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Baldfrog: Sorry to hear Mr Yeo
pcaman2003: Okay Hawks! Let's get this done.
pcaman2003: What happened with Yeo, Baldy?
Baldfrog: Father died this week pcaman
pcaman2003: Oh dear! That's a shame.
beerent11: Lessgo give!
beerent11: Lessgo guv!
pcaman2003: beer. That''s a relief. Thought you were having Biden moment :)
JaiDay12: Let
JaiDay12: Let's go Moore! Yeo remain low please
Baldfrog: Thought it was a strok
Stu7: Stay low Day and Reid
Pokerface: use this as a percentage booster hawks
pcaman2003: Poker. May be closer than you think this game.
JaiDay12: Watson over Sanders might be our greatest regret
beerent11: Just watch how good McGovern is kicking out from a point. Goes long and accurate.
tor01doc: 5 goals 15 plus more OOB for The Wiz FFS
Stu7: Nice work Reid
Pokerface: i know they play ok at home. but still need to get as much % as possible here
FreeHughsy: Earth to yeo
beerent11: Yeo is off limits for criticism today lads.
FreeHughsy: My supercoach team says different beer
Dogs5416: If a bloke is good enough to step on field, they can handle criticism that they'll never see ffs
Dogs5416: Is Reid being tagged? Really hoped maginness would come in for the role
sheezel420: moore I love you
pcaman2003: Hawks starting to gel better these days. Need better fwd delivery sometimes.
Pokerface: when do we get Lewis back?
LionBoy: Agree beer but can I urge him politely to score around 70?
JaiDay12: Next week Poker, we need a big target for Geelong
hinsch: Yeo less than 250 SC points I hope.
Pokerface: excellent
FreeHughsy: Ginnivan just feeding gov's score
beerent11: Luv the guv
pcaman2003: Freehughsy. I can see why beer loves the guv so much. Best intercept player around.
clay007: Reid's efforts to tackle poor there
Loggy17: Reid looks tired already
TheOnyas: Onya Meeky
Getup: Who traded in rozee and for who??
clay007: The eagles are applying no pressure tonight. Thought they would be better
naicosfan: gov dont stop
dezlav: C'mon D'Ambrosio you spud.
clay007: Why do you have to call him that dezlav?
tor01doc: Be a good
tor01doc: Pick (fat fingers here)
naicosfan: nick watson kicked a goal? impossible
pcaman2003: Watson actually booted a goal with those size 6 feet. Good one!
dezlav: @clay. Cause my update was delayed. Am now happier.
beerent11: Clarry getup.
clay007: No probs dez
dezlav: Clay. He's a very good boy, for now..
naicosfan: mcgovern got 10 points that qtr
Getup: I held was going to for jhf beer
Pokerface: he's not a puppy dezlav
dezlav: @pokerface. He'll get a treat if he can pass 90.
Noxious: this game a snooze fest? seems very low scoring
navy_blues: big 2nd half plz mcgov
UncleSniff: This guy needs 61 more points from Sicily to pull off an epic comeback in my cash league
Pavs: This week 2390 pcaman might me off the bottom of the rankings
naicosfan: mcgovern do something in the second half pls, dont snooze like u always do
pcaman2003: Pavs. Unfortunately,my lowly total looks like it will be around the 2250 - 2280
pcaman2003: Hawks looking good, but a fair way to go still to be a top team.
beerent11: Not used to other people in the chat talking about gov. Ownership must have risen a lot.
Noxious: id be very happy, theyre looking a shower load better than they were a month ago
banta: They missed the tim Kelly tackle on Newc before
naicosfan: ive had him since round 4 or 5 beer
UncleSniff: I need 8 points from Sicily. Incredible. Be ok big fella...
beerent11: Gov has to do bloody everything
naicosfan: hell yeah mcgovern
pcaman2003: He'll be back uncle, so don't panic just yet.
naicosfan: need a ceiling score brother
beerent11: A true believer naicosfan
pcaman2003: I f only we could get Guv and dump Frost. What a dream!
TheLegend6: Sic and Gov down proper chaos
naicosfan: great POD beer, instead of a nic martin and a whitfield, hes been incredibly consistent
FreeHughsy: i needed yeo to go big and guv to go small, thats not happening...
pcaman2003: Gee! The Hawks are hogging the SC scores big time.
original: WCE averaging 16pts sc each per qtr
UncleSniff: 6 points now... Please Sic!
beerent11: My favourite player to watch naic.
UncleSniff: Has anyone ever had a SC draw? I don't think I have in 5 years of playing
pcaman2003: We wouldn't have known that beer. 🙄
original: Need waterman and barrass to combine for less than 57 more points
UncleSniff: I assume draft original? Otherwise you are struggling owning Barass
original: Unclesniff my draft opponent does yes lol. Fielded barrass instead of Duggan. Ouch
_Wang_: Unclesniff I've had 3 one was the grand final and I won on some sort of count back
banta: Sic dons for the day
UncleSniff: I'm going to lose by 2 points if Sic doesn't stop scaling hahaha
UncleSniff: C'mon Sic, keep scaling mate
KangaBanga: Is Crepe Paper McGovern a must have?
UncleSniff: 1 more for a draw
Hazza09: geez CD love Reid, gets hardly any point taken off him for free kicks
UncleSniff: Wang, I'm on a draw currently. He keeps on climbing hahah
_Wang_: Is sic done for the day.?
_Wang_: He will sniff
soup: Haha love ginni
UncleSniff: I wouldn't risk Sicily, but I kinda hope they do
UncleSniff: Hold @ 134 and I've won. C'mon CD, look aftr me
naicosfan: he still going up sniff, i reckon u got this
UncleSniff: Good money on the line here Naicos. Crazy scenes. My mate is spewing hahaha
pcaman2003: Final scaling will tell us, but good luck Uncle.
UncleSniff: Blow the siren pcaman
_Wang_: Can't lose from here uncle 🥹
UncleSniff: 1 more point and I'll crack 2400 too which feels like a good round
UncleSniff: Let's hope he's good for next week Wang, otherwise it's a 1 week cameo for my team LOL
beerent11: Gov on ice?
pcaman2003: The SC point difference between teams is insane.
_Wang_: 2370 here.. Will be 2400 by the time sic finishes scaling 😀
_Wang_: I've held him all year and this is why I'm 18500
UncleSniff: I like Hawks draw so I chose him over Sheezel (yeah I know) I'm in the late 4000s
frenzy: feels good knocking off the top spot in my league
Silz90: Nice one Moore keep going
pcaman2003: Sicily up to 140 now, so you win Uncle.
naicosfan: 2340 here with gov scaling to go
beerent11: Defenders in bad teams or teams with bad draws are preferred , surely.
pcaman2003: Seems vey logical beer.
Silz90: Moore thanks buddy got me over the line in a cash league
frenzy: meek and gov go you good thing
beerent11: If were getting our peckers out, 2391 with gov scaling here. Well below top scores I reckon.
Silz90: Some guy scored 2437 in the sc elites 3 league
pcaman2003: Go Hawks! Great 4 qtrs of footy.
naicosfan: all of the top 500 players are not going above 2400, lots of mid 2300s
UncleSniff: The leagues I'm in, 2300 looks like par. Could be wrong.
JaiDay12: 2435 for me, lovely life even with Young 🤢
Manowar: no hate on Manowar today?

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