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pcaman2003: Big game from you today Walsh and Williams.
clay007: Just you and me pca.
Loggy17: boo
soup: Curnow to win my matchup. Odds?
pcaman2003: Clay. Don't know where everyone is. The quietest I've seen a chat.
soup: 102 to win it*
Swoop35: Hey lads
soup: Pca I sent a message here early first quarter and it didn't send so maybe chat bugged?
clay007: What are you booing loggy?
pcaman2003: soup. Hacked by the Chinese or Russians perhaps.:)
BigChief: Fantasia you star LOL
Legix: What happened with TDK?
wadaramus: We've all been enthralled with the game at the dome.
soup: Very happy that ooze finally decided to give McAuliffe full games as soon as I trade him
Swoop35: Managed i think legix
xodeus9: carlton are gonna find a way to lose this, putting in no effort so far
clay007: Soreness legix
Legix: Thanks swoop
Swoop35: It says managed on afl app thats what im going off, clay could be right
soup: Was scared of nank the tank legix
Noxious: stay down curnow, houston failed so you're my only chance of winning
pcaman2003: Thought Williams would go big this week in his 150th. The laugh is on me.
Legix: Donít blame him soup
Stu7: Come on Vlastuin
xodeus9: can we unmanage TDK mid game and sub him on?
BigChief: Carlton of old, just bombing inside f50
clay007: De Koning, who was one of the best players on the ground in the win over Geelong last Friday night, has been withdrawn d
soup: Has vlastuin ever been tagged in his career?
naicosfan: soreness clay
clay007: due to soreness. Straight off AFL website.
Legix: Great goal
JaiDay12: Well there's no bother tagging Taranto considering how little he impacts the game Soup
xodeus9: bit of soreness awareness
JoelinToon: Keep em coming Curnow
Swoop35: My bad clay, didnt read that but says managed if you look at the teams
Legix: Omg
SonOfAGun.: Thatís gold hahah
Legix: Voss wouldíve been cracking skulls if that wasnít touched
pcaman2003: JaiDay.. Watching the next game? A big win would be perfect.
soup: I guess cincotta needs to get a game somehow, no good at footy so just needs to hang off a random bloke every week
pcaman2003: Good qtr Walshy, but lift Williams.
JaiDay12: Yes Pca, need a big game from Moore to win my cash league game, should be close
navy_blues: still salty soup lol
Raspel31: Can England handle the juggernaut that is Slovakia?
Silz90: Come on soup why the cheap shot
JaiDay12: Rasp Kane will do his usual best of having less scoring shots than McKay
tor01doc: TDK out shows lack of respect for once mighty tigers
BigChief: Soup I guess you don't remember that red headed flog who wore #45 for Cats.
tor01doc: Cling - most appropriate name ever
Baldfrog: Least you'll win the Moral Victory when you get knocked out Rasp
BRAZZERS: pretty rough on Lingy, he was an all-australian
Swoop35: Come on tiges dont go away
Baldfrog: Cmon Brazzers he put Roanald McDonald out of a job for 10 years
Stu7: The game has started Vlastuin
BRAZZERS: lol baldy
Pokerface: its so funny the England fans think they are one of the powerhouses. Theyve never won Euro, WC once a hundred years ago
Pokerface: Drew with Denmark and Slovenia in the group stage, yet talk as if they have this next game won
Swoop35: And everytime they say ďits coming homeĒ
Pokerface: exactly swoop
tor01doc: England will do well IMO. Good side of the draw.
Raspel31: Thanks for the support Poker- appreviated. Go Blues.
Pokerface: Haven't even worked out what their starting 11 is
Pokerface: anytime Rasp
Stu7: 10 minutes no score Vlastuin are you serious
BigChief: WTF has that got to do with AFL? Go to a soccer site to talk about that.
beerent11: Projections are wild. Was 2568 on Friday night, 2336 now.
Baldfrog: To be fair Gareth hasnt played most players in position he'd rather a team of stars than a good team
tor01doc: BigC - hehehe
Baldfrog: Calm down Jason
pcaman2003: Good timing for Williams to flop on his 150th.
Pokerface: this games blown already Chief
BigChief: Who is Jason Baldtoad?
