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torResz: cmon newman and simmonds
adam10: hey guys
seanmorr: afternoon boys whats the weather like in melb
ljm2: nate jones split head from an accidental elbow of newman
torResz: did newman give fa?
GO PIES: plz b shower richo n deledio PLZ
adam10: im gone in my final:@ so fustrated .. already thinking next year:D
Montastic: Don't blame the Norryman
Go DoNZ: was hailing a bit earlier in Melb.
GO PIES: its overcast in melb, could hav a shower or two but should b fine
seanmorr: can someone kill deledio
torResz: cmon newman huge game plz i rlly ned it
palmer#10: need deledio to beat mcmahon!
adam10: m0nty mush accpriecated for letting me chat again(Y).. any chance for the purple name today monty?
seanmorr: is anyone in aust getting this game live
GO PIES: i agree seanmorr,lids dead would b nice
snagadelic: lets go whelan another big game
hillsy: Richo's very quiet....
Go DoNZ: Shae Tuck having a good end to the season...
ljm2: give holland the spud;)
Greenman: Is Riewoldt playing in the next match?
shell: gee vrs wb granny!!!!
torResz: its great how valenti is not playing hes like the best player lol
seanmorr: dont sleep today richo please
Preditors: cmon mcmahon and foley lift
adam10: leave Holland alone surely you cant spud him last game of his carrer!
Buck Naked: shane tuck is been in magnificent form as of late!
mammes: McMahon has nearly beaten last weeks score
m0nty: Tuck chopping again, nice
itsduff: looks like simmonds will be doing all the ruck work
adam10: do you have Tuck Monty?
torResz: cmon newmy
Go DoNZ: Warnock doing a good job on Richo thus far.
m0nty: Tuck is pretty important for my PDT ambitions, adam10 :)
hillsy: These umpires have been shocking ALL day!
snagadelic: great start by whelan
mammes: 6 of last 7 weeks above 110 for Tuck
Hball: Is bowden playing up forward this week?
seanmorr: monty can i have orange in my name pleeeasse
Harvey_29: m0nty i am back and ready to win that purple name today!!1
Crow_Man1: m0nty plz give me the injury symbol, need to have another shoulder reco this week
GO PIES: go away deledio and richo
torResz: newmann!!! cmon
shefx: Tuck is is my catptain in PDT if he scores well i hope to win the prem !!
ddamo7787: hi guys im sticking things in my willy
ddamo7787: hi guys will i win
ddamo7787: monty you are such a loser hey\
seanmorr: anyone no where bowden is playing fwd or back
ddamo7787: i will smash all you heros then fucck your girlfriends
Scratchy: what do you have to do this match to get the purple name
MarcMurphy: cmon lids and cotchin
andreioz: first goal scorer?
tima14: ive lost so much passion for dream team this week. just finding myself worrying bout collingwood..
seanmorr: but you only like guys damo
Crow_Man1: comon tigers
adam10: ddamo weve all had a piece of yours;)
Preditors: how do get a colour i your name Monty??
m0nty: we'll have another comp at half time
itsduff: connors got first goal
casha: Lift Tuck FFS
GO PIES: im 213 up in sc montags n dala vs. richo,lids,eddy n goddard...PLZ DO shower RICHO N LIDS
adam10: Cmon Paul Wheatley i need consolation points:(
Crow_Man1: all i want is the injury symbol please m0nty
Preditors: but i have to play footy then monty can u make it earlier
shell: is houligun in da house?
Harvey_29: how long does the 'green' name last for- the year?
Scratchy: go lids and richo. floweren a-game today.
bobaco: m0nty L-plate for Jack grimes
seanmorr: is bowden playing forward or back today anyone?
oddsok: m0nty l plate for grimes
Crow_Man1: comon richo
itsduff: good stuff newman. need u to beat bowden
Scratchy: jack grimes price ruined....definitely can't justify picking a 2nd gamer at 100k+ next year
ROMANO: ITSDUFF how did u get ur name coloured
adam10: Monty i say keep same icons for next year. Maybe add a few ones but what you need is more player icons.EX Fish for Fishe
MarcMurphy: is there another plaayer in the AFL named Jack other than Grimesy
Liuy: hey casha, which local footy club got $5000 from you winning supercoach last year mate????????????????????????
itsduff: I guessed fevs goals and behinds
snagadelic: yeah!! whelan my man
seanmorr: can someone give romano the pizza symbol
Harvey_29: riewoldt
tima14: i cant see newman beating bowden, hes too damn good and persides: im vsing him..
klinga: the rain is coming! richo need the knee to buckle thanks
casha: Grimessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss FFS GET ON
fatheads69: riewoldt?
adam10: Also games for coulared names are the thing. Very enjoyable. Keep them coming next year. Youve done great this year Mont
itsduff: jack steven for the saints
ljm2: jack steven from st kilda
shell: houli- ru there????
Bomberdan: keep going thursfield! but start kicking as well
casha: Wunghnu Liuy
ROMANO: MONTY can we all have colour names
MarcMurphy: lol like no one is named jack
Liuy: ok
adam10: M0nty did you get my emails and bigfooty notification?
ROMANO: yer plz
tima14: last night was the funniest game of the year, no-one honestly cared bout the result. fev was a crack up.
shell: romano- u can have a pizza next to ur name:-)
snagadelic: shut tp about the stupid colours
ROMANO: adam do u still play power soccer
m0nty: how's the Elim final going snaga?
Scratchy: ROFL My grand final opponent has C. Judd as an emergency!
Liuy: Agreed tima14.
snagadelic: tooth and nail monty getting nervous hows your pdt?
port42: lift richo man
seanmorr: front runner fev that was the funniest thing i have seen
Bomberdan: m0nty. how can we earn a coloured name?
m0nty: I'm quietly confident about PDT, Tuck will certainly help if he has a blinder
Hball: get into it simmonds!! keep going bowden and newman...
itsduff: kick it lids
ROMANO: MONTY can i have a picture of pizza next to my name
seanmorr: i need a massive SC game from you joel your my only hope
MarcMurphy: lids lining up?
tima14: anyone here at the game last night?
MadHatter: low scoring game, started raining wher i am
casha: Shhhhhhhhh Mont ffs
snagadelic: yeah i was tima
apg123: itsduff, y r u Purple
Chronorox: Just quietly.....I love Bowden
GO PIES: flower u deledio
seanmorr: Die lids you turd
itsduff: I guessed fevs goals and behinds
Harvey_29: itsduff just showing off, we should be sharing that purple name.. still cant get over i monty
apg123: wattt, i guessed them as well 7 goal 3 but i didnt get purple
ROMANO: how did that port guy get his name coloured
snagadelic: can someone man up bowden he a dt machine killing me
seanmorr: thats a good start joel
Stodgee: want a tissue Harvey29? Seriously
adam10: Boys we have another chance at half time, Chillax
apg123: bowden keep going mate
tima14: lol it was so funny wen hawthorn were clearing it at the very end, all the carlton supporters booing
ROMANO: CAn we ahve the chance now plz
casha: Did Grimes get on the Ground ?
