 2 marks.

Shaun Atley
Responsible for Brett Ebert... 14 possessions and 3 marks
Atley also had 4 tackles.

Michael Firrito
Sitting on Westhoff... 14 possessions and 5 marks
Firrito also had 2 tackles.

Ben Jacobs
17 touches and 3 tackles with 5 marks and 1.0

Ben Warren
1.2 from 11 possessions and 6 marks on Surjan

Brad McKenzie
On in Q4 for McKenzie. Started as a sub.
McKenzie also had 2 possessions.

Ben Cunnington
9 disposals and 3 tackles... also 3 FA

Jamie Macmillan
15 disposals and 6 marks plus 0.1

Todd Goldstein
38 hit outs and 12 disposals
Goldstein also had 2 marks.