Raspel31: Chill BigChief- just sporting chatter. Southdate a conservative flog. Carn Walshy.
tor01doc: Need Walsh to kick on. Rowell annoying
Baldfrog: M8 Chief is Jason Dunstall been calling you that for years
Swoop35: Jason dusnstall?
Baldfrog: Ever since you got me and Rasp Banned
BRAZZERS: gonna trade rowell? been rubbish lately
clay007: Pca, walsh not your problem, you need Williams to get a kick.
pcaman2003: beer. Beats me hands sown. Proj 2515,now down 2218
tor01doc: Hairless toad - he isnít listening
BigChief: And I have said many times I am fat american indian decent. So WTF has Dunstall got to do with my name Toad.
Baldfrog: Feel the same about Steele Brazzers
keitho: oh no not pcaman
Noxious: my projected was 2578 now its 2177
tor01doc: Rowell will be a luxury trade. Need to finish fwds first.
Baldfrog: Never met a fat American indian
keitho: here he is bigchief no balls
Swoop35: Go tiges
Raspel31: Indian woman Bald- and hello old pal- lol.
_Wang_: Thanks swoop lol
BigChief: And flogho saying shower as usual.
BRAZZERS: fair call baldy, was good in the second half tho. clangers and lack of tackles hurt him
pcaman2003: Oh no,not Keitho the troll again.
Pokerface: please stick to the game Chief.
BigChief: You said the game was done Poker. Just following your lead
clay007: There you go pca, williams kicked one for you.
Baldfrog: Chief you sound like we need anotherm party at M0nty's l;ol woops
tor01doc: Chief chastising anyone not on the game
Pokerface: cool, lets talk Euro then
Pavs: Does anyone need my input? lol
BigChief: No doc only BS talk about non AFL sport.
pcaman2003: Clay. Finally! Then goes straight off as customary .Lol!
tor01doc: Can I talk about Hawthorn here?
clay007: Yes Pavs, your insight would be welcomed. lol
Baldfrog: Go for it D
Pokerface: better ask Buddha
clay007: I laughed when I saw him sprinting to the bench
pcaman2003: tor01doc. By all means!
Baldfrog: Go for it Doc I don't wanna talk Crows
tor01doc: Proud of the lads.
Raspel31: You spend more time moaning about other people BigChief than you do on the game- back to footy.
tor01doc: And if Hawks win there are a truckload of teams on 32 points vying for finals. Great season.
Baldfrog: Bit of banter hurt no one just fun
BigChief: You are 1 to talk Raspel. Always dribbling crap. Maybe you need to talk more about the game
Pavs: To many Sunday afternoon Cinzano's for the Chief
Pokerface: Chief on his angry pills today
pcaman2003: Come on you two. Go get a room and make it up.
Raspel31: Lol Pavs.
JaiDay12: BC If you were one of god's disciples, he wouldn't have offered you bread
Baldfrog: Prefer Bandavino personally
tor01doc: Sierra Nevada pale ale
Baldfrog: Bloody cold in Tassie today
BigChief: JaiDay no such thing as God.
clay007: Poor crowd at The G.
tor01doc: Sister home Froggy?
keitho: with you rasp, lets talk footy bigchief
BRAZZERS: hooper ok? he's not injured yet. strange
tor01doc: Poor crowd because not CJís 50th
Baldfrog: Na m8 I'm not a victorian
BigChief: We agree on that 1 Baldy
clay007: Tigers having a crack. Lol doc
Pokerface: Carlton have a dream PF and DF draw for SC. Want either Charlie or Harry - which is better pick?
Stu7: You spud Vlastuin 8 points in that quarter
Raspel31: Hopper and taranto big backs for Tiggers- fat lady not singing yet.
tor01doc: keitho - Port Blues Cats Swans Dees your next 5!!
Baldfrog: Charlie Poker had Harry all year very inconsistent
Pokerface: i think they both are. Would probably do as a loop, so after ceiling more than consistency
Raspel31: I'd go Harry Kane Poker-whoops, McKay.
keitho: yeah makes it tough for the doggies, think we win 2 and gotta hope for some results to go our way
Pokerface: lol Raspel
tor01doc: Hard to predict Freo
Baldfrog: Rasp you can hope Kane asks for German residency
Raspel31: Much as I love him Bald being a Spurs man he's so dumb I doubt he could fill out the application form. Carn Blues.