GO PIES: its just about 2 pour at my place so could b raining at the g soon,or right now
ROMANO: MONTY how did that port guy get his name coloured
Dougy85: yup
Dougy85: was running with cotchin
footycool: cmon Simmonds and M. White
m0nty: ROMANO, shush.
GO PIES: i think the port42 guy guessed cross end of match score
freakycats: i say richo gets 2 goals, 2 points if he does i want my name in blue
apg123: simmonds, more in Supercoach and where the heck is Nathan Brown
ROMANO: thanks GO PIES seriously GO PIES
freakycats: m0nty were you happy with franklin last night??? Do u think he could do better???
thedaveyb: no padlock for foley today?
apg123: joel bowden will score 114 Dream team points, if he does, can i get my name Yellow
sikmoe: jeez shutup you bloody sooks. Why want coloured names? what flowern babies
GO PIES: starting 2 rain at the g
shell: ROMANO why are you saying go pies, shouldnt u be saying go pizza?
Hball: nah bowden for 133
Crow_Man1: comon simmo
Beefix88: Here we every retard is gonna make wild guesses about a player's final score in the hope of getting a colour
hapy_eagle: go tigers. I dont want a wooden spoon. Just Daniel Rich
Dougy85: why did the SC scores drop as soon as the quarter started?
footycool: m0nty make another comp so hoo ever wins can have ther ename colured 4 saints game
Beefix88: get a life
Keza41: lift cotchin
Auldy: i hope Jeff White plays on at a new club next year, such a good ruckman
GO PIES: hailing at my place,hoping that means that richo wont get many marks in the wet
footycool: Sylvia limping
Stodgee: lol Beefix - should give those people a white coloured name
tima14: dont ask me how it all worked, but collingwood traded away pick 14 for cameron wood which turned out to be jack grimes..
Solat: go tuck you hidden gem
GO PIES: every1 nos how it worked,wood 2 pies,pick 14 2 bris who gave that 2 melb 4 trav johnstone
footy_wiz: nobody is going to get a coloured name as yesterday was a one-off occasion
dt&scnoob: yesss my oponent has pattison
damoc85: m0nty jake king isnt playing
hillsy: Beefix88....I love your work.
footycool: Lift Simmonds, White
quelt: hey Monty, whats the go with the coloured names i keep hearing about?
Tiger03: jake king isnt playing wtf nathan jones doesnt have him on him
footycool: m0nty wats with the crown kings not playing
itsduff: damn newman misses
Auldy: why does nathan jones have the King symbol, jake king isnt playing
adam10: jake king isnt even playing:S
Bomberdan: lift thursfield, nother good quater!
tima14: just saying, we couldve had this grimes fella and guy richards.
m0nty: whoops
tomhommus: nathan jones???
seanmorr: why is this game so low scoring... rain????
snagadelic: someone get on bowden ffs
hillsy: Is Jake King playing?
itsduff: good goal by volt jr
dt&scnoob: yeh i just looked at then. i was happy because i have king and no one covering for him
footycool: Lift Simmonds M White
GO PIES: well we need a better ruckman,weneva fraser is against sum1 bigger than him,he losses
Dougy85: snag how is the elim going?
GO PIES: yer its raining
quelt: has grimes been on the ground yet?
Bomberdan: law law, what u on?
Beefix88: hey monty i reckon bartram, cotchin and yze will average 68.333 DT points, can I have my name in aqua?
oddsok: lol and fraser was a #1 draft pick
footycool: Kick a goal Simmonds
hillsy: Is it really raining?
tima14: yeah but u cant use friday night as an example, sandilands is one big fella. people bag fraser but wen his at his best..
tima14: his brilliant...
snagadelic: gonna be very close dougy
Buck Naked: Bowden needs 178 to average 100 for the year...possible!
damoc85: m0nty i think nathan jones should get the player who must underachieved for the year
Bullwinkle: Hope you'r right Buck, he's my PDT captain!
itsduff: cmon newman catch up to bowden
seanmorr: wake up richo you flowering bloomer
GO PIES: i cant c how fraser was eva a no. 1 pick,his alright but not anythin like a no.1 pick
Bomberdan: thursfield +5
mammes: ANyone give Goddard a chance to score 120+?
footycool: 50+ Simmonds and 35+ M .White plz guys
Bomberdan: start kicking thursfield! godd ur getting disposals, but get more kicks as well!
tima14: if we werent'y apparantly chasing cousins n brown n kerr and whoever else, picking up jeffy white woulnt be out of line.
footycool: hi bomberdan look and thursfield us on his average
mr gor: no stay asleep richo
adam10: m0nty what will the question be at half time for the coulared name?
dt&scnoob: is this match on tv? or only fox sports
GO PIES: gd,richos struggling 2 get in2 the game...keep it up i need richo 2 suck
footycool: Hi Bomberdan :)!
oddsok: will be compared to kreuzer as kreuzer develops
Bomberdan: lol, but he is doing well
Bomberdan: ur not doin so great law law
snagadelic: man bowden is carving it up 20 disposals aleary!!
damoc85: why did u waste pick 14 last year getting wood then?
tima14: yeh true fraser was a bit of a waste, but imagine if our 2 active ruckman were wood n bryan..
quelt: depends where goaddard plays... but agianst bombers.. def possible
Beefix88: are melbourne this year the worst team we have seen in decades? I think so
Bomberdan: im going to be shuki this week, most likely
massa4: monty i heard matty lloyd is out for bombers game????
footycool: ? i dont think so my captain hasnt played goddard should get 100 i hope lol!
mammes: not really richos weather
footycool: if ur going 2 be shuki ur going to be very tall
snagadelic: what about the blues for the last five years and im a carlton supporter
tima14: i dont rekon pikn up ruckman at pick no1s the way to go. blokes like cotchin n palmer shood be better than kreuzer.
d.petrie: shane tuck is a gun
Bomberdan: lloyd should be in, dont see why not
Bomberdan: not that tall law law
footycool: Lift my team
mammes: Well i will need Goddard to score prob 120... my game atm is 63+Godd vs Richo + Newman
Beefix88: yea true but melbourne have been dismal this year...getting raped by teams like port
snagadelic: carlton need big blokes as simple as that
quelt: ruckmen normally takea long tiem to mature, lot of work with putting on the weight needed and tap skill.
Liuy: Tima14, ruckmen take a lot longer than small players to develop. ;P
footycool: hope 4 yours and myne mammes that goddard can get 120
m0nty: haven't heard any rumours about outs for the late game
itsduff: goddard will prob play as a mid so should be good for 100
Buck Naked: If only joel wasnt dropped..... would of won DT grand final
GO PIES: i need goddard 2 do shower,or atleast eddy 2 do REALLY shower and montags n dala 2 do AWESUM if im 2 win
Jacko69: who is everyone going to pick as caption for Finals DT
seanmorr: i heard gram could be i pray
d.petrie: shane tuck is the most underrated player in the afl
Buck Naked: Who else here is the leading the overall standings? but missed out on the grand final through late exclusions last week?
