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Match Report: 2011 - Carlton 0.6.5 drew with Richmond 0.3.5

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Carlton Player Reports

Nick Duigan
Lots of rebound ball out of defence early... 8 possessions and 3 marks plus 3 FA

Hot Marc Murphy
Looked especially good in Q2... 11 disposals and 4 tackles plus 0.1

Matthew Watson
Chasing Taylor... 2 disposals and 2 marks plus 2 tackles

Andrew Walker
Forward on Rance... 0.2 from 7 touches and 2 marks

Wayde Twomey
Started as a sub... on in Q2... 4 disposals

Rohan Kerr
2.0 from 5 touches with most of it in Q2

David Ellard
8 disposals and 3 marks with 2 tackles
Ellard also had 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Kade Simpson
3 disposals and 2 marks plus 1.0

Heath Scotland
5 handballs among 8 possessions

Robert Warnock
7 hit outs and 7 disposals

Paul Bower
On Miller... 6 disposals
Bower also had 2 grabs.

Dennis Armfield
6 touches and 2 marks

Jaryd Cachia
3 disposals and 2 FA

Marcus Davies
Just the 1 touch

Andrew McInnes
Started as a sub
McInnes also had 0 possessions.

Aaron Joseph
3 possessions

Mitchell Carter
No stats
Carter also had 0 disposals.

Richmond Player Reports

Sore Ben Nason
Flattened in a contest in Q1 by Cachia and winded... 0.1 from 3 possessions and 2 marks

Will Thursfield
Standing O'hAilpin... 4 possessions and 2 marks with 2 tackles

Jake King
0.1 from 6 touches in a small forward role... also 2 tackles
King also had 2 grabs.

Chris Yarran
Starting his new halfback role on Nahas... 5 possessions

Brad Miller
Started on the ground but was barely sighted... 1 touch

Shane Edwards
Plenty of clangers among his 8 touches... also 4 marks

Kelvin Moore
Minding Casboult... 5 possessions and 2 marks
Moore also had 2 tackles.

Andrew L. Browne
3 hit outs and 4 possessions with 1 tackles

Hot David Astbury
Following Waite... 12 disposals and 7 marks
Astbury also had 2 tackles.

Alex Rance
On Walker... 2 marks and 5 disposals

Nick Westhoff
Kicked 0.1 from his only possession
Westhoff also had 1 possessions.

Hot Daniel Connors
10 disposals and 4 marks plus 1.0

Pat Contin
4 marks and 7 possessions

Jake Batchelor
3 possessions and 2 marks

Shane Tuck
9 touches and 2 marks

Troy Taylor
2 disposals on Watson

Dean MacDonald
Started as a sub
MacDonald also had 0 possessions.

Ben Jakobi
Started as a sub
Jakobi also had 0 disposals.

Jeromey Webberley
2 touches

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