Cascadian: Iím 191 points in front of opponent after all my team has played, and he has Curnow and Walsh as last players. Who wins?
Baldfrog: Youre fine Cascadian
Pokerface: That's tight Cascadian.. i think opp does sorry
Swoop35: My oppo and I both has walsh, they have him captained but im ahead by 200
Raspel31: Wouldn't be so sure Bald- I rather favour your op Cascadian but tight and good luck.
Pavs: Screwed Cascadian. Soz
Baldfrog: Just wanted him too feel good
Cascadian: I captained Houston as well when I could have taken DaicosÖ
Pokerface: could have just offered him a happy ending rather than giving false hope
Silz90: My boys italy got smashed this morning. Hope the Swiss upset england if they win
Raspel31: You're a caring indiividual Bald.
soup: Cas you defended Oliver the other night when he had a 40 point half, I thought you'd be happy with Houston's score today
Baldfrog: Weird thing to say Poker im not a massage therowboat m8
Cascadian: Soup Houston had a 19 point second half and a bit more frustrating as my captain
Baldfrog: *Therapi$t
Pokerface: lol Silz.. an Italian supporter who baracks for Carlton. Blow me down with a feather
Noxious: Think Houston has ruined my matchup
Raspel31: Am I sensing a slightly anti English bias on this forum? I feel abused.
Silz90: Of course mate family migrated to lygon in the 50s
Pokerface: did anyone end up going for Shai?
Pavs: Surely its retirement time for Dusty
Cascadian: Noxious did you have the captain on him?
Silz90: Sorry raspel can't stand england no offence
Raspel31: Italy were simply superb in defeat to the powerhouse Switzerland- hold your head high Silz. Carn Walshy.
Silz90: Can we lift the intensity this quarter boys
Pokerface: not anti English Rasp. Just sick of the unfounded arroagance of some supporters. keep going cripps
Baldfrog: I'm 1/2 German and Pom so I cant say a thing
SonOfAGun.: Kick it crippa
tor01doc: Baldfrog often at war with himself
original: English is the #1 cultural background even more than Australian
Noxious: Nah i didnt cascadian. Considered it though. Just needed him to reach his projected at least
Raspel31: I hope you have coped with this handicap well Bald- yep, I think time for Dusty to hang up the boots.
Baldfrog: i'm working hard on it Doc and Rasp
Pokerface: get out of your litle bubble unoriginal
Noxious: gone quiet now after whatever chat was going on in here lol
Swoop35: If walsh scores 212 i lose my cash league matchup
Pokerface: think you are gone sorry swoop
Pavs: Didn't want to wake up Chief Nox
soup: Obviously gone to the other thrilling contest
Swoop35: You reckon? I just want him to score 130 lol
Noxious: i hate how they overlap games
Raspel31: BigChief needs to let off steam- wise call Pavs.
Pokerface: yep, you're gone
ThomasJack: Lift Curnow Lift
Swoop35: Oh my walsh
pcaman2003: Nice going Walshy. Keep going towards a nice,big,fat score.
Swoop35: Thought it was still the 2nd qtr lol, he wont score 212
Noxious: you dont think so swoop? haha
Pavs: Carlton go Bang and it's all over
Swoop35: Haha was a bit worried when i thought it was about to be half time and hes on 107
lana2146: Starting to regret going curnow over Caldwell
JoelinToon: Far out Curnow do something
Noxious: what a huge 3rd quarter
sfenda1: cripps and walsh taking the power this quarter
Pavs: Luckily I went the other way Lana. Well for this week at least
lana2146: Dont think we gonna get the 120+ we all thought curnow
Noxious: stay down curnow and I will win my matchup
sheezel420: went curnow over rozee
lana2146: Well done pavs
Swoop35: Why sheezel? Rozee
sheezel420: i dunno lol
Noxious: Think Carlton might win this
navy_blues: eventually into gear
Swoop35: Fair enough
OffaStep: Went Houston over Walsh for C. FML.