Beefix88: to win my grand final I need McMachon to outscore Deledio by 60 points...something tells me that aint gonna happen..
jack_lord1: the winner is me
tima14: i know ruckman take longer to develop, but with kreuzer , there purley gonna work hard on him. regardless of how good he
GO PIES: if grams flowered
tima14: actually is, carlton are going to be sure that they make him good.
Jacko69: lift Richo
massa4: bartel captain
hillsy: Buck Naked....who else gives a f uck!
Bomberdan: thursfield +2
dt&scnoob: c'mon newman, bowden, cotchin, richo, mcmahon and simmonds!!!
Keza41: Thompson captain!! =]
Jacko69: Albett should get atleast 100 in finals
Montastic: cmooooon richo/simmo
m0nty: Tuck goal nod
Beefix88: Tuck is a bloody legend
jezza10: goal to tuck- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nebbaz: monty can i ask u soemthing
tima14: the key to joshy fraser is that we must put him up foward more often when hes not performing in the ruck...
apg123: bowden where r u
casha: nods in tandem with mont
Frenchy08: bit of headwobble about tima14
Bomberdan: jacko "albett" u mean ablett? he should get like, 120+
micabre: made tuck my capt this week, been in good form and figured it was only melbourne
nebbaz: is your red hair natural, or did u die it red
tima14: lol frenchy08, clearly its bc..
itsduff: lol goal ball hit goal ump and came back in play
bjsteel: theres a bit of Triple M about frenchy08
seanmorr: cmon terry rest deledio for next season
malteaser: whats happened to richo
m0nty: My beard is natural ranga, nebbaz. Blonde on top though. :)
Frenchy08: doesnt negate the fact theres a bitta headwobble about u young fella
shell: whats happened 2 richo n simmonds????
hillsy: Gram out.
Stodgee: so curtains dont match the drapes?
Frenchy08: is the pitch home yet?
nebbaz: hahahahahaha
seanmorr: richo is going to cost me mt DT final you croc
micabre: what!!! gram out damn it i need him to play
palmer#10: youre the biggest liar hillsy
tima14: nahh he isnt...
GO PIES: flower gram out gdbye premiership hopes
jbomber: Gram out - source? Bigfooty?
apg123: is sam fisher, riewoldt and santo still playin, and lovett murray
casha: cmon grimesy
jezza10: sylvias out for the game- give him the red cross ------ give holland the spud
hillsy: ...reels in rod!
micabre: if i get my hands on that hillsy
malteaser: bloody richo, trusted a richmonds supporters advice. What a crock
seanmorr: hope ya right for once hillsy
d.petrie: stop making shower that gram is out
GO PIES: is gram actually out or is it bs???
nebbaz: Quick Tip: shelling clams doesn't always gaurantee a DT win, don
snagadelic: ok does anyone one know outs for the other game and source
tima14: does anyone agree with me in saying dave hales a bit of a dud, and its merely his height that gets him over the line?
m0nty: No evidence that Gram is out, hillsy banned.
seanmorr: ffs simmonds
quelt: Rioli Vs. Palmer for NABr* - peoples thoughts?
seanmorr: your a legend hillsy
GO PIES: thx monty
Ropes: Enjoy your ban hillsy
shell: palmer for teh win
snagadelic: there was someting on bf about gram and fisher being but it said source wasn't good so he may have been reporting that/
quelt: hale better than josh fraser >_<
GO PIES: rioli should get rising i reckon
d.petrie: do u guys think ddd has a chance of the nab rs
mr gor: nice richo... nice
seanmorr: if gram and fisher are out i will dance around naked for weeks
shea1987: i heard that gram thing too
quelt: palmer and cyril both had awesome rnd 22
micabre: any other week and most people would just laugh it off but not GF week
Ropes: Nah Rhys Palmer will get it Go PIES IMO
mammes: -6 lol
itsduff: shower richo
rifkib: Rioli should win rising star
Cruiseon: I have mail that Gram, Fisher, Goddard, Harvey, King, Frawley, Plugger, Trev Barker - all OUT today!
shefx: richo not happy at all -6 bugger
seanmorr: richo going backwards f.wit
GO PIES: lol richo -6...i need him 2 keep going at this rate
tima14: palmers obviously better, but somethings telling me cyril will get over the line...
mr gor: hey anyone watching the game, can you tell me where petterd's playing?
tima14: trip d wouldve gotten it..
jezza10: sylvia is out for the game.
d.petrie: they compared palmer to judd a few weeks ago on the first two seasons
damoc85: so j-bo once again gonna be over 400K next year
apg123: cruise is talkin shower
jezza10: keep going tuck you superstar
Ropes: Josh carr officially wants to go back to Port.
snagadelic: tuck and bowden on fire
Beefix88: Out of the new players this year, I reckon Cotchin is gonna turn out the most prominent player
Montastic: Richo and Simmonds are going to cost me my Grand Final
tima14: u look at all the blokes who have rising star nominees, and personally id rather half of them to rioli...
d.petrie: tuck doesnt stop racking
quelt: i reckon palmer is a gun, but his disposal lets him down, cyril under pressure amazing for a first year.
snagadelic: i hope palmer gets it i officially hate hawthorn after last night clarkson is a dwarfe tool
beaup: palmer has become premier midfielder at freo, cops number 1 tag every week and still beats it. he WILL win it
Dougy85: terrible SC from simmonds, needs a big 2nd half
Auldy: whatabout Cale Morton?
jbomber: C'Mon Simmonds, need 100 from you
jbomber: Especially with Gram out
quelt: snagadeilc really on the money with that thought....
jeremyg: Richo you tanking motherflowerer!!
d.petrie: holland u hack
snagadelic: what did everyone think about clarkson having 5 players on fev when 70 points up what a dog act
apg123: cale morton plays for melbourne, they only will win the Wooden Spoon
Chronorox: Hey richie how you going mate? Good one last night?
GO PIES: palmer cant kick,rioli has awesum skill but doesnt get lots of it like palmer so itll b close
jeremyg: PLease dont tell me Gram is out???
MackA: is gram out?
apg123: palmer will easily win
Beefix88: Holland cops the ultimate insult...getting the spud in a team of spuds
quelt: jim, was awesome. i was on tv...
tima14: what about ibbotson or rioli?
Auldy: lol @ apg
mr gor: it wasn't clarkson that told roughead to drop back in defence, he even sent out a runner to get him back forward.
jbomber: I'm glad Fev kicked 7, didnt see him chasing like that during the year, only when his 100th goal was on the cards
Chronorox: Haha really? did someone see you?
GO PIES: clarksons a dud,they shoulda let him atleast hav a chance 2 get the ton,as i always say clarkos a sore loser
mr gor: too right jbomber
snagadelic: what how does that work out, sorry i cant believe that
Beefix88: jbomber name me one unselfish full forward :P
shell: whats the comp m0nty?
palmer#10: GRAM is NOT out
tima14: fevola wouldve outsprinted ussein bolt last night...
snagadelic: it reminds me of when he king hit ian aitken(sorry going back a few years)
AliSTAR: fev doesnt deserve 100 goals, the only reson he gets close is 80 of the inside fifties come to him
rifkib: GO Pies, Your ment to earn your goals, not the oppistion to give them to you.
m0nty: ah yes, the comp
quelt: nah i saw it when i got home.
m0nty: alright, the comp is to predict Shane Tuck's final DT score. Purple name for twilight game up for grabs.
Chronorox: Beefix - Cam Mooney haha
noffle: 143
Ferg720: 117
rifkib: 140 for tuck
nato: take benny hollands spud off m0nty he is the greatest thing to ever happen to football
Auldy: 103
shell: 123
mr gor: i'll say he'll go for 131
d.petrie: yeh i want it how do u get it
lfctorres9: 115 for me
tima14: i say tuck will finish on 124...
port42: 116
Buck Naked: tuck 126
tomhommus: shane tuck = 121
Crow_Man1: 136
AliSTAR: tuck 133
nato: 136
adam10: tuck 128
jbomber: Buddy is selfish too but he'll chase and chase all day every day, not just when he's a chance to bring up goal #100.....
grpeter: tuck 126
OiCatchYa: 127
itsduff: 167 :)
Liuy: Tuck will get 115.
quelt: fev had his chances, you can't ask a team to stop trying to play football. fev supporters=sore losers, just like fev!
Maras: 122
Tigers#30: tuck=119
KaneZilla: Tuck... = 133
apg123: is the comp for shane tucks score
jbomber: Tuck 131
krajit06: tuck= 150
m0nty: a reminder: first in best dressed for people who nominate the same number so try to be unique!
nato: fine 135 for tuck
casha: 161 nod
the_fish: tuck end scor129
tomhommus: beefix - Roughead
brent-83: tuck = 131
jbomber: Woops 132
Ferg720: 117
Beefix88: tucky will get 123
grpeter: tuck 127
gibbo69: shane tuck = 143
d.petrie: 199
brent-83: tuck = 132
CampbellP: 151 for him...
apg123: 134 for Tuck
Chronorox: 139
quelt: tuck = 125
shea1987: tuck - 128
lfctorres9: 115
Crow_Man1: im the 1st for 136
torResz: tuck 121
Liuy: Tuck = 125
tomhommus: Tuck 118
Ferg720: 117
Buck Naked: who got 126 1st monty?
grpeter: tuck 125
damoc85: 141
port42: 116 for Shane
krajit06: tick= 150
tima14: 124 for tuck
d.petrie: nh soz 128
Tigers#30: 119 for tuck
freakycats: 137 for tuck
Solat: ill go 139
hawkem: tuck 106
GO PIES: tuck 101
Auldy: Tuck = 103 hes gonna crash
m0nty: lol someone said 199 :D
nato: 135???
lfctorres9: tuck=115
crazyman27: tuck - 139
tima14: wat a min monty, how u gettn all this down?
MackA: tuck - 132
Beefix88: all these answers are the same...i hope i got 123 first
itsduff: 167 :)
RobotNinja: 122 for Tuck
Liuy: FINE 126 for TUCK
Maras: 122
LENNY35: 131 for tuck
KaneZilla: I got 1st for 133... i hope... HAHA!
tomhommus: m0nty has full chat logs
d.petrie: i got 128
m0nty: I have full chat logs :)
seanmorr: tuck 119
Montastic: I've got $800 riding on my grand final result ... if Richo and Simmo cost me I will cry
torResz: hes got logs.
cj353: Tuck 102
GO PIES: i agree tuck will crash =101
spence37: 145
mjbt: 116
snagadelic: tuck 137
shea1987: 142
apg123: 134 for Shane Tuck, i got in first for 134
krajit06: can u work out how much couglans going to go down 4 next year
Maras: flower off robot ninja i say 122
tima14: rightio well for the final time i say 124 for shane tuck...
Houli: 114 for tuck, monty.
AliSTAR: KaneZilla i think i beat ya to it
jbomber: $800... not sheep stations then
Chronorox: How many possies is Bowden on?
davo87: 129
MackA: i got 132.
grpeter: 113
adam10: fine
seanmorr: better start crying montastic.. i have them as well
port42: lol mjbt i got 116 first :D
freakycats: i say 117 for tuck now
adam10: 109 for tucky
freoboy: Put me down for 107
S.K.Warne: lol funny that you give holland a spud in his last game
adam10: 109
torResz: dont argue , m0nty knows who said what 1st
GO PIES: 22 posies 4 bowden...look at the info on him
adam10: monty i had 128 but so did someone else 109 ok!
sntran23: 75
d.petrie: i definatley got 129 first
m0nty: alright, entry period over. ;)
baenzale: 111
Chronorox: mmm interesting methods GO PIES....thanks :p
mjbt: 115
Ferg720: am i down for 117? straight after you said the contest
Beefix88: ummm i said 123 but if someone had it first i want 138...if some1 said that too i want 753
adam10: 109! 109! 109!
Maras: monty torResz told me you have red hair on msn, is this true??
MightyQuin: tuck me in for 119
d.petrie: monty wat did i get
RooBeauty: 127
Bomberdan: tuck 132
torResz: wtf who are u maras rofl.
tima14: monty, just laying down the law there..
freakycats: go tuck get 42 in the second half i said 117 for u
apg123: monty did u get my entry
shell: lol, i said 123 as well beefy, wonder who got it in 1st??
freakycats: m0nty what everyone say
Beefix88: shell: :(
d.petrie: yes i got 129
m0nty: I got everyone's entries.
Maras: i was just joking torResz haha
Solat: whats up with wheatley? being held well ? or just not enough ball for Melb?
therescav: Tuck 135
Crow_Man1: am i the only one with 136 m0nty?
freakycats: what did i say m0nty
torResz: lol ok =]
the_fish: i think i got 129...clarification please monty
the_fish: i think i got 129...clarification please monty/
Dinham10: i need 198 between stanton and gram to win my GF. any chance?
footycool: 112 4 tuck
m0nty: last two comps were won by the first and second posters, btw... noffle with 143 and Ferg720 with 117
Houli: m0nty i siad 114 but is this for DT or SC?
Maras: Paul is a journalist who has had extensive experience in Melbourne and Sydney writing for and editing business magazines
footycool: Simmonds 80+ by FT and White 65+ by Ft plz guys im desperate
Beefix88: monty may I ask if I got 123 :)
Ferg720: cheers monty
freakycats: m0nty i said 117 aswell for tuck
footycool: m0nty is my 112 in the comp?
m0nty: it's for DT, Houli
d.petrie: the fish i got 129
Buck Naked: sorry monty whats my entry i think i was first on 126 yeah?
goswannies: is gram playing or not?
Houli: K, thanks m0nty. What does the winner get? Purple name?
m0nty: we won't know changes for the late game for another 20-30 minutes
itsduff: go tucky!!!!!!!
GO PIES: silvias back on
d.petrie: monty did i get 129
Beefix88: i had Tuck at the start of the year and got rid of him cos he was underperforming at the start.....><
freakycats: m0nty some1 else said mine (117) i think i deserce a retry
GO PIES: sylvias***
d.petrie: do u get the puple name for the game, the round or the rest of the year
freakycats: i say 119?
casha: Jack ksssss
Maras: beefix88 no one cares to be honest
jbomber: Please Gram have today off..
jezza10: lol at holland
Hball: when will we know if gram is out or not monty?