UncleSniff: The witches hats have arrived LOL
Pavs: Solid Offa. Sorry we have already covered that earlier ;)
navy_blues: now big % in last qtr plz boys
Cascadian: 44 points in front, oppo has Walsh and Curnow. Am I any chance?
Pavs: Urbs not a Tiggers fan. lol
Noxious: could be close cascadian
tor01doc: Cascadian - the jury voted before half time
Swoop35: Will be close cascadian
Pavs: Screwed Cascadian. Sorry we have already covered that earlier as well. But good luck
Cascadian: tor01doc just providing an update
Swoop35: Please stay below 150 walsh
tor01doc: Walsh is
tor01doc: Walsh killing you Cascade
Cascadian: I know mate, flowering powered off at Richmond midfield letting him run loose
tor01doc: Long rebuild for tigers
Silz90: Who got subbed
KangaBanga: Why does Walsh have an asterisk next to his name?
tor01doc: If Curnow stays on the pine . . .
tor01doc: * Forst
tor01doc: * first goal
Noxious: was wondering that kanga
Pokerface: there's doubts whether its really Sam Walsh or it's AI Kanga
KangaBanga: Ah. Thought he was ineligible for the Brownlow
Danstar: Get curnow back on!!! Need 10 points from him to win my game
EvilMonk: looks like my Charlie Curnow pick is paying dividends already.
tor01doc: 25 cascadian
EvilMonk: @Danster I would like to sincerely apologise, my picking him has likely caused this very bad game.
Noxious: curnow lucky to have 10 points all game haha
beerent11: Heíll be fine evilmonk. Itís what you get from key forwards. Will kick some big bags
Pavs: I'm torn now. Cascadian doesn't want him to score and Danstar needs 10 points.
Danstar: lol. One mark and goal
ThomasJack: His allergic to the ball today lol
Danstar: Goal assist!
navy_blues: nice cincotta
tor01doc: Cascadiaaaaaaaaan
Danstar: 1 more kick!!!
KangaBanga: Why does Newman get a pig snout but Walsh is only on fire and has more disposals?
Hazza09: was debating Curnow v Caldwell all week
ThomasJack: give him 30 points for that, best assist of the night haha
Pavs: 2 to go Cascadian
pcaman2003: This is looking like the Walsh of last year.
FreeHughsy: KangaBanga if that the only thin you can complain about, you are doing pretty well in life lol
Danstar: Yessssss
LionBoy: Love ya Sam. Gonna single-handedly get me a win without needing poor Yeo.
Noxious: fk sake flower off curnow
soup: Congrats Dan haha
pcaman2003: I mean the Walsh of 2021.
Pavs: Well done Danstar. Not so much Cascadian
naicosfan: and goes to the bench, after just coming off it
Cascadian: haha I am flowered now lol
Danstar: It was 6 v7 needed this win
soup: Houston and curnow killed my round, 2288 looking like final score with CC on bench
Cascadian: Bloody Houston as my captain killed me
Noxious: i had gulden captain, at least a bit better
Noxious: shouldve taken the zorko vc and i wouldnt be here stressing about being 19 points up
beerent11: Happy with 200 from Walsh and curnow.
naicosfan: walsh with 2 clangers is the walsh i want to see weekly
naicosfan: and 84% de
frenzy: taken the micky now Newman, ok
Silz90: Did you like that goal soup lol
navy_blues: nice cincotta again what a star hey soup lol
Silz90: Haha navy
Danstar: Voss must be saving Curnow
Danstar: Already got the jacket on
FreeHughsy: cincotta only ever scores goals when it doesn't matter.
LionBoy: Curnow subbed?
Silz90: Every team needs role players u clearly haven't watched us hughsy
soup: Haha maybe the comparisons to Cameron ling were fair enough now, what a superstar
frenzy: ah no not curnow
tor01doc: Can only sub one Lionboy
Pavs: Benched
soup: Shame he won't ever catch up silverware wise but he's on the way
Silz90: Media not supporters soup
beerent11: Cerra a ton from half a game
LionBoy: Ahhh

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