AliSTAR: Tuck plz get 7 kicks, 5 h/b, 5 marks and 2 tackles
Beefix88: Maras, you dont look cool for insulting me on here, why do you bother?
torResz: cmon simmo good 2nd half
goswannies: c'mon big richo, lift plz
m0nty: purple names last for one game only
adam10: tuck 109 is all ay need
palmer#10: why the hell cant valenti get a game in this side
GO PIES: YES richo kick out on the full
Ropes: Keep up the clangers Richo :)
darcy: Newman and Simmonds come on boys kick on for couple of 100's :)
itsduff: Richo shocking kick at goal
snagadelic: cmon wake up whelan
footycool: plz G-d Plz Goddard get 100+ Lonergan 90+ and Lloyd 100+ plz i need it
darcy: mOnty the guy that was in purple was that for predicting Fevola score ? I tipped Cross's score
port42: dutchy!
d.petrie: so y does everybody want it so much
jbomber: Need a massive 2nd half from SImmonds, c'mon
Auldy: Shane Tuck will never be as awesome as Ty ZanTuck
GO PIES: richo just got crucnhed(hope he comes off)
MackA: is gram out?
GO PIES: richo off,not sure if its coz he got hurt or just a rest
casha: Richo off ksss
seanmorr: has the weather got better
OiCatchYa: Connors is a good young player
darcy: mOnty can we have a couple more comps to get your name in purple as its the last 2 games
itsduff: richo head knock. on the bench now but looks ok
massa4: footycool, i heard llyod might miss
GO PIES: yer its stopped raining
Beefix88: lol Auldy
Ropes: Good news re Richo bwing off, superb stuff.
darcy: Bowden lining up he is a DT freak getting him next year for sure
shell: darcy, only 1 game 2 go
footycool: m0nty give Petterd the heart automaticcly evry week
itsduff: power off bowden
d.petrie: how do u get the green name
freakycats: m0nty i say buckley gets 109 for DT i'm first in
goswannies: stop scoring bowden, newman and simmo
footycool: stop lighing massa4 hees fine!
bjsteel: carn big jeff
seanmorr: thats how my luck has gone this week first valenti out then rok so 2 scores down now richo boo hiss
darcy: shall I know included this one :)
darcy: Bowden mark prediction game for purple name ???
Ropes: FFS Bowden is killing me. Bah
Auldy: How long till Kayne Pettifer is fit to play again? Or wont he be coming back next year
GO PIES: i say that ben holland will score under i get a purple name?
massa4: i said rumour mate not oficiall u spud
seanmorr: move bowden back to backlines terry
Beefix88: lets play a Ben Holland guessing game! I say 33!
therescav: bowden gonna kick another...
darcy: Bowden again 170 again looking good
itsduff: damn newman should've kicked the goal instead of passing it to bowden
mattmiss: seanmorr you think yor badly done by, i lost goodes,scotland,pavlich,mackie,valenti
davo87: i say 24
DT ELITE: i reckon buckley will get between 95-100, ill say 96
footycool: good M White and Simmonds ur lifting
darcy: Bowden 19 marks my guess
footycool: 65 by 3 Qtr time Simmonds 45+ M.White by 3 Qtr time plz guys
AliSTAR: ben hollan 17
seanmorr: i had shaw pav didak and lucas as well didnt mention those squibs
Mathew012: Damn I put Richo captain, was going to go with Bowden. That mistake will cost me a high 2200+ score
Solat: man worst score for the season in my GF
goswannies: kreuzer for rising star??
seanmorr: is richo back on?
casha: lift Grimes ffs
darcy: Grimes for his first ever goal
Maras: tuck down the race :S
DT ELITE: what was cotchin's BE?
MarcMurphy: m0nty done a competition yet?
Hball: same here solat
mattmiss: i also have shaw and lucas :P we are in the wars
Interista: thanks richo just need 65 SC from you for a grand final win !!!! You flowering peice of flowering shower
GO PIES: my bench players r all pretty,drummond,goodes,valenti,didak n rioli(rucks r shower tho)
rinski: kreuzer hahaha hope that was a joke!!!
tima14: isnt it ironic that the 2 players melbourne are bout to delist are gunning it...
KaneZilla: White and Yze top scorers for melbourne... that will teach the B*stards...
freakycats: i put bowden captain in my GF DT looks like i should still lose
snagadelic: whelan your alive!!!!
Beefix88: nothing worse than ruining a golden score with a crappy capt hey michael
davo87: yeh and they wonder y they at the bottom
darcy: Newman SC ?
rinski: ill go with 27 for holland
jbomber: someone tell Ox its PERIPHERAL vision, not periphial
seanmorr: cmon richo schulz is ahead of you now
Solat: nice chase lids
darcy: Delideo how quick was that McMahon goal !
torResz: cmon simmo. newman 82 SC
goswannies: rinski, im serious for an 18yr old to be a teams top ruckman thats an aweosme effort
Chronorox: Come on Richo, gotta get a few possies mate
Jeremick: Oh god Bowden. :(
darcy: Thanks go pies
MarcMurphy: Lids and Cotchin SC?
Solat: well played the spud!
torResz: go newman 90 this qtr
torResz: cmon simmo lift.
darcy: Newman another 130 would be nice
torResz: what is with shane tuck
rinski: palmers freos top possesion getter!!! rioli possible all australian, dont think kruz guna get it dude, be close though
Beefix88: what are the odds of Lids injuring himself right now and McMahon finishing with 125? lol
darcy: Richmond backline is going to be like Geelong's in a few years
massa4: wheres tuck gone????/
adam10: cmon tuck 109 mate!
seanmorr: is richo on anyone???????????????????????????????????????????????????
MarcMurphy: thanks GO PIES
jbomber: cmon SImmo, lift son
jbomber: darcy - no way
edward123: cmon richo u r my captain
rinski: cmon foley ffs, flower off mcmahon
edward123: richo!!!! dammit
goswannies: yeah i spose but kreuzer will be a gun
Stodgee: Rioli all australian? LMAO
darcy: Simmonds has screwed up so many times Bowden again
Beefix88: omg monty a bit hasty with the spud I see!!!
jezza10: is tuck injured?
GO PIES: yer richo came back on a few mins ago
Solat: geezus wheatley being outspudded
Interista: richo you flowering shower ffs !!!!!!!!!!!!!! c"mon
Solat: agreed Stodgee
Jeremick: Let's go Wheatley let's go!
darcy: Tuck is fine just cold
seanmorr: richo and brad jono has cost me bad this week
jezza10: tuck what the hell are you doing!
rinski: stogee only goin by wat the panel said i thought it was a joke myself dont worry...
torResz: who else is doing that ruck work...other than simmonds simmo should be killing it
darcy: Anyone know what was wrong with carrazzo brought me another zero
itsduff: i think we cursed tuck
darcy: Delideo star mOnty Bowden stats cheap as give him the gun
Ropes: Richo and Simmo a combined 35 points in SC LOL Thankyou lads HAHA
Liuy: Yze and Jeff White STARRING in their Last games!
darcy: Another FA Simmonds that's like 4
Beefix88: I need McMahon to beat lids by 60 points, keep going son!! :P
torResz: cmon simmo lift
jordblues: great qtr carrol. touchless
GO PIES: cmon tuck get anotha 16 poins
jebus: dutchyyyyyyyyyyy
seanmorr: richo needs a last qtr like last week to save face
Solat: haha Holland is scoring all of tucks points
massa4: reiwoldt wat a pick up for gf!
darcy: Come on Newman 90 before siren my friend
rinski: mcmahon to break a leg
cherries08: Carrazzo booked in for knee surgery on MOnday
sarpac: flower you bowden
torResz: simmonds wtf..stop faing
Auldy: i picked 103 for tuck.... :D
Ferg720: the spud just made some serious headway
darcy: Bell the new spud
jordblues: white and yze who r retiring r melbournes best. tells a lot
Crow_Man1: richo for spud
therescav: You can't give Holland the spud with a score like that, gotta give it to Schulz or possibly Tambling
Chronorox: Going to have to de-spud Holland i think
darcy: Richo lining up :)
MarcMurphy: has m0nty done the competition already?
footy_wiz: what is maric and simmo on in sc?
itsduff: Richo that was terrible
darcy: Worst kick ever haha Tuck touched it
seanmorr: your a flower wit simmo 4Fa you idiot
therescav: Spud for tambling I think
jezza10: make cale morton the spud haha
Solat: cmon richo is having a spud of a game
darcy: Which competition
Chronorox: Yeh Marc, It's Tucks score
GO PIES: richo didnt get the goal YES
torResz: richo 7 sc, maric 35 sc
vinesboy76: I had money on Richo most goals - should have put the money on Richo biggest vowel
MarcMurphy: lol too late to enter?
Beefix88: I think its safe to say that Thursfield is the perfect spud selection.
d.petrie: how is hollland still the spud
mitchc6: simmonds 30
casha: grimes kssss
GO PIES: simmo 30 sc
darcy: Did Buckley get 130 last week ?
torResz: newman...90
mitchc6: schulz is quite the spud
m0nty: about time young Jack
therescav: Man, tambling is such a spud
darcy: Tuck score will be 116
GO PIES: 12 more points to stay on 101 cmon tuck
mr gor: whoa what the hell is spud boy doing up there??
MarcMurphy: Tuck will end up with 111
darcy: Simmonds 80 Newman 110 come on boys !
Beefix88: Thursfield for spud! Thursfield for spud!
adam10: Tucky end up on 109 and.. ill consider you next year!
Ropes: Monty any late withdrawals inthe last game thus far mate?
turts111: take the spud off m0nty
footycool: 14 in the last qtr tuck so i can get a colur
jezza10: holland should get BOG not spud!
adamhunter: wheatley you dud what a round to have a shower game
footycool: 75 by Simmonds and White at Ft plz guys
therescav: Holland > Thursfield > Tambling
seanmorr: cmon richo you can score 50 in a qtr son
fatheads69: ahahaaah thursfields like glass...sick know nothing
darcy: 116 Tuck come on mate make me purple
Harvey_29: whas this about color for tuck
goswannies: tuck will get 110!
tima14: gahhh.. i was originally gonna say tuck 134.. now me 124s not ling the greatest...
sarpac: lol at richo sc
Harvey_29: am i the first to say 109 m0nty??
m0nty: doesn't look like any changes in the late game as yet
jezza10: richo doing well in supercoach
torResz: cmon tuck 121 =]
MarcMurphy: Tuck for 111
jbomber: FFS come on troy simmonds, lift
mitchc6: monty how is holland supd
Beefix88: fatheads we are talking dream team, of which apparently you know nothing
GO PIES: LOL richo sc YES!!!i might actually win the granny
DT ELITE: i called buckley 96 points just after half time... looking alright
crazyman27: flower me deledio, simmonds and maric better pull something out of their alpss
rinski: richo 4 for sc hahahaahahhahahahhaha spud
darcy: 116 for me Tuck !
adam10: na monty i said 109 first harvey!
goswannies: anyone got news on j gram?
Solat: do you get 4 just for turning up in the right strip?
shanus01: TUck will be 117 and Bowden will be 136
fatheads69: youd never give glass the spud although he never scores anything
adam10: m0nty can you see who said 109 first?
tima14: guys theres no point argueing over who said wat amount for tuck first, monty will know..
jbomber: Dutchy, highest scoring spud ever?
Harvey_29: i did adam 10
m0nty: KP defenders never get the spud, they're not out there for DT points
darcy: mOnty annoucce the comp for the next game straight away
casha: this is really working in our favour Mont!
mr gor: holland must've come on to fanfooty at halftime and seen his icon or something
jbomber: Richo has 4 for providing comedy relief
Ropes: Cheers Monty.
therescav: monty, can you please give the spud to tambling just for old funs sake? Its rd 22, let loose man
crazyman27: give me the spud for forgetting to change my captain this week from jono brown
fatheads69: thank you m0nty, oh and btw, the st kilda fitness coach has the same name as you
adam10: m0nty who said 109 first ? me or harvey?
m0nty: don't jinx it casha :D
mr gor: notice that no richmond players have cog icons, none of em even have to work hard against melbourne
edward123: cmon richo
casha: Buckley and foley need to die
therescav: leadeo kicking for goal
Harvey_29: u probly did adam10 i justc ame on 2mins ago this comp probly opened at halftime am i right?
itsduff: lids goals!!!!!!
mitchc6: cmon lids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beefix88: from what u said there monty, shouldnt players like thursfield get the cog icon each week?
shanus01: you should giv my gf oppnonent the spud...left n,brwon,t.Johsntone, D.hille and McPhee in leaving him with 0 for mackie
adam10: yeh i said it quite early
Interista: 3 goals this qtr RICHO you flowering shower
fatheads69: whats the comp?
seanmorr: sorry guys any changes saints game i just came back in
maicoolz: Is there a fanfooty site for with live NRL scores
goswannies: who will get the gun in this game???
crazyman27: yes lids. win me my league gf you star
darcy: Bowden lining up far out what a frwak
m0nty: yeah Beefix, I haven't picked up who his opponent is though... any help?
kovach: its been an ok debut for grimes... equal most tackles for his team means he isnt soft
footycool: gr8 Simmonds and M. White keep it up
itsduff: flower off bowden
shanus01: tuck = gun
therescav: bowden + 12 o_O
Liuy: Newman should get the gun.
snagadelic: ok thats enough now joel
Beefix88: sorry mate im just looking on here while im at work, your fantastic site has me addicted :P
darcy: Bowden gun Delideo star
torResz: cmon newman 120:D
GO PIES: gd richos on the bench...hope he stays ther
fatheads69: thirsfield running wih sylvia
calcu: does seanmorr stand for seen more c.ock than any other man alive
Dougy85: bowdens SC score would come in handy this week
jbomber: give Bowden the magnum
holygrail: is there anyway you can give bowden the star and the gun?
calcu: snagadelic loves a big fat snag in his throat
seanmorr: no seenmorr pussy dude
fatheads69: m0nty, thursfield is on sylvia.
OiCatchYa: schulz or edwards spud
torResz: cmon newmyy
darcy: Newman ? Bwoden for kicking I reckon
Beefix88: hah at this rate tuck wont crack 100 :P
goswannies: changes for late game?
darcy: > Bowden* Tuck get going 116
snagadelic: your a f head calc power off
Tariq: Monty, can i make a suggestion? Make a freak icon... with the icon being a little shocked face :O
calcu: i bet you do between your dream team and wanking off men
darcy: Delideo what a grab
casha: cmon tuck ffs
Solat: good grab lids
footycool: m0nty i would take the spud of holland?
itsduff: what was the lowest guess for tuck m0nty
footycool: gr8 Simmonds and M.White keep it up!
m0nty: I don't care how much Holland scores, he's still a spud.
GakAttack: footycool a lifetime of spudness doesn't mean one game should get rid of it
Beefix88: invent a new icon for Bowden, a little Cunninghams Warehouse icon, for him being so damn cheap
Liuy: tariq: great idea!!!
Chrisrocks: c'mon cotch
holygrail: yeah schulz is definatly worthy of the spud not holland
Ropes: Funny stuff Beefix LOL
footycool: i said 112
fatheads69: bowden 141, tuck 111
Affinity8: i love jbo
adam10: cmon tucky get to 109 n stop!
therescav: Holland is a champion player
GakAttack: beefix he has won most of his football this half in the forward line with an opponent on him.. how is that cheap?
holygrail: but if you are doing it like that monty you may as well have it on the whole melbourne team, they are all spuds
seanmorr: can someone put a polish sausage up richo and simmo maybe you calcu your most qualified
casha: Agreed Spud for life
mammes: we need an icon for cheapies.
torResz: cmon newman...lift
footycool: 17 more tuck
calcu: snagadelic i call my plow a snag, hence snagaelic you love it in you mouth
footycool: kk
Lizi: lift richo ..
Tariq: thanks liuy, if only monty would consider it :))
nato: I hate you monty its benny's last game and hes doing well take it off
tomhommus: who remembers when schulz got 130 two weeks ago? oh yes im sure hes a spud then. Ben Holland allllllllways gets 130....
calcu: great one sean more plow get together with snagadelic and see if you loose your virginity
Liuy: m0nty, ban calcu.
DT ELITE: cmon buckley i called 96 don't let me down
OiCatchYa: 32 more tuck
adam10: no m0nty sorry have to disagree its Hollans last game, leave him alone mate
Montastic: Is Richo on? Injured? Surely there's an excuse for this disgusting effort
Beefix88: maybe a baby chicken icon for Bowden....cheep cheep....?
mr gor: monty just ban these fools talking about who loves the wang more
snagadelic: whatever man , whatever turns you on mate
torResz: cmon simmonds 80
darcy: Monty
stoney23: tuck wont get 100 :):)
pavspride: give richo the spud
darcy: Why was I banned
fatheads69: its amazing how melbourne can play so bad....i mean richmond are an emerging side, but theyre playing so bad!
footycool: lol beefic88
footycool: hi darcy
tomhommus: wrong way bruce
footycool: why were u banned?
Chronorox: What's richo's SC?
crazyman27: come on maric get some of the pill
darcy: Ummm hi ?
Chrisrocks: c'mon cotch
seanmorr: Richo needs the dutchy spud for this game especially
calcu: SNAG - P.ENIS, snagadelic - plowloving
tima14: ey boys do u rekon i can get 83 from hayes, goddard and monfries? (for the win)
fatheads69: i mean look at that kick out of full back...honestly
casha: is Grimes on ?
itsduff: give lids the gun
Beefix88: my god, plz ban calcu and/or snagadelic plz
holygrail: cmon monty be brave give the spud to the whole melbourne team?? PLEASE!
jezza10: ricky petterd is always injured- deledio +7
DT ELITE: give richo a tie, for choking in the DT grand final week
tomhommus: newman gun
adam10: tucky 9 more points
jezza10: grimes is on the pine
itsduff: well maybe not when he misses from 12 m
fatheads69: hayes will get that by himself
Solat: goddard will get you 100 at least
darcy: 16 more Tuck ! mOnty why was I banned
Tariq: 110+ from both newman and lidz would be awesome...
m0nty: Tuck ton nod
shanus01: 17 more tuck and 9 more bowden
casha: cheers jezza
jezza10: sylvia has to got to get the loveheart
MarcMurphy: 9 more Tuck and i'm Purple
Auldy: 3 more points tuck!
darcy: Richo saving mark ! Delideo the bin
Chronorox: Yes!!! Richo marks!!
Auldy: 3 more points tuck!whait 1 more lol
Beefix88: cmon tuck!! 11 more points and I win the guess! i think...
crazyman27: lids you are going to win my league gf by yourself!!! I Love you!!!
seanmorr: die lids you wayne kerr
torResz: newmyy!! cmon
GO PIES: monty y did i get banned and now im not???
tomhommus: come on tuck 118
adam10: 7 more tucky
Tariq: Goddard will NOT get 100, Trust me, its Essendon, they watch the runners from defence soo closely...
fatheads69: bowden goal
itsduff: goddard will prob play as a mid
crazyman27: is maric alive?
jbomber: any late withdrawals for StK v Ess?
calcu: good one seanmorr
DT ELITE: is gram playing?
footycool: plz get 100 Goddard
torResz: did newman and simmonds die?????
Chronorox: Gotta feel for Petterd....poor bloke
seanmorr: wow wish i had super joel in DT as well as SC
MarcMurphy: cmon Tuck when i get back i wanna see 111 from you
shanus01: bugger said 136 fro bowden
holygrail: gun and star for bowden!
Liuy: BOWDEN is an absolute gun.
thedaveyb: maric is ff he's not going to touch it there
calcu: you got banned coz monty is sick of you girly crap you keep spewing all thorugh this forum
Affinity8: jbo just works in multiples of 6
jezza10: give petterd the tombstone he is always injured- from now on he should be given the tombstone before the match starts\
S.K.Warne: i'm 29 poimts down in my gf and have goddard, my opp has kosi
snagadelic: saints no changes
mr gor: ffs someone get on deledio
holygrail: welsh to tag goddard
tima14: ey boys wat has been the highest dream team score this year by a player?
seanmorr: calcu loves cucumbers reminds hom of home!
cj353: Tuck can't touch it again i said 102
Chronorox: 38 ff for bowden....gonna be a big SC score =D
Jeremick: I officially hate Joel Bowden the most in the AFL
darcy: calcu you talking to me ? Delideo big bin !
torResz: newman cmon...y did u stop
mr gor: welsh ain't playin buddy
footycool: 10 more tuck
fatheads69: 5 more from bowden im correct, 9 more from tuck as well
Chronorox: Welsh isn't even playing (unfortunately)
darcy: 173 by Bowden
dt&scnoob: why jeremick he is my fave
tomhommus: 1. bowden 180, 2. stanton 175, 3. bowden 173
jezza10: deledio the gunshot
cemon1: bullshower deledio and bowden, flowerers
adam10: tucky get a mark then a handball then another handball then have a spell for the rest of ur season:D
itsduff: shower newman y didn't u kick the bloody goal
jezza10: goal to the red head jackson the ranger
jbomber: Get Maric on
torResz: newmy cmon
holygrail: what happend to hero welsh
fullbull: deledio gun m0nty
Beefix88: ok i need mcmahon to get a quick 90 points and ill win my GF :P
quelt: anyone who is watching the game, can you tell me how grimes has looked?
Chrisrocks: DT Grand Final: ruined by soft players and (soreness) injurys
therescav: spud for tambling?
shanus01: +19 where the hell did D Jackson come from?
adam10: NOO tucky needs a hitout:(
fatheads69: mont, youre a bit behind haha
seanmorr: pass the ball to richo ala fev last night could be his last game
tomhommus: come on tuck 118
mammes: i need goddard to score 82 plus the cheapies that richo n newman get... gonna be close as
mr gor: hammy last week for welsh
DT ELITE: Cmon buckley get to 96!!
tima14: 16 more tucky!! :P (not liley)
cemon1: congrats to richmond on their 9th place finish
stoney23: nice excuse chrisrocks, you wont be the only one using it
jezza10: deledio the shotgun!!!!!!!!!!! cmon alreadu
jezza10: deledio the shotgun!!!!!!!!!!! cmon already
dt&scnoob: cotching and newman, get a few more points
tigerpm7: Why Holland Spud? Give it to Richo. Lots of people are relying on him today for a good DT score.
torResz: need 13 more tuck
Beefix88: go tuck! another 15!
therescav: 27 more tuck
KouDogg: Tuck is a DT gun
seanmorr: ffs richo dont go backwards
g_dawwg: I need goddard and lloyd to beat lovvet murray and kotsche to win the finals...what are my chances?
Auldy: boo, tuck 103+ :( the dream is over... unless he gets some FAs
footycool: m0nty i would give white the can also racked it up in 2nd half
mitchc6: lids = gun
fatheads69: grimes hasnt been too bad...i dont think hes been on ground too much, but he showed a bit of shine
footycool: 4 more suck
dt&scnoob: i have bowden deledio tuck and newman in sc. woot!!
footycool: tuck
KouDogg: tigerpm7 read the definition of spud plz
RooBeauty: go tuck another 19 and u got my geuss of 127
mammes: im home in super coach, i going to score 2400
Chrisrocks: just a general observation, but seriously softies like Mackie and Goodes; weak
therescav: gun for leadEO
footycool: M white 2 be exact
fatheads69: 141!
Fury: Goddard and Llloyd will win
jezza10: deledio!
tigerpm7: Riewoldt my Capt and i'll need him to score 60+ and i'm home.
therescav: leadEO + 9 o_O
jezza10: deledio kicks his 3rd- +9!
itsduff: the seas parted so lids could get a goal :)
OiCatchYa: 19 more tuck
palmer#10: deledio goal
fatheads69: 143!
OiCatchYa: i guessed 127!!!!!!
seanmorr: how about ROK i have a runny nose im not playing
cemon1: flower i hate bowden
jezza10: give maric the thingy for limited time on ground!!!!!!
port42: gee a few garbage bins, ha.
footycool: 70 Simmonds 80 M.White
Legenbo: tossed up between wheatley and bowden to trade in for round 22, went bowden - fairly happy
tigerpm7: That's right KouDogg. No one should have him this week.
bjsteel: white junk time?? wtf he had 70 at 3qt
footycool: hope they do well Fury
adam10: tuck get a hitout mate
jezza10: tuck mark and kick!!!
tigerpm7: itsduff. Why are you pink?? Probably got asked a million times already.
footycool: no he didnt bjsteel he had 60
Narkee: Isn't purple symbolic for sexually frustrated itsduff?
jbomber: give Deledio the bin
g_dawwg: i need an absolute screamer from lloyd to win this week
adam10: no purple for me:(
KouDogg: its not refering to this week, it means no one should have them in general and your saying no one should have richo?
torResz: lol tuck 114
tigerpm7: Bowden is a must in everyones team.. Thanks again for a massive score.
tomhommus: tackle tuck tackle
shanus01: 3 more TUCK!
OiCatchYa: 13 more tuck u can do it
grpeter: hey benny s, wot up
bjsteel: no it was 69
fatheads69: ok tuck stop and my guess is correct
therescav: 1.23 to go
tigerpm7: Ok KouDogg. Spud for this week only, not the awesome season he's had.
crazyman27: any points for maric in this half?
footycool: crap -2 tuck
fatheads69: great, bowden mark kick
thedaveyb: buckley done a hamstring according to ricky o
Beefix88: 9 Tuck come on! thats 3 kicks buddy!
jezza10: jackson racking it up
mammes: blow the siren
DT ELITE: buckley kick a late goal
GakAttack: woot bowden @$9 for most touches.. show me the money
jezza10: i think tucks on the bench- no more pts for him
jezza10: deledio +12
therescav: lead-EO about to kick number 4
tigerpm7: Monty. Can I be blue?
itsduff: Think lids should get the star after that mark
Chronorox: Geez Richo, thankyou so much for your valuable 16 SC points...-_-
port42: lol i guessed 116 for tuck who guessed 114??
fullbull: liddddddddddddddddddds
shanus01: 117 i had
Ropes: Deledio flowerinf fantastic effort
fatheads69: me
jezza10: 13 seconds left
crunk: i am beyond sickened by richo's glory goin down the toilet
Beefix88: lol @ ppl who said stufflike 140+ for tuck :P
fatheads69: just dont get another possie
quelt: jimbob how you shaping against rampa? runaway victory?
fatheads69: yessssss
crazyman27: deledio you star. i want your babies
therescav: siren
casha: do you owe me $100 Mont ?
seanmorr: lids has cost me SC final with 2 less players than my opponent
sikmoe: deledio is a freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!
adam10: who tipped 114?
fatheads69: i think i guessed 114!
darcy: 116 am I closest
itsduff: who won the purple name
Beefix88: monty remember the comp you did for guessing Warnock? Yea I think i won it
tomhommus: deledio trash can
Tariq: Lidz almost beat hayes record of biggest score in quarter... he got 71 in the final qtr.... abseloute gun
darcy: he just got a ruck tap so that's 115 !
cemon1: you flowerers got lucky with deledio
tomhommus: richo you SC god
m0nty: Houli wins the comp, right on the money.
GO PIES: 57+montagna+dal santo vs. goddard and eddy in sc will i win?
fatheads69: aah no i got 114
lfctorres9: if no one guessed 114 is it the next closest cause i had 115 :p
itsduff: crap i'm back to regular old black :(
darcy: he should be 115
fullbull: nah tomhommus gun is better than trashcan
quelt: by the looks of the game, everyone os lids posessions and bowdens are trash worthy
sarpac: thankyou joel bowden for costing me my grand final :(
Montastic: Thanks Richo. Thanks.
Narkee: at least not purple you knmow what purple means
tigerpm7: Why itsduff?
Beefix88: lol is houli even here anymore
fatheads69: er am i being robbed
adamhunter: Pav for deledio, awesome trade. Thanks lids, you've won me my grand